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ETA:  Actually, I think every QB in this draft will bust except for Haskins.

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The Athletic's Dane Brugler believes that Missouri QB Drew Lock is still an option for the Denver Broncos.

John Elway and the Broncos just traded for the older, slower, and washed version of Lock (6'4/233) today when they sent a fourth-round pick for the #elite Joe Flacco. While some expect Flacco to be the 2019 starting quarterback, Brugler warns us to not rule out an early-round quarterback, specifically Lock. It's a marriage that has been brewing since the middle of the college season and trading for a backup-level quarterback shouldn't prevent the Broncos from drafting someone who they presumably believe can be a franchise quarterback. Lock is expected to be a top-15 pick and could even end up as a top-5 selection depending on how desperate teams get.

SOURCE: Dane Brugler on Twitter

Feb 13, 2019, 5:20 PM

NFL Network's Bucky Brooks compared Missouri QB Drew Lock to Matthew Stafford.

Brooks compares their arm talent and similar upside as starting-level quarterbacks who can win but aren't in the elite category. He continued to call Lock's arm "A+" and believes Lock is an ideal developmental type since he already has the arm to make all of the throws. Last season, Lock had a higher "on-target percentage" on throws 20+ yards downfield than the other first-round quarterbacks (Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, and Daniel Jones) according to Sports Info Solutions, so there's statistical evidence that his arm is actually really strong.

SOURCE: Daniel Jeremiah on Twitter

Feb 14, 2019, 2:16 PM

NFL.com's Tom Pelissero believes the biggest question facing Missouri QB Drew Lock at the NFL Scouting Combine is if he can put it all together.

Basically, if you take the sums of Lock's talent: "a huge arm, excellent athletic ability, durability, work ethic, a gregarious personality and all the physical traits teams look for," Pelissero writes, it should equal a franchise quarterback. The issue is, those traits seem to disappear not just week-to-week, but series-to-series. Several evaluators told Pelissero that they would be wowed by the quarterback, but several moments where he needed to lift the team and it just didn't happen. It's impossible to answer all of these questions at the combine, but teams are going to pick Lock apart about various throws, and he needs to give them answers that satisfy if he's going to be one of the first quarterbacks off the board.


Feb 26, 2019, 8:36 PM

Missouri QB Drew Lock's hands measured an even nine inches at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Nine inches might be a solid length for some things, but quarterback hands, no. That said, while Lock's pincers might not have measured up, that shouldn't be considered a significant blow to the Missouri signal-caller. Just one year ago, Sam Darnold was drafted third overall by the Jets despite his mitts measuring in at an identical nine inches. Rams QB Jared Goff likewise sports nine-inch hands. The smaller the hand, the higher the probability that the ball could be knocked out by a rushing defender. Lock could potentially land in the top-10 this spring, but should not be considered a lock (yeah yeah yeah) first-rounder, as it's not that difficult to see a potential slide coming should the Broncos -- heavily tied to the Missouri gunslinger at No. 10 -- opt to go in another direction.

SOURCE: NFL Draft on Twitter

Feb 28, 2019, 7:34 PM

NFL Network's Bucky Brooks believes Missouri QB Drew Lock was one of the winners on Saturday at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Brooks considers Lock (6'4/228) a "Matthew Stafford-like passer" and noted he "ran faster than anticipated (4.69-second 40-yard dash) and dazzled scouts with his A+ arm talent." Lock is widely viewed as the No. 3 quarterback behind Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins, but that doesn't mean Lock won't be a high selection in the draft. Lock's "outstanding upside" could help him "sneak into the conversation as a top-10 pick despite his inconsistent production at Missouri." Brooks seems to be higher than most on Lock but he'll likely be a mid-to-late first-round selection regardless.


Mar 3, 2019, 5:23 AM

ESPN's Todd McShay projects the Miami Dolphins to select Missouri QB Drew Lock with the 13th pick in his updated 2019 NFL Mock Draft.

If it plays out like this, Lock (6'4/228) would be the third -- and last quarterback selected in the first round, with Kyler Murray going first to the Browns, and Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins going sixth to the New York Giants. "Lock would give new offensive coordinator Chad O'Shea a quarterback to develop," McShay writes. "Lock has great mobility and arm strength, even though he needs some work with mechanics and ball placement."


Mar 6, 2019, 10:55 AM
Rivals' Mike Farrell said it "wouldn't surprise him" if Missouri QB Drew Lock turned out to be the best quarterback in the 2019 draft class.

