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QB Desmond Ridder, ARZ (1 Viewer)

*Probably* going to get him as my 3rd QB in an FFPC TriFlex startup in the 20th and final round right now. I took Mahomes at 1.03 and then didn't take my 2nd QB until the 19th round with Baker and then I anticipate grabbing Ridder here in a few picks.

FFPC startups prevent anyone from drafting more than 3 QBs. You can have more than 3 as soon as the startup is over, though. But this means that anyone who has already drafted their 3rd is not capable of sniping you. They would have to drop one of their QBs to do it. Only 3 QBs have come off the board since the 11th round before I took Baker. 

I have written a lot about how you can wait on QB in the SF format. Well this is more like a hero-QB draft. I think Baker gets traded to Seattle and starts. Jimmy G is still on the board but I'm absolutely going with Ridder here. I am with Bri above and others I have read. Not sure if he will be worth a dang but I think he goes in the 1st round and this could be the largest steal in a startup that I've ever had. And based on the board, I've more or less had this as my plan since the 11th round. Honestly I would guess *maybe* half of FFPC startup drafters understand that nuance and IMO draft middle tier QBs way too early.

I saw comps to Tannehill becoming more common and Falcons selecting him early second in mocks becoming more common.

If true, Arthur Smith is doing his best to make me a Falcons fan ☺️

I saw comps to Tannehill becoming more common and Falcons selecting him early second in mocks becoming more common.

If true, Arthur Smith is doing his best to make me a Falcons fan ☺️
That would be a steal. Don’t think this kid is going to make it out of the first nor should he. 

That would be a steal. Don’t think this kid is going to make it out of the first nor should he. 
No I don't either, but he'll be a good barometer if so.

I think he'll be good at least...idk star or what as he has to develop but I think he'll be good.

Every risk in the first would wind up being why didn't ya take this guy?

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I'm officially off the merry-go-round if this is where the hype is currently.....


Number EIGHT to ATL?! I thought Ridder had the tools to be a value pick on day #2. Still liked him if he was a guy in the 2nd round. I'd even consider him interesting at the very tail end of round one so that you had the 5th year option in case you caught lightning in a bottle. But #8 overall? Honestly, I wouldn't draft any of these QB's #8 overall. You are passing on too many can't miss prospects.... and ATL needs almost every position.

It's going to be very interesting to see where the QB's go in this draft. I mean 2014 type interesting.

Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder is projected in several places in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Ridder (6'3/211) has been projected all over the first and second round of the 2022 NFL Draft, with some predicting he could go even later. But according to Matt Miller of ESPN, Ridder could go in a different spot than some expect. "Desmond Ridder might go a lot earlier than people think,' Miller said on Ari Meirov show. After running an impeccable 4.52 40-yard dash at the combine, he put the nation on notice with his athleticism and had a solid throwing session.

Apr 7, 2022, 8:01 PM ET

Pro Football Network's Tony Pauline reports that Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder has a first round grade from most teams he has spoken to.

Ridder (6'3/211) being mocked in the first round has become a more common theme in recent weeks, with PFF's Antony Treash going so far as to make Ridder the QB1 in a recent mock. Ridder blew away scouts with a strong combine, and has one of the more complete college resumés of this year's class. During his time at Cincinnati, Ridder threw for over 10,000 yards while tossing 87 touchdowns to 28 interceptions.

SOURCE: Pro Football Network

Apr 12, 2022, 9:27 PM ET

NFL.com's Cynthia Frelund compares Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder to Atlanta QB Marcus Mariota and Tennessee QB Ryan Tannehill.

Ridder (6'3/207) has a lot of interesting tools as he projects to the NFL. How people compare him to previous quarterbacks has been all over the board. According to Frelund's models, there are two quality comparisons. The Mariota one is the most intriguing. They both play well in the RPO game, could run with ease, and create outside of structure. While Ridder won't go as high as Mariota did, the comparison brings to light what his path to success is.

SOURCE: nfl.com

Apr 14, 2022, 9:44 PM ET

According to Pro Football Focus Austin Gayle,  Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder is the best quarterback available in this year's draft.

With just a couple of weeks till the draft, we continually analyze each quarterback to determine who's the best prospect, and one thing we've learned is there's no clear-cut answer. Ridder (6'3/207) has the potential to be the best quarterback in this draft and his resume shows it. During his time at Cincinnati, he helped build the program as they became the first team from a G5 conference to make the CFB playoffs. He possesses the leadership qualities you look for in a franchise quarterback and have an accurate arm and enough mobility to create plays. He certainly looks like one of the more NFL-ready quarterbacks in this league and whatever franchise drafts him could have him in the huddle for Week 1.

SOURCE: Austin Gayle

Apr 16, 2022, 3:40 PM ET

The Monday Morning Quarterback's Albert Breer reports Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder had a private workout with the Colts on Friday.

The Colts do not hold a 2022 first round draft pick, and moved up to the 42nd overall pick following the trading of Carson Wentz to the Commanders. Ridder (6'3/207) has received more hype as a first round talent since a strong Combine, but the Colts are still getting their look at him. For the last three seasons, the Colts have attempted to squeeze the last ounce of blood from a veteran quarterback, with their latest being Matt Ryan. At some point, they will need a youth infusion at the position in hopes of finding a long term answer. Perhaps Ridder could turn into that answer.

SOURCE: Albert Breer on Twitter

Apr 15, 2022, 3:53 PM E

Brent Sobleski@brentsobleski

"Meanwhile, just about all the teams I’ve spoken with give Desmond Ridder a first-round grade and believe he’ll come off the board in the bottom half of Round 1."

Bet Online has the draft pick prop set at 30.5 for Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder.

