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Another Grocery Clerk Thread (1 Viewer)


The other thread reminded me about an experience I had at Acme a couple months ago. 

The clerk at the register never said anything to me, never made eye contact. While he was ringing up my groceries, he was mumbling things under his breath. I couldn’t catch everything he said, but some of the things I definitely heard him say were, “blood”, “torture”, “I’ve done a lot of bad things”, and “I’ve done some things I shouldn’t have done”. 

The guy clearly wasn’t all there, but I still felt I needed to say something to the manager. I normally have my son with me, and that’s not something I’d want him to hear. So I went to customer service, asked for a manager, and explained what he was saying. I told the manager that I wasn’t looking to get in him in trouble, but maybe they should take him off the register and have him work in the stock room. I didn’t catch his name, but said told her it was the guy on register 6. Her response, “Oh, that’s Steve. He probably just didn’t take his medication today”. She clearly wasn’t surprised at all. 

He still often is working the register when I’m in there, but I make it a point avoid him and have someone else check me out. 

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I guess they're waiting until Steve decides to take out a few customers and coworkers before managing the situation.  I wouldn't shop there.  


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