Farrell believes Lock has "improved his footwork greatly" and has good "arm strength and delivery." He would rank Kyler Murray ahead of Lock, but has the former Tiger ahead of Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins. Farrell cites Lock's experience playing against the SEC as a positive but leaves out his splits when facing P5 non-bowl or G5s under nine wins and against P5 bowl or G5s with nine or more wins. Rotoworld's Thor Nystrom uncovered that Lock was dominant against bad teams (65 percent completion rate, 62/6 TD/INT ratio) and horrible against good teams (52 percent completion rate, 33/37 TD/INT ratio). Lock is a divisive prospect that's shaping up to be a top-15 selection in the NFL draft.

SOURCE: Rivals

Mar 10, 2019, 10:12 AM

NFL Network's Chad Reuter projects the Oakland Raiders to select Missouri QB Drew Lock with the 4th pick in his latest mock draft.

In this mock draft, Kyler Murray is selected at No. 1 and Dwayne Haskins is picked at No. 3 in a trade-up. Lock (6'4/228) is then picked at No. 4 by the Oakland Raiders. This is the highest we've seen him go in a mock draft, but it's largely a result of Murray and Haskins being selected before the Raiders pick. Reuters believes this is a real possibility because Jon Gruden coached Lock at the senior bowl and "praised" him for his play that week. We know Gruden is also extremely interested in Kyler Murray and at this point, it seems likely the Raiders will end up with one of Haskins, Murray, or Lock on draft day.


Mar 9, 2019, 10:28 AM

FiveThirtyEight's Josh Hermsmeyer gives Missouri QB Drew Lock a 1% chance of averaging 7.1 yards per attempt in the NFL.

Let us explain. Hermsmeyer built a statistical model based on various college stats, and the results for Lock (6'4/228) were really, really bad. Lock was below average in an accuracy metric called "completion percentage over expected (CPOE)" and his career 7.9 yards per attempt average wasn't up to par either. NFL teams who heavily utilize analytics for decision making in the NFL Draft aren't going to have Lock or Daniel Jones too high in their overall rankings. Meanwhile, Kyler Murray was given a 97% chance of averaging at least 7.1 yards per pass attempt in the NFL.

SOURCE: FiveThirtyEight

Mar 11, 2019, 8:07 PM

NFL Film's Greg Cosell said that Missouri QB Drew Lock is comparable to Matthew Stafford.

Cosell went on and on about Lock's arm talent, but he has concerns with his pocket presence, often creating pressure that could have been avoided. Cosell also questions if Lock (6'4/228) has quick enough eyes for the NFL, but he still believes that he has the upside worthy of spending a first-round pick on. Lock and Matthew Stafford had similar collegiate numbers, so it's a fair comparison.

SOURCE: Ross Tucker Podcast

Mar 16, 2019, 4:31 PM

The Athletic's Dane Brugler ranked Missouri QB Drew Lock at No. 41 on his top-100 big board.

Brugler compares Lock (6'4/228) to Raiders QB Derek Carr in the sense that he's "a classic arm thrower who stubbornly believes that every throw is there but is still figuring out how to use his eyes and piece together his timing." Lock has now been compared to Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr, lofty comparisons for the inaccurate signal-caller. Brugler is impressed by his "live arm" and "makeup" but notes that "he needs to continue developing his accuracy, mechanics, and decision-making" if he wants to live up to his comparisons. He's the third-ranked quarterback on his big board behind Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray. Lock is a high-risk prospect with an extremely wide range of potential outcomes as an NFL quarterback.

SOURCE: The Athletic

Mar 17, 2019, 10:15 AM

Pro Day Report – Missouri


As far as Drew Lock was concerned, once again people on hand I spoke with are enamored with his physical tools and arm strength yet are concerned with his consistency and accuracy.

Lock showed the ability to make all the throws today from a stationary position in the pocket or on the roll.  And while he made some beautiful passes, he was also all over the place at times.

This just confirms what I’ve said about Lock in interviews the past four months- he has more upside than any signal caller in this draft based on his physical tools but comes with a big bust factor.

Lol Brock isn’t nearly as athletic. Not nearly as hyped either, didn’t Os go in the 1st round? Tyree is going to go much later. But on skill set, I disagree. Stronger arm, much more mobile, about as accurate. 
Osweiler went late 2nd, 57th pick. I know Jackson is more athletic. But ability to play QB...