When looking at Ridder's (6'4/215) potential landing spot, it is all over the place. Some outlets have had him going as high as nine with most have him at the end of the first round or into round two. Setting the prop at 30.5 is intriguing for a couple of reasons. The Bengals pick at 31 and they historically never trade back meaning a trade up for Ridder happens with the under or with the Lions, who also could take him at 32 as well. Watching how this prop moves will be worth watching over the next week.

SOURCE: Jaime Eisner

Apr 19, 2022, 8:31 PM ET

Brent Sobleski@brentsobleski

One of the simplest passing plays for any offense, yet so much presnap information for a QB to process. A few reasons why D. Ridder is QB1 for me (and B/R) is his understanding of concepts, where to go with the ball & how he ultimately navigates the pocket to work the scheme.


The 33rd Team@The33

Desmond Ridder walks through his progression and protection with a 2x2 set, 4 verticals concept

@desmondridder | @vaynersports

FULL VIDEO https://the33rdteam.com/desmond-ridder-on-his-journey/

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Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder's accuracy was heavily criticized by multiple NFL personnel according to Bruce Feldman.

When asked about Ridder's (6'4"/215) accuracy, two of the three scouts/coaches saw it as a major concern. Two of them think it's simply a mechanical issue that can be fixed, and one of the coaches said he could easily be the best QB of the class in a year or two. The other was concerned by his off target pro day and his film, where a lot of easy throws were missed. The other coach sees accuracy as something you have or you don't, and says Ridder simply doesn't have it. He said Ridder was a ton of great traits, like his leadership, athleticism and intelligence, but the throwing is really concerning. The accuracy issues are often compared to Josh Allen who has blossomed into one of the best QBs in the league, but the coach said that's only possible because of the very specific circumstance Allen is in. Ridder has consistently moved up boards in this lead up to the draft, but he could still go all over the place as no one has a great grasp on the QBs this year. 

SOURCE: Bruce Feldman on the Athletic

Apr 25, 2022, 2:47 PM ET

Pro Football Focus' Austin Gayle showed Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder ranked sixth amongst FBS QBs in passes of five or more air yards in 2021.

The stat that Gayle cited was Highest Percent of "accurate/on target" throws on passes of five or more yards. Ridder (6'4/215) had a 59% on target rating, which ranked sixth in the country and second amongst QBs in this year's draft class. Pittsburgh's Kenny Pickett leads the class with a 61% on target rate. Ridder's accuracy has been heavily scrutinized this offseason, with some scouts viewing it as a legitimate concern. As a result, Ridder has been mocked all over the place by analysts, with some projecting him as high as the top-10, and others suggesting he can't be taken in the first round. With the draft just days away, we will soon learn which team values Ridder the most.

SOURCE: Austin Gayle on Twitter

Apr 26, 2022, 11:52 AM ET

Accuracy issues with him are overstated. He has had some issues in the past, but has really improved his footwork. His accuracy is at least average for NFL prospects. His arm strength borders on elite. His athleticism is absolutely elite. What stands out for me with him though is all mental. He has it between the ears to be great.

Accuracy issues with him are overstated. He has had some issues in the past, but has really improved his footwork. His accuracy is at least average for NFL prospects.
I was interested when I read, "The other was concerned by his off target pro day" 

Are reports that he had a poor pro day?

Falcons selected Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder with the No. 74 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Ridder (6’4/215) didn’t light up the stat sheet at Cincinnati, but the more one lookes into it, the more that seems to be a product of the way the team ran their offense as opposed to shortcomings from Ridder himself. The quarterback put the nation on notice during the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine with a 4.52 40-yard dash time, showcasing a type of athleticism that will certainly benefit him at the next level but was also one people didn’t necessarily get a chance to see over his college career because Cincinnati hardly used him as a runner. Ridder has high floor and arguably the best set of foundational traits in the 2022 NFL Draft quarterback class and is projected to at least be a solid backup, mentioning that he had been working on fine-tuning his accuracy and lower-body mechanics ahead of April. He finished the 2021 season with a completion percentage of 64.9%, 3,334 passing yards, 30 touchdowns and eight interceptions. The landing spot couldn't be better for Ridder after the Falcons signed Marcus Mariota, who hasn't started since 2019, to replace Matt Ryan this offseason. It would be a surprise if Ridder doesn't make rookie-year starts.

Apr 29, 2022, 9:59 PM ET

Falcons coach Arthur Smith "didn’t shut the door" on rookie QB Desmond Ridder earning the starting job this season.

“As with any position, the best guy is going to play,” Smith said. “With Marcus [Mariota] being the veteran, that’s the way it’ll go for now.” With only Mariota, a backup since 2019, in front of Ridder, it's not hard to see Ridder winning a training camp competition. Ridder, a four-year starter at Cincinnati, was viewed as the most pro-ready quarterback by some teams. Playing in a pass-heavy offense that's set to feature first-round WR Drake London and TE Kyle Pitts, there are reasons to get excited about Ridder, with rushing upside giving him a high floor to fall back on. The Falcons will likely have Ridder on a Davis Mills fast track if he doesn't start Week 1.

SOURCE: The Athletic

Apr 30, 2022, 10:43 AM ET

Not sure he's what I had him as predraft. Clearly teams strongly disagreed with me.

Not sure he's gonna start and Mariota is a backup. Year two? 

He was picked far later and Mariota had probably been dying to get another chance to start. I think the hurry to get Ridder in depends on how Mariota plays behind a bad OL with inexperienced targets. It's not ideal for MM8 but it's the straw he drew.

Aside from Pittsburgh (and maybe them) I really think most every rookie QB is pretty questionable to start year one. Can't ignore they fell and fell.


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