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Yes, I know they are on bye and info could be hard to get. Just wondering if they ever said what the injury was.

I went from looking at the player page straight to posting the question since there was no news. Mods, please delete one of the threads. Doesn't matter which one.

And I was searching for it. Im very curious about the b/ups. Bennett stinks, Dunn is hurt, the other guys is tiny and a return specialist. After Dunn, Whos the p/u?

Gruden expressed concern with Ernie's injury. I think I read it in FBG depth charts, and another random site out there. (I just signed up here this week and am impressed thus far)

We have short rosters and the ast thing I want to do is carry Bennett along with Graham and Dunn. Would be nice if we could get info but I am thinking we won't hear anything until next week. Hopefully there's a Tampa fan or 2 that may have heard SOMETHING.


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