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NFL Rules Question - Def Penalty on a Fumble (1 Viewer)


I had the displeasure of watching the Washington v Oakland game this weekend and in between listening to **** Stockton mispronounce player names, there was a play that I had a question about.

In the play, Griffin completes a pass to his TE Logan Paulsen. Paulsen is running down the field and four guys are trying to strip the ball from him. They are grabbing at everything, including his facemask, which someone grabs and lets go of real quick. Apparently, the refs don't see it (or I see it wrong), so no flag is thrown. Eventually, someone does actually strip the ball, Paulsen drops it, and the Raiders recover. Raiders first down.

My question is: what would be the outcome if the refs had seen the facemask and called it. Would it be Raiders ball, but moved back 15? Redskins ball and moved forward 15 from spot?

Reason I ask is that facemask in this context usually is not a "play over" penalty, like holding or offsides where the play is actually nullified and you replay the down. Facemask without fumble they would have let the play stand and tack on 15 more.

So, in the case of a facemask, coupled with a fumble and change of possession, how do you rule that?

Obviously the point is moot for the Wash-Oak game cuz the refs never called a penalty, but I'm just asking theoretically what would they do?


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