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Game Thread W15 - Buffalo V NY Jets (1 Viewer)

i wasnt watching, how did the Favre pick happen? Can somebody give me a synopsis?
The ball was a little behind Coles and he dropped it, as Coles was falling his foot hit the ball in the air and Posluszny caught it.
I have never seen a QB have so much time in the pocket and do so little with it as Losman has on 7 or 8 of his dropbacks. Obviously the TV can't tell me how bad the Bills receivers are at getting open (pretty bad I guess) but he keeps standing with the ball for what seems like seven or eight seconds and eventually checking down for a 2-yard completion.

If Poz didn't have that INT early in the game, I'd wonder if Buffalo even has any LBers playing today. I'm watching this game and their LBers are never even in the picture. It's unbelievable. I'm not sure that there's a worse front 7 in the entire league. Nobody on the D-line can get ANY kind of pressure upfield and the linebackers are making NO plays at all. I don't understand how the LBers not only don't make plays in the running game, but don't contribute anything in the passing game either. Those guys have to be SOMEWHERE on the field, right!?

It's a shame that Buffalo's offense sucks so much. Lynch really is a total beast. Put that guy in the Giants offense and he'd have 1800 total yards and about 15 TDs.

And the playcalling....:yuck: How can Buffalo have a guy like Evans and not take one single shot downfield so far?

I hate to see a guy get hurt, but thank goodness that Hardy is out and that Steve Johnson is getting a shot. Johnson is SO much better than Hardy right now that it's not even funny.


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