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Week #1 - Upset of the Week (1 Viewer)


Last year, we had several Footballguys who had streaks of four or five weeks in a row picking the underdog that pulled the upset. The point, is to pick just one game where the underdog wins without the points. Each week we will announce those who had correct picks and those who have streaks going. It's not as easy as it sounds. Give it a try. Hopefully at the end of the season we can name the Footballguy with the most correct picks. Here are the games with the Las Vegas favorites and the HOME teams are in CAPS.PATRIOTS over the coltstitans over the DOLPHINSSTEELERS over the raidersREDSKINS over the buccsravens over the BROWNSBILLS over the jagsJETS over the bengalsBEARS over the lionsRAMS over the cardsseahawks over the SAINTSTEXANS over the chargersEAGLES over the giantsVIKINGS over the cowboysfalcons over the 49ERSBRONCOS over the chiefsPANTHERS over the packersRemember. Pick just one game! ;)


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