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The NY Football Giants Thread (1 Viewer)

no, I would rather have them lose a meaningless regular season game to alleviate all of the additional pressure come playoff time.

Please Giants fans lets not do this!

It’s waaaaaaaay to early to for the undefeated talk.

Let the team take care of business one game at a time

The Giants are in a tough division, it’s going to be tough to survive in it

Enjoy the ride

Good Coach

Good QB

Good stable of RBs

Good stable of WRs

Good Defense

If the Giants can limit turnovers, they can dominate.

you might want to wait until they play a legit NFL team.... which is not this week either.
Like an undefeated Patriot's team?Now, I don't think the Giants are going to go undefeated. But it is going to take a very good all around performance to beat this team. E. Manning has turned that corner and has now become an elite QB with a very good supporting cast of WR's, RB's and O-line.The defense is solid even though have lost their vocal leader from last year and with the additional injury to their best d-lineman they are still as good as anyone in the league. The Giants have done as good of job as any with draft picks, signings, trades etc over the last while. Let's give Coughlin and this team their due as being a very good football team.
Good CoachGood QBGood stable of RBsGood stable of WRsGood DefenseIf the Giants can limit turnovers, they can dominate.
and keep plax in line, make no mistake we need him with our lungs. Nice core mix of young and vet wrs aside from him, but seriously that combination has become almost automatic. jump balls, back shoulder throws hes just a beast to try and defend.
Can someone update me on what is happening in the Kicker department? Is Carney there to stay or now that Tynes is healthy, will he take over? Carney has been money, but can't kickoff for squat. ANY INFO?


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