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Who's the frontrunner to coach the Niners in '09? (1 Viewer)

do the 49ers hire a new HC or does Singletary keep the job?

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  • Mike Martz

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  • Mike Holmgren

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  • Pete Carroll

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  • Jeff Tedford

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  • Jim Schwartz

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  • Mike Heimerdinger

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does Singletary keep the job beyond this season?

as of right now, who do you think are logical candidates to become the next 49ers Head coach if Singletary doesn't keep the job beyond this season?

As a fan, If Singletary can turn this around somewhat and we are playing better ball at the end of the season, I wouldn't mind keeping him as the coach. If he can't get the team to play better and we flounder with another 4-12, 5-11 season, then I would love to have either Cowher or Marty. Don't want Martz, don't want Carroll, and I'm lukewarm on Holmgren.

As to what the front office thinks, I think they really want to give the job to Singletary beyond this season. But if the team doesn't improve under his interim tenure, they will be pressured to go another direction. They will go after the big names hard, mainly focusing on Carroll and Holmgren. But ultimately they will get another coordinator promoted to head coach probably not listed here, although Schwartz was runner-up to Nolan in 2005.


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