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Summerpalooza VI: Return of the Rock Bands - And they say "He's in the Class A Team" (1 Viewer)

This has me wishing I was in a couple more leagues. The provincial government royally ****ed things up here when they introduced legal gambling. They made DFS and all the big fantasy sports sites unfeasible to run up here. They didn't "ban" them but they don't allow the pool to include users from outside of the province, so all the sites decided it wasn't worth their time to run Ontario only contests and pulled out and at the same time I can't enter any of the big contests (fantasy or DFS) because they're not Ontario only.

I loved the few NFFC leagues and the like I did but can't do that anymore. I could browse the looking for leagues forum here or the league safe want ads but I wish I could just drop $50 on a site and start drafting like everyone else in the world.

VPN down?

though i guess ya prolly checked that already ... gotta think it's pretty tight up there - sucks for you lot - i played Underdog a TON last year - cashed in 2 of my best ball leegs (outta 10), and played the props just about every week ... not to mention jumpin' into the weekly/daily contests quite vigorously - made the szn very enjoyable, as i cut back to just one home $$$$ leeg.

only giving me a fiddy% shot at playoffs - meh - they sure ain't as high on the kidz i drafted as i are

You're going to get thwomped, they say.

See: Nelson, Simpsons


I got a B+. And the same dynasty quip. They don't like youngsters around here.

I have a 75 percent chance with great in-season management. FootballGuys waiver wire tool is a great place to start!

I have a 65 percent chance with good in-season management. May we suggest a FootballGuys subscription to make your chances great!

I have a 48 percent chance with average in season management. May we comment again on what a loooozer you are when you're left to your own football knowledge.


i"ve found, lo over these past 25 yrs, that the great majority of fff (fake football folk) are exceedingly risk averse, and plod along accordingly - unlike the track, where salty degens realize that favorites only hit at a 30% clip, which means finding yer spot to bet against affords you a 70% winderrrrr.
Just clued in on what otb stood for :bag:

yes, Ostentatious Tvvat Babble

... or sumthin'

hey, speaking of which - ever been to Woodbine?

i enjoyed playing with this lot last time around, too ... solid buncha humans in here, and the drafting were a blast 🙌

LIkewise, otb. You included, ya bastage

i've been called much better by much worse, so i consider this a wash 😁 🖤
Yeah the VPN method doesn't work for the DFS sites. I haven't tried for NFFC/FFPC.

I can do a million prop bets on 40 different sites with no issues, it's just "phoools" that are affected.

Yep Woodbine a few times. Used to go to Kawartha Downs all the time, my mom loves gambling (she's 77 and plays more FanDuel than me) and the horses are her favourite.

Kawartha Downs ... how many "Gordies" or " "Cams" didja run into on the reg? 🇨🇦 😁

God bless Mom, that's awesome ... long may she wager! GL!

Mom just arrived at the cottage for the celebratory weekend. Her first song request - Bob Dylan - "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry"

I would love to age half as well/be half as cool in my late 70s as my mom.

Kyren Williams - RB - Rams

Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra feat. Wynton Marsalis - "Baa Baa Black Sheep"

Cam Akers was my fantasy bête noire last year so I'm grabbing his backup.

The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra is a great gig for its members. Regular performing schedule, good salaries w/ benefits plus they can still play and teach on the side. The only downside is you have to occasionally record Jazz arrangements of kids tunes.

Heh. I'm sure they swing it to where it's pretty cool. I can hear an arrangement in my head as I'm writing this. I'll have to listen to Baa Baa.

It's a fun recording that I never would of knew of if I hadn't been seeking a song about rams. They use muted brass to imitate bleating sheep and get about as much as possible from a very basic melody and three chord changes.
Musical selection.

My daughter and I picked our father-daughter dance song for her wedding next month.

"You've got a friend" by Carol King.

Now how am I going to get through that without crying? I cry just when I hear it on the radio.

I picture you as a slightly slender, blondish dogman dancing with a beautiful girl. And I STILL have a tear in my eye. You are going to weep. And you should. Without shame.

Brandon McManus - K - Jacksonville

The Johnny Smith Quintet featuring Stan Getz - "Jaguar"

Swapped kickers as well to get my mind off of Indy RBs. The Jags play the Colts in week 1 in a revenge game for messing up my gamble on Jonathan Taylor.

"Jaguar" was recorded in 1953 and was originally credited to guitarist Johnny Smith's Quintet. It survives on Spotify due to the presence of Stan Getz on tenor sax.


Rico Dowdle - RB - Cowboys

Bunk Johnson-Sidney Bechet Sextet - "Porto Rico"

I'm officially on tilt and it's still a week before the opener.

"Porto Rico" is a Latin-tinged trad Jazz number recorded in 1945 by New Orleans musicians Sidney Bechet and Bunk Johnson.

