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Wheaton or Dobson? Better PPR WR in redraft (1 Viewer)


Both of these guys are currently running as the #3 WR on their teams (well, I'm giving Wheaton the benefit over Cotchery after an impressive preseason)

Who makes more noise this year in a PPR redraft? Both appear to be guys you can get in rounds 13-15, and I would think have sleeper value. Which one has the bigger year sharks?

I would go Wheaton. Dobson hasn't really shown that he can do anything and when Gronk and Amendola are back, I don't see much left for Dobson.

Dobson is one twisted ankle to a starter away from being a minor cog in a massive machine.

Wheaton is one twisted ankle to a starter away from being one of only two decent targets on the entire offense, with a QB who likes to take shots deep to speedy receivers.

I don't think either one is anything more than a bye week filler this year. Questionable Dobson will be among the top 6 in the NE pecking order - Amendola, Gronk (eventually), Vereen, Thompkins, Edelman, and Sudfield (maybe early, maybe not) will all be ahead of him in targets in my view. Wheaton has a very good chance of being #3 in a less potent offense.

I'd be surprised if either topped 25-350-2.


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