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Forget FF hosting -Features you can't live without (1 Viewer)


Currently use free yahoo with a forum we use for talk/drafting/communication.

I've checked out other major sites, MFL, Fanball, RTsports. And I've read the threads where people talk about what sites they love.

But no one really mentions the key features they use/need. Basically, tell me what my league is missing out by using yahoo+forum. We're not really interested in new scoring. It's a fairly standard keeper, no auction/contracts.

Nothing jumped out at me as a "need to have - must move" on the features lists. I'm sure some people can shed some light on it for the people using the free sites. (we're currently at 12, if we ever expand having divisions would be pretty cool, but that's all I found) :/

And I guess the reason we stay at Yahoo, it just works, 99% of the time. Never really had an issue, and ST was down once in 2 years (on a sunday).



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