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Killed 4th scorpion in garage this week (1 Viewer)

top dog

Think that's scary? Try the wind scorpion we found in our bathroom sink a few weeks ago. Look it up.
Yeah.  Thanks for that.  We like to complain about the snow around here this time of year, but I'm good.  I almost burned my house down when I found one of these in the shower shortly after we bought it because I had no idea what it was.  Pretty much harmless but creepy as hell.  Mix in some scorpions?  Eff that.


mr. furley

more fun scorpion facts:  "Camel spiders eat or chew on people while they sleep. Their venom numbs the area so people can't feel the bites: Camel spiders are not venomous, and though their bites are painful, they are not deadly to humans, according to NSF."


Bob Sacamano

Marc Levin groupie
Almost stepped on one in the hallway a few months ago. First one in the house in a long time.  Mostly see them dead in the pool. 

Also, get a propane torch for your night hunting. Much more enjoyable. 



That sucks man! I’ve lived in Phoenix for 42 years and the only scorpions I’ve ever seen were at my buddy’s house in his backyard one night. He had like 10 of them on his wall. 

Luckily, never at my own house.


James Daulton

Are we turning into Australia or something?  Do I have to check my freaking shoes before I put them on now?

I ain't checking my shoes.  I am a human being and I live in civilization. 


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