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Browns vs Steelers - Week 8 (1 Viewer)

Why would Nix think it’s his ####### ball?... that’s just stupid. Oh, hey, I weigh 270... probably can catch this. 

Chubb with the gimmie td opportunity but the Steelers keep stuffing the line as Mayfield can't do anything. Awful call by Cleveland but saved again by worse defense and penalties. 

Typical Mike Tomlin ball right here... let’s make sure to do a bunch of stupid #### all at once and not finish off an inferior team.

Is David Njoku even playing??? Did he get hurt?

Steelers weak against defending the TE’s.

0 catches

0 targets
:wall:   i get bad games from time to time but 0 targets is just dumb

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Any other Directv Sunday’s Ticket users having issues with every channel displaying the “purchase options” menu covering up half of the screen?

Edit: just checked Twitter. Looks like it’s a pretty widespread issue. Oh well, we don’t pay very much for this service so..

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