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The Audible LIVE! - 6/20/2013 10PM ET (1 Viewer)

Wonder if I can ask the same question from couple weeks ago (about having multiple picks in the top of a Dynasty Rookie Draft), with a constraint:...my league rarely trades picks during the draft.

I love the idea of trading down and getting additional picks...but don't think I'll be able to swing it in my league.

So, I have 1.04, 1.05, 2.02, 2.05 in a 10-team PPR Dynasty Rookie draft. If I HAVE to take all those picks, how would you best utilize those picks?

  • Do you just go best player available at each spot?
  • Do you double up at a position and take (2) WR (Tavon Austin, DeAndre Hopkins) hoping for one WR starter?
  • Do you take both GB Running backs to lock down the Packer backfield (Lacy/Franklin)?
  • Do you go all high-risk, high-reward players, with better odds that one or more might hit (Corderelle, Lattimore, Christine Michael...)?

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I'm sure tonights show is largely going to be the A. Hernandez show and the downstream impacts. I know Sig and others weren't high on Brady to begin with and this certainly won't alter that view. Looking forward to the show tonight as always.

Can you guys talk about your concern or lack thereof for the Falcons offense given their bad offensive line? They were not a good run blocking line last season and lost Tyson Clabo in free agency to the Dolphins. I'm worried Steven Jackson won't have much room to run and Ryan won't have much time to throw the ball downfield to White and Jones. Am I overthinking it or do you share my concerns?

Thanks and love the show!

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is Aaron Hernandez worth risking as a buy low now before more information comes out in a dynasty. he is young and everyone gets a second chance in the nfl however the risk is huge that he may miss significant time. what is he worth in a trade right now in dynasty

Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Newton, Stafford, Romo, Ryan, Luck, Griffin and Manning. There's your top 10 from last year (not in order). History says 3-4 of these guys won't be repeating top 10 this year. Who doesn't make it?

I'm not feeling Newton with the read option being downplayed in Carolina and a drop in rushing TD's tanks his value. I wouldn't be surprised to see Griffin's play callers tweak the plan to keep him in the pocket more too. Brady is sinking fast but I could see him sneaking in at #10 by the end of the year, so that leaves me one more to pull from the list and I can't make up my mind. Luck with a sophomore slump? Stafford the glass cannon? Romo as the Cowboys get ready to can their HC if they are losing?

What can we expect from the Bears offense and the new coaching staff? How does this affect Forte and Marshall? Can we expect a big season from Bennett? Are there any potential sleepers or value plays on this offense?

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What is TE Jordan Cameron's upside? There has been a lot of hype lately, now that he is in the Chudzinski/Norv Turner-offense. Could we be talking about Graham, Gronk, Hernandez and Cameron as the 4 best fantasy TEs a year from now? Or should we just consider him a low TE1 at best?

Thanks (all the way from Denmark, Europe) - really love the show.

Subject: Desmond Bishop

Hey guys, love the show!!!

A question for Dr. Jene, what have you heard about Desmond Bishop injury and recovery, was he dropped from GB because he is a slow healer?

And for the rest of the guys, where is the best landing spot for Bishop? Minnesota, KC or Jacksonville?


Which secondary stats carry the most weight from year to year when creating fantasy projections. Yards after contact, yards per catch, ect...

Hi guys,

Love the show. Just joined a 16 team Dynasty startup this year. I'm wondering how next year's NFL draft class is shaking up. Some things I am wondering

  1. Does it have a superstar type at the top a la Luck last year or AJ Green the year before? Thus would 1.01, 1.02 have a ton of value? Or would it be more like this year could be considered somewhat interchangeable with 1.05.
  2. Is it shallow or deep? Thus would 1.15 be better than normal?
  3. Which positions will shine? If there are lots of QBs for example I may consider moving one of my existing QBs knowing I can draft one next year.
  4. If you have any IDP angles (Clowney ftw?) I'd be interested in hearing them.
You guys are the best, I listen every week. No one else comes close. Also, drinky-on-the-beach Sigmund's "On the Couch" podcasts are outstanding

Last year I started the Denver Defense most of the year and was happy with that decision.

They play against the NFC East & AFC South Division teams. There have been significant losses (Dumervil / Mays) and additions (Sly Williams / Rodgers-Cromartie).

What is your overall perspective on this Defense in 2013 Fantasy?

Will the 2013 version of this offense help the D in some way that we did not see last year?

Thanks, guys...

P.S. It is very cool that The Audible Hosts and regulars are popping up on other podcasts, & radio shows all the time. May your profiles continue to rise!

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First post! Been listening since last year.

To piggyback off a thread in the Shark Pool (link), whats the best strategy to use for the 11 or 12th spot in a snake, non-ppr league redraft? We don't know our draft positions in my main league until 5 minutes before we pick, so its always a risk.

Is the best way to go this year RB/RB, WR/WR (assuming Calvin Johnson's already gone, of course) or take an elite QB? My league tends to drain running backs for the first three rounds, although there are a few mid tier backs that I'd be interested. Thanks for an awesome show guys.

Hi Guys!

We have been through a great deal over the last few years with Chris Johnson. I think the team will be better this year and if both Locker, Britt and Wright begin to flourish, this could be a good fantasy offense. I know they brought in the lumbering brontosaurus Green..but where is Chris Johnson's value now?

Is he going to end up being a bargain now that everyone has taken their eyes off him and moved on to new rookies and second year backs?

Statgrubby..at your service.

Aside from Chip Kelly, which new Head Coach or OC brings up your expectations on their players fantasy values the most? And which coaching change do you dislike (or like the least) from a fantasy perspective?

***Just throw out the names so you don't have to look in up***


Chud/Norv in Cleveland

Merrone in Buffalo

Arians in Arizona

Peyton back in New Orleans (not sure if this counts)

Reid in KC

Trestman in Chicago

McCoy/Whisenhunt in San Diego

Just OC

Mornhinwig with the Jets

Pep Hamilton in Indy

Olsen in Oakland

Gase in Denver

Shula in Carolina

Hey guys. Love the show. I download it friday morning here in Sydney and it usually makes for fun doing my weekend chores.

Thanks to advice we have heard on the show, we are switching our 16 team PPR IDP league this year to an Auction redraft and a FAAb waiver wire. Having never done either, and preferring to all get together for a live draft, I was wondering if you could offer any tips to help make the draft run smoothly. Is there any software programs you would recommend, advice on how to actually run the draft, timing for each pick etc.

Any strategy advice would also be helpful. Most of our league listens to you guys so it would be helpful to all.

Looking forward to another Friday at the office listening to the Audible guys. Thanks for the excellent work

With the lack of solid ADP data for 2-QB leagues what rules of thumb would you use as a good barometer for tweaking ADP data to accommodate those leagues?

Thanks guys.


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