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Link to $15,000 Contest Stats Week 2 (1 Viewer)

i'm thinking it will be lower than 120 this week (with all the portis owners not getting that 30+ points).that said, i have 120 right now unless hilliard scores more than like 6 points tonight. Not looking too good.:::fingerscrossed:::

Bill Young thanks for the alert.I made the change to allow for negative points and it came up with the same number as you.

Total scoring might be a little lower.The top 10 QB's scored 20 less than week 1.Top 10 RB's scored 22 less.

In at 146.9 despite Dunn and Pittman being my RB's this week. Mostly thanks to Fiedler, D. Jackson, Stover, and Crumpler putting up good numbers. SF Def was solid again and should be good to go again next week against Cleveland.

Despite shelling out the big bucks for McNabb and Portis, I should survive this week with a score of 135.8.Hopefully, with Portis playing full games and McNabb hopefully getting back to normal after his bye, I hope to turn it up a notch moving forward.

Nice score Aaron. I thought I did well with 159.20
Peter Warrick and Alge Crumpler have been two of the best values in this contest so far.Any other players stand out?I'm beginning to seriously regret my decisions at RB. I thought Eddie George and Curtis Martin had at least 1 more good year left, but they are killing me. Unfortunately, I need both to come through next week because my RB3 (Stephen Davis) and RB4 (Duce Staley) are both on their bye week.
:confused: 119.35 + Amani Toomer tonight (25 points! :thumbup: )Total = 144.35Forget the stuff below:or 124.15 if Amani doesn't do better than 4.8 points.Going to be close.
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You Da Man Stedman.....Saved me lots of time looking stats up :thumbup: .....I'm on the fence....123 even :yucky: with Barber(11.9) and Collins(20.4) going tonight....Hoping that the 120 projection is right.

131.05 and the only way it'll go up is if Galloway outscores Muhammed (which is likely). However, I am one that did not look at bye weeks. Week 4 will put me out of the game anyway.

stedman:I beg to disagree with your calculations, but at .1 points per rushing yards, Santana Moss' -11 yard reverse (?) adds up to -1.1 points.Your calculations show him at 25.2 points, when the reality is he is at 24.1 points for this "league".Sorry about that! :(
I don't think they are taking points away for negative yardage. It would be stated in the affirmative if they were.
123.75 with Toomer tonight. Hopefully Toomer can outscore Quincy F-ing Morgan and give me a nice boost to get to the next round, because with the scores that have been posted, I'm in trouble.It really, really sucks when your best receiver in a high scoring week is Charles Rogers and his 8.30 points!

173.5!Collins could still replace PlummerHilliard could replace ThrashGiants D could replace Baltimoremaybe Collins but I doubt the rest.I lucked up and had J Lewis and Darrell Jackson!

138.05 with Galloway and Shockey... might be close... not sure if week 1 was high or low scoring. alot of big scorers this week, so 120 might not be the cut point at 6000...

127.95 :confused: Portis and Moss killed me. :wall: I think I just may live to see another day. I am guessing the cut will be at about 125--any higher and I am all done.

Big Toomer chatch puts me over 130...I'd like to be at 150 to be safe tho...Anyone know when the scores were posted last week? My Internet Nazi at work wont let me check my FBG site during the day, so I was hoping it came up right after the game...

Amazingly it's Glenn that's gaining me points tonight and not Barber or Galloway. I'll take them from whoever wants to cough em up to save my butt.I'm used to Barber doing this since I've had him in my dynasty league the past 3 years. He could easily rack up 10+ in the final minutes catching dump off passes. *fingers crossed*EDIT: Current Total - 116.95 + (Barber 5.0 - 4.6) + (Glenn 15.9 - 4.8) = 128.45

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Thanks for posting all this for us. Going to check my team now. Hoping we snuck through - I'm guessing it will be in the 120-130 range.(Post-script: Okay, so it's 139.15. Shows what I know. Hopefully that's enough.)

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Amani put me over 141, and he's still got about 4 minutes to add to it...HOPEFULLY that's enough to advance, but the way people are scoing this week, who knows!

Final score for me is 133.6. I'm confident with it. I don't know why you guys with 136's or 141's are even slightly worried. Thank you Terri Glenn for $15,000 :)

Was going into tonights game with 112.8 and had cundiff as my last kicker...right now I am giggling like a damn little girl...Thank you NYG, Thank you :rotflmao:

I'm at 168.55 and agree with some of you that think, because of some of the crazy scoring, 120 probably won't be the cutoff.

Thanks Stedman...GREAT THREAD... :thumbup: 149.15Despite, Portis, Manning, Gonzo...Moe & Duckett, Burress & Toomer, Stover and Seattle; saved the day...I think we are in to fight another day... :boxing:

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Thanks for doing this work I should be in for another week. I loaded up at QB with Bledsoe inching out Hasselback this week, and Big games by DJac and the Seattle Def and I end up with 142.6. I didn't look foward to Bye weeks and will be missing Stephen Davis, Thrash and Chad Lewis. I hope O Smith or Buckhalter can step it up at RB and Flemister is healthy enough to play next week. Oh well I think it gets interesting next week for everyone with bye weeks kicking in.

Hopefully Hilliard bails me out, but looking at the scores here - I'm HOPING it's just the first few thousand above me with those crazy scores & 117.5 will be enough for 5999 or 6000!!!

Bill Young thanks for the alert.I made the change to allow for negative points and it came up with the same number as you.
stedman:No problem. Always glad to help out when I can.I just wish I could translate that talent into a new job somewhere!Nice original post, anyway! :thumbup:
All right, Hilliard bumped me up to 138.7 I think I'll make it this week. but injuries are killing my team. don't know how much longer I can last.


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