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Jacksonville at Houston (1 Viewer)

sad that houston cannot get jax off the field. how the mighty have fallen. also sad i was counting on them as my defense today. :cry:

Wade Smith is not a Pro Bowler....hes actually kinda crappy. Brown isnt playing as well either. The right side is AWFUL....Derek Newton is probably the worst in the league...Ryan Harris should be playing RT, hes not great either

Started Case of Eli this week. I had both rated about the same but since the weather is supposed to be windy up in NY I went with Case. Now I am just hoping that Case doesn't get pulled

Case isn't getting any time at all to throw. That's really what's driving the whole offense's lack of production.

I cant wait to drop him from my team!!!! Will Yahoo make any exceptions? I need him off of my team right this second!!!


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