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Favorite 31 Songs by US Artists According to a Bunch of Middle-Aged Dummies (1 Viewer)

So how many Zevon were picked? This one, Excitable Boy, Roland..., Werewolves, and Lawyers Guns & Money. Was Poor Poor Pitiful Me in there or Mohammed's Radio?
I picked Veracruz and Keep Me in Your heart for a While. (Screw the rules! I'm only semi-following them in the next and the one after that anyway.)
These aren't ranked. My remaining non-dupes. It's possible some are dupes. I've made that mistake twice, so.

Stone Temple Pilots - Plush
Temple of the Dog - Hunger Strike
Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
Hootie and the Blowfish - Let Her Cry
Lord Huron - Ancient Names Part 1&2
The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody
Don Henley - The End of the Innocence
Neil Diamond - Cracklin Rosie
Pure Prairie League - Amie
Harry Nilsson - Without You

Tom Petty - You Wreck Me

It was the ohh oh oh yeah ah ah part of You Wreck Me that the crowd sang so loud Petty gave us a 10 minute version and made it my pick for him. I've taken the Nilsson song before and consider it an all-time vocal. Even suggested people should stop trying to cover it, to which wikkid agreed. I fell/fall in and out of love with an Amy and that song nails us pretty good. My nod to country. Cracklin Rosie is funny. I like that. A great sing along for me. Neil was a huge part of my childhood household in the 70s. Henley. I want his voice. Unchained, yeah, another premium vocal. Lord Huron, 8 minutes Eeph, but it's like two songs, and genre bending. Hopefully a "new favorite" for some. Rucker described the last year of my marriage with Let Her Cry. A song that hurts good. I'm too chalky on the grunge, but it is what it is. It's been a very grungy six months thru my speakers lately. Almost went with Big Dumb Sex for Soundgarden. It's funny grunge. :)
If my kids participated Amie would have made it.

Unchained Melody was one of my big derp's.

Was Crackerman the lone STP pick?

Hootie was a bubble squeeze and with hind sight Neil shoulda been too.
Just the two (of us) lists left. I can make if I try. Just the two of us? Well, that's mostly on me. But the support helps!

Recognized by title alone: 19
Sounded familiar: 3
Didn't know: 10

Selected Favorites:
The Star Spangled Banner (Sullie) - Partially for the cleverness, but also certainly great.
Nightswimming (Eephus)
Best of My Love (ditkaburgers)
The Tracks of My Tears (Dr. Octopus) - 4th vote, so I might have listed this before. But whatever

Songs I didn't know that I ended up liking:
Whitewater (Manster)
Memorial (rockaction)
Open My Eyes (Binky)
One More Hour (KarmaPolice)
Great thread.

Thanks to @krista4 for organizing and running it (and for funding the charity contests!). Also to @Hawks64 for the daily playlists.

I didn’t have the time to participate as much as I would have liked but it was still a blast. This entire group’s fount of music knowledge is quite impressive.

Just want to be clear that the Rannouses funded 1/2 ($250) of the initial charity contest!
Great thread.

Thanks to @krista4 for organizing and running it (and for funding the charity contests!). Also to @Hawks64 for the daily playlists.

I didn’t have the time to participate as much as I would have liked but it was still a blast. This entire group’s fount of music knowledge is quite impressive.

Just want to be clear that the Rannouses funded 1/2 ($250) of the initial charity contest!
Thanks to the Rannouses as well!
Was Crackerman the lone STP pick?