Being able to throw a ball through a wall means very little. 

Anyway,. will getting too deep in the weeds in the Drew Lock thread...Jackson is a big project.

ESPN's Todd McShay reports that Missouri QB Drew Lock showed off the "wow" factor at his Pro Day on Thursday.

"This is a three-horse race," McShay writes. "Lock isn't that far behind [Oklahoma QB Kyler] Murray and [Ohio State QB Dwayne] Haskins as the top quarterback in this class." McShay writes that Lock (6'3/228) showed off is "wow" factor on Thursday, showing functional arm strength and athleticism. He also notes he missed "in the strike zone" a few times, but overall, McShay was very impressed with Lock's day. Right now, it appears that Lock is going to go in the first 15 selections, and it appears the Pro Day cemented that.


Mar 22, 2019, 9:53 AM
Bleacher Report's Matt Miller reports that Missouri QB Drew Lock "wasn't able to impress scouts fully" during his pro day.

Lock (6'3/228) is athletic, has a big arm and he was decently accurate throwing downfield, but his accuracy throwing short and over the middle is concerning. One scout told Miller that Lock's arm was "scattershot" and another didn't think Lock looked comfortable throwing. On the other hand, ESPN's Todd McShay believed Lock showed the "wow" factor, so there is a difference in opinion. The Broncos, Redskins, Giants, and others are expected to be the major players in the middle of Round 1.

SOURCE: Bleacher Report

Mar 22, 2019, 2:03 PM
NFL Draft Notes: A QB Sleeper From Connecticut, Round 1 Buzz for Grier, Gruden Loves Lock?


GRUDEN LOVES LOCK?: Raiders fans hated when I mocked Missouri quarterback Drew Lock to the Raiderswith the fourth overall pick. So in order to continue to rub in the controversial notion that Oakland may draft a rookie quarterback and trade Derek Carr… I recently spoke to another prospect who played on the Senior Bowl’s North team, coached by Jon Gruden. He said that Gruden really, really liked Lock. The word “love” was used to describe Gruden’s perceived feelings toward the Missouri QB. Our Robert Klemko did a nice story on the benefit teams get from coaching the Senior Bowl. And I continue to believe that Lock to the Raiders could happen.
Russell Wilson's contract conundrum; don't overlook Drew Lock


DREW LOCK: Mizzou QB deserves mention with Murray, Haskins

The 2019 NFL Draft's quarterback class has been derided as being not as talented as last year's group, but I believe there are three potential franchise quarterbacks in the bunch. A number of observers will cite Oklahoma's Kyler Murray and Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins as Tier 1 prospects, but I believe Missouri's Drew Lock also deserves a seat at the VIP table.

Having earned All-SEC honors in each of the past two seasons (first-team in 2017, second-team in 2018), Lock is a five-star prospect with the arm talent and athleticism to thrive in the league as a new-school quarterback. Lock can make every throw in the book with A-level zip, velocity and touch. He is one of the few passers in this class capable of making rope throws to the opposite hash, while also showing enough arm strength and finesse to launch teardrops down the boundary on vertical routes. With Lock also flashing the ability to make tight-window throws between the numbers, he's a prime candidate to operate in a wide-open NFL playbook under an aggressive offensive coordinator looking to attack every area of the field with an assortment of dropback passes.

The 22-year-old's athleticism and movement skills also stand out on tape. The former high school basketball star displays outstanding balance, body control and short-area quickness inside of the pocket. He makes subtle movements to elude and avoid rushers in the pocket, while delivering off-platform throws on the move in either direction. In addition, he makes those Houdini-like passes look routine.

That said, Lock has struggled with his accuracy, as evidenced by his 56.9 percent completion rate over his four years as Missouri's starter. He frequently misfired on intermediate throws in college, and those off-target throws will result in interceptions at the next level. To be fair, Lock played in a basketball-like offense that revolved around "layups and threes" (screens and deep shots). He needs to become more effective as a distributor by adding more of a mid-range game to his arsenal.

With all that in mind, I can envision Lock flourishing in a Kyle Shanahan-like system that features a number of play-action and bootleg concepts with maximum protection or a moving pocket. Considering the simple two- and three-man concepts that accompany those plays, Lock would be able to show off his dazzling arm talent in a scheme that also slowly indoctrinates him into the pro game. Despite his wealth of experience as a starter in the SEC (46 career starts), Lock is still a relative newbie at the position, based on his multi-sport background in high school. As a prep, Lock spent his offseasons showcasing his hoop skills on the AAU circuit, as opposed to attending various quarterback camps and mastering the footwork and fundamentals of the position with a private trainer. Thus, there is plenty of developmental potential with Lock when he is able to commit to being a franchise quarterback 24/7/365.

