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Indianapolis at Houston (1 Viewer)

I'm really hoping the bye will be Trent's revival. I had to drop him in for Gore this week.

The over/under is way too low at 42.5.....

Keenum will put up some points tonight. I see a shoot-out, boys!

Not an Andre owner this year, but always like seeing him do well (as long as I'm not playing against him). He's always been one of my favorite players.

Great play call. Is it me or this OLine cannot run block in early downs? Gonna be another long night for TRich.

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Great, thanks Al. Now I know that the oldest player in the league is 6 months younger than me. I'm officially old.

Man, something lit a fire under this team.
An embattled QB being replaced along with a home game for a team that's better than their record and boasts the hands down best defensive player in the league and it's a recipe for unleashing all their frustrations.

I didn’t like the Texans going for it there

I thought they should have kicked the FG and gone up 10 and got something out of the blocked FG

Okay, there's just no way TRich could have hit that hole any slower.
What hole?(not to say that he didn't look slow...he did)
I would slow down too if I saw 1,000 lbs of human beings being pushed back towards me. They open no holes up the middle at all.
True. I suppose I should have said LOS. Still, he looks painfully slow to me.

Also yeah, I'm betting we don't see Foster again tonight.

So glad kubiak got that 4th and 1 rammed up his butt. Its like he saw my roster and saw I had his FG kicker going...


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