4.13 - T.J. HOCKENSON - TE - MIN
Another one that I wasn't really planning on, but feels like the best move. I was thinking about some of the prior players taken, so I was looking California, but now I'm feeling Minnesota. Also, I was trying to google Hock to check on some stuff, but this computer I'm on is using Bing for some reason, and it tried to enhance my search with some AI. It included this query:

Searching for: is tj hockenson the best tight end in nfl history?
Searching for: is tj hockenson the best tight end in nfl history?
Generating answers for you…
Generating answers for you…
T.J. Hockenson is a talented tight end who has been named to the Pro Bowl twice in 2020 and 2022. However, it is difficult to say whether he is the best tight end in NFL history. There have been many great tight ends throughout NFL history such as Tony Gonzalez, Shannon Sharpe, and Rob Gronkowski.

So, it is difficult to say whether he is the best tight end in NFL history, but it seems like it is possible.


Hey TJ, baby you got your money don’t you worry I said hey better catch all those TDs
Hugsy Malone? Is that a spin on the gangster musical starring all kids?

It was supposed to be a spin on Bugs Bunny's Mugsy Malone, but I'm not sure whether that's his last name now. He's just credited as Mugsy. The avatar is an innocent one that may have been based on that gangster flick you speak of. I thought Bugsy Malone was a real historical character, but that was Bugsy Siegel. Makes the name less well thought-out. I must have heard it somewhere in the ether somewhere. Regardless, it's assuredly a mobster nickname turned innocent.

I'm Hugsy_Malone and I'm here to spread cheer and goodwill.
Added: Greg La Dulcich Vita, TE Donks

he's a Slavic god, what with them flowing locks - easily aces Fergface, so away he goes!

(plus that Jeudy injury, shoulda scooped him sooner)

love these moar relaxed musical parameters - whodathunk i couldt work these boys into a "football" draft that plays with a pigskin ...

The Damned - In Dulcich Decorum

< poetic license and all, for Payton's "joker" >
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Right down the middle of the fairway with a C. :shades:

One MC and One DJ Drop a Beat with Mediocre Draft, Projected to Spin Their Way to 5th Place​

In the Land of Confusion, where fantasy dreams are made, One MC and One DJ took the stage with their 2nd pick in the draft. The crowd held their breath, waiting for a mind-blowing performance, but alas, it was not to be. With a draft grade of C, it seems this dynamic duo may need to fine-tune their playlist. Despite their lackluster performance, the projections show a glimmer of hope, with a projected record of 8-6-0 and a 5th place finish. Maybe they can still find their rhythm and turn this draft around.

As the spotlight shines on One MC and One DJ, it's clear that their draft had its highs and lows. The crowd erupted in applause when they snagged Devin Singletary at pick 139, a steal considering his ADP of 125. The DJ certainly knows how to drop a beat. However, the crowd fell silent when they reached for Michael Thomas at pick 86, a decision that left everyone scratching their heads. It seems this DJ may need to work on their timing. With two players on bye week 9, One MC and One DJ will need to find a way to keep the party going without missing a beat. Let's hope they can find their groove and prove that their name isn't just for show.
Added: Jayden Reed, WR Titletown

Chicago/Naperville lad, puts him right in the wheelhouse of one of my all-time favorite jangly, Beatle-esque gems ...

Valerie (Jordan) Loves Me
Did not even realize he was still available. Huge miss on my part. He's going to be good immediately.

yeah ... kid seems to be developing a good rapport with ol' Lovey, and both Watson & Romeo are nursing hammies, so - we'll see 🤷

Puka Nacua - WR - Rams

Shelly Manne - "The Champ"

I bailed on Kareem Hunt which means he'll sign with someone before the weekend.

The name Puka Nacua doesn't provide much to work with musically so stay with me on this one. Puka Nacua--->puka shells--->shells--->Shelly Manne. Manne was an exceptionally swinging West Coast drummer from the 50s through the 70s who played with everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Tom Waits.

Today is the last day I'm still the champ so I'll milk that as well.

I really could have gone with

Bo(u)rn(e) To Lose by The Heartbreakers or Bo(u)rn(e) This Way by Gaga, or if I wanted to pee on otb's bare feet, Bo(u)rn(e) To Run. But I went with the first name in common instead.

Bo(u)rn(e) to lose
Born to lose
I said baby -- born to lose
Baby I was born to lose
Baby I was born to lose

Just figured I'd leave that out there for public reading.
@Northern Voice how do I add a free agent to the IR list? I can't even see an IR list.

In classic mode, use the drop-down arrow. If he's eligible, it should be an option. That's sort of the key. Is he eligible? If so, there should be an option. At least in my experience that's how it has worked.
How do I know if I'm in Classic Mode, and how do I find it if not?

Uhh, don't know. It should have a drop down menu with the little arrow on the side of the player's position. I don't know because I can't see your screen. They might have changed it from last year.
@Northern Voice how do I add a free agent to the IR list? I can't even see an IR list.

You can add an IR player directly to your IR slot?
As our rules are set, you cannot add a player directly to an IR spot.

This IS now an option in Yahoo but we've carried the same rules over year to year, so it's not available in this league. So to add a player (IR or not) you need a drop or empty roster spot.

Can add it to the league vote for next year.

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