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Best $100 you've spent (1 Viewer)

Not sure the best but it’s up there...dual side heated mattress pad...with separate controls for each side and timers to turn the thing off.  Only request now is one that is Bluetooth/Alexa enabled to be able to turn it on from my recliner a few minutes before I go up to bed.

I've got $157 in Amazon gift cards, and I'm trying not to waste it on Kindle books that will collect dust.  Give me suggestions.

I bought a Datsun Hatchback from a guy in Italy for $50.  He wanted $200, I said $50.  He got mad and didn't contact me for a week but he was leaving the military and that car was a dog. 

Bought for $50, learned to drive a manual that usually had no third gear, and put two quarts of oil in it over the year I drove it.  Some pimp stole some house speakers I put in there, but I often brought the prostitutes hot chocolate when it was cold so the speakers were returned.  They were literally some terrible 1980s home speakers that I jerry-rigged. 


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