From a critical standpoint, there are some legitimate concerns about Lock's performance vs. top SEC competition. Against ranked conference opponents, he posted a 1-10 record with a 52.1 percent completion rate, averaging 203.6 passing yards per game with a 14:16 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Those numbers are startling, particularly for a draft prospect with the potential to come off the board within the first 20 selections.

While some of the blame for Lock's record can be attributed to the lack of star power around him on the perimeter, I believe that challenge will actually make him a better pro down the road. Lock developed mental toughness and the necessary leadership skills to fuel a turnaround, as chronicled in this profile by NFL.com's Chase Goodbread. Lock endured a pair of losing seasons during his first two years in Columbia, but led the Tigers to back-to-back bowl games during his final two campaigns.

Lock also handled coaching changes and offensive scheme overhauls during his tenure, which will serve him well when he's forced to adapt and adjust as an NFL QB1.

If I had to compare Lock to a current NFL quarterback, I would point to Matthew Stafford. The former No. 1 overall pick has remarkable arm talent and he's played at an MVP level at times during his career (SEE: 2016) as a comeback specialist (26 career fourth-quarter comebacks, 33 game-winning drives). Interestingly, Stafford entered the league with similar questions about his accuracy, having posting a 57.1 percent completion rate at Georgia. Although he had a strong record against top competition (3-0 in bowl games; 6-3 in rivalry games against Florida, Georgia Tech and Auburn) and a winning overall record (30-9 as a college starter), the combination of arm talent, athleticism and wizardry is similar to the traits Lock displays with the ball in his hands.

If I'm a team looking for a quarterback with a high ceiling based on talent, athleticism and experience, I'm happily hitching my wagon to Lock if I can't get my hands on Murray or Haskins on draft day.

NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah believes Missouri QB Drew Lock would be a great fit with the Washington Redskins.

The Redskins own the 15th overall pick, but they'd likely have to trade up to acquire Lock (6'3/228), especially if the Broncos interest in him is real. Jeremiah argues that Lock has as much upside of anyone in the class, largely in part to his powerful arm and plus athletic ability. Opinions have ranged from Matthew Stafford-like upside to Day 2 flier. The primary worry is his accuracy, specifically on short to intermediate passes. FiveThirtyEight's Josh Hermsmeyer gave Lock a 1% chance of averaging 7.1 yards per attempt because of his model's reliance on accuracy metrics.

SOURCE: NFL on Twitter

Mar 23, 2019, 1:13 PM

NFL draft: CU coach Mel Tucker drops SEC insight, lauds QB Drew Lock


Mel Tucker’s two decades of combined coaching experience between college and pro football gives the new Colorado Buffaloes head man an insider’s perspective for the NFL draft. His prior three seasons patrolling SEC sidelines as Georgia’s defensive coordinator prompts a specific question on the minds of many in Broncos Country. What’s your take on Missouri quarterback Drew Lock?

“I think he’ll have a really good NFL career,” Tucker told The Denver Post.

Lock, projected No. 13 overall to the Dolphins in Mel Kiper’s latest mock draft, faced three Tucker-led defenses at Georgia. The Bulldogs prevailed each time with Lock still compiling big numbers: 61-of-111 passing (.54) for 850 yards, seven touchdowns and five interceptions

“His arm talent is off the charts,” Tucker said. “He’s a competitor. He’s a guy that if you make a mistake defensively, he can hurt you. He throws a really nice deep ball and I definitely think he’s an NFL talent.”

NFL Media's Tom Pelissero reports that Missouri QB Drew Lock is "certainly" an option for the New York Giants.

Lock (6'3/228) spent extra time on the board and in interviews with the Giants staff after his pro day workout, and the Giants have two picks in the first round if they feel that he can be Eli's predecessor. Most reports have the Giants taking an edge rusher with their 6th overall pick, but we can't rule out Lock there if they do fall in love with him. If the defensive player they want is there, however, then the Giants can trade up from their No. 17 pick to grab Lock somewhere around 10th overall.

SOURCE: Tom Pelissero on Twitter

Apr 1, 2019, 12:28 PM

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