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Miami at New Orleans (1 Viewer)

[insert weekly disgust over the Saints' ridiculous black pantyhose]

And get off my lawn.

Seriously, how do you wear those things when these are an option? :no:

Ha. Through a series of injuries, I am starting Junior Galette on a team, and he is my only real fantasy affect in this game. So I looked for #93 on each play. He is the guy getting abused, run over, and fooled by the Fins.

Awful call. Take all the thomas vs miller thing aside. Wtf kind of call is that with an inch to go?

not a big fan of these 2 new corona commercials. probably because I think Gurden is a giant dooshnozzle.

That's it defense.....let's go...and keep Lamar miller......in!!!!! Screw DT....he is the suck

Jon Gruden thinks every player in the league is one of the best at their position.
Technically they are.
Everyone but the worst player, right? I'm waiting for him to talk about the worst RB/QB/CB in the league. I don't think the odds favor me.
What I mean is that every player in the league is really, really good. I'm sure, as a coach, he looks for positives with every player in a "what can this guy do well" manner.

@JeffDarlington: Examples of over-thinking a 3rd-and-1 play: (1) taking out Lamar Miller, (2) replacing him with Daniel Thomas, (3) running to the outside.


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