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CPortis...any news on the injury(ies?) (1 Viewer)


I saw Portis go out once, come back in, then get whacked and on his back being atttended to on the field.

Anyone know what happened?

It's a couple of pages to wade through, but there's a pinned injury thread up above. Might find some info on Portis in it.

I heard Al Michaels mention "neck injury" during the Vikings game when talking about the leading rushers.

Anything else further?

He's a beat up man!

Once Washington is out of the Playoff hunt I doubt he plays.

Until then I don't think anyone could keep him out. He is a warrior!

The last time he went out he was limping (can't remember which leg). He went to the ground as soon as he got on the sidelines and looked like he was crying when they were checking him out. :goodposting:

just dropped betts for pierre thomas, apparently portis is going to play until his limbs fall off! zorn must not be too keen on saving him, needs him now


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