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Dawn of The Planet of The Apes (1 Viewer)

The first one (reboot with Franco) was great, so I'm more interested to see this sequel than I typically would be.

We watched Rise again yesterday (we love that flick) and am very excited for Dawn.

Obviously Franco's assistant started the spread of the virus that will ravage the human race when he coughed blood on Franco's poor neighbor who not only got his ### kicked by Ceaser (as well as his finger bitten) but not once but twice had his Mustang trashed. That is how it all starts.

I am sure Gary Oldman will be over the top good in this movie. Should be a great one. And I am glad to see this classic series re-booted proper as the initial remake with Mark Walberg was a disaster.

:shrug: Maybe it was because I first saw it in the theater but I was even more :excited: after first seeing this trailer.. Looking forward to the war and seeing how it ends to bring about our new masters.
I'm not crazy about the way the apes speak.
I like it. They are still evolving into human like creatures (from a lagnuage/speaking stand point) and once they take over the earth will become the new order and future generations of apes will speak perfect english.

Seems far more believable to me than them speaking perfect english that fast.

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Hey I've got a couple ideas:

1. let's give chimps, who have super-human strength and speed and whom we've already defeated in the evolution sweepstakes by virtue of our smarts, the one advantage we have over them, brains, and then see what happens, shall we?

2. let's give computers human like intelligence with the ability to think and create and control resources like humans, call it Skynet say, and see what happens.


There are some real idiots in those science labs yaknow,


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