Wild. I had Interstate, trippin on a hole, plush (acoustic version), and sex type thing (swing version) on my original list in addition to Crackerman. Don't recall if any made the bubble though. I'm sure those interested are familiar with Plush acoustic, but if anyone wants sex type thing swing (hey-yo!) and can't find it lmk and I'll dig it up. Love that rendition.
Here are the final "similarity scores" based on who picked stuff from my list and how I ranked everyone else's rankings:

Songs by participant that were on my list:

Krista4 5
Neal Cassady 4
OH 4
Simey 4
AAABatteries 2
DrIanMalcolm 2
Hov34 2
Marco 2
Shuke 2
Zegras11 2
Chaz 1
Ditkaburgers 1
Doc Oc 1
Just Win Baby 1
jwb 1
Landryshat 1
Rockaction 1
Worrierking 1

Songs by participant that were on my list or in the top 10 of songs not on my list:

Krista4 7
Neal Cassady 6
OH 4
Simey 4
AAABatteries 3
DrIanMalcolm 3
jwb 3
Marco 3
Binky 2
Doc Oc 2
Hov34 2
Shuke 2
Zegras11 2
Chaz 1
Ditkaburgers 1
Don Quixote 1
Just Win Baby 1
Landryshat 1
Rockaction 1
Simsarge 1
Sullie 1
Val Rannous 1
Worrierking 1

Songs by participant that were on my list or in the top 25 of songs not on my list:

Krista4 8
AAABatteries 7
jwb 7
Neal Cassady 7
Binky 5
Marco 5
OH 4
Simey 4
DrIanMalcolm 4
Zegras11 4
Doc Oc 3
Don Quixote 3
Hov34 3
Shuke 3
Chaz 2
Just Win Baby 2
Landryshat 2
MAC 32 2
Rockaction 2
Sullie 2
Ditkaburgers 1
Falguy 1
Ilov80s 1
Manster 1
Simsarge 1
Uruk-Hai 1
Val Rannous 1
Worrierking 1
Yankee23Fan 1

Songs by participant that were on my list or in the top 50 of songs not on my list:

Krista4 9
Neal Cassady 9
AAABatteries 8
jwb 8
Binky 8
Simey 6
Don Quixote 5
DrIanMalcolm 5
Landryshat 5
Marco 5
Zegras11 5
Doc Oc 4
Just Win Baby 4
MAC 32 4
OH 4
Chaz 3
Hov34 3
Manster 3
Rockaction 3
Shuke 3
Sullie 3
Val Rannous 3
Worrierking 3
Eephus 2
Ilov80s 2
Scorchy 2
Simsarge 2
Ditkaburgers 1
Falguy 1
KarmaPolice 1
Uruk-Hai 1
Yankee23Fan 1

Songs by participant that were on my list or in the top 75 of songs not on my list:

Neal Cassady 11
jwb 10
AAABatteries 9
Binky 9
Krista4 9
DrIanMalcolm 8
Don Quixote 7
Landryshat 7
Marco 7
Shuke 7
Simey 7
Hov34 6
Rockaction 6
Chaz 5
Just Win Baby 5
MAC 32 5
OH 5
Sullie 5
Zegras11 5
Doc Oc 4
Val Rannous 4
Worrierking 4
Eephus 3
Ilov80s 3
Manster 3
Mrs. Rannous 3
Falguy 2
Scorchy 2
Simsarge 2
Uruk-Hai 2
Ditkaburgers 1
KarmaPolice 1
Yankee23Fan 1

Songs by participant that were on my list or in the top 100 of songs not on my list:

Krista4 14
Neal Cassady 12
AAABatteries 11
jwb 11
Binky 10
Don Quixote 9
DrIanMalcolm 9
Hov34 9
Shuke 9
Marco 8
Chaz 7
Landryshat 7
OH 7
Simey 7
Worrierking 7
MAC 32 6
Rockaction 6
Sullie 6
Zegras11 6
Just Win Baby 5
Uruk-Hai 5
Val Rannous 5
Doc Oc 4
Eephus 4
Ilov80s 4
Falguy 3
Manster 3
Mrs. Rannous 3
Simsarge 3
Scorchy 2
Ditkaburgers 1
Doug B 1
KarmaPolice 1
Yankee23Fan 1

Songs by participant that were on my list or in the top 150 of songs not on my list:

Krista4 18
AAABatteries 