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Who played Leonard Weaver? (1 Viewer)

I'm pretty sure Escape Goat started Weaver over TO in his flex spot.

he did show some flashes last year as a guy who could do something when he gets the chance - especially catching the ball out of the backfield. The seem to have ignored him this year though - so this game could not have been anticipated. Anyone who started him would have been hoping for a short yardage TD at best.

I'm not sure who started him, and over what player they benched, but I'd just like to point this out to those that have been incessantly asking who will be the primary rock toter if LJ is done for a while or for the season: Guys like weaver, other fullbacks, 3rd down backs and even 3rd string backs will be a better week to week option over the primary carrier in KC. Please refrain from starting that discussion up on a daily basis! Thanks in advance...


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