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Chicago at Green Bay game thread (1 Viewer)


I think the bears have the best defense in football, and the Packers have no balance on offense.

Rodgers is in for a world of pain and he has very few options at WR and no running game to help him out. The Packers D was atrocious last year and I don't expect much improvement.

Final score: bears 45, Packers 17.

Edit: I think the bears have this game locked up, but I don't want to see any injuries. Say what you will about Rodgers, the league is still more fun with him playing each week.

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Secondary looked incredible those last two plays. Also, lol at Mack on a pitch count. He looks fine. Unleash.



Aaron Rogers already prepping his “R-E-L-A-X” post-game interview answers in his head right now...



Awesome start. Up 14 if Mitch didn't sail that one. Still, this is unbelievable as a Bears fan. Mack has been in the backfield every play he's been on the field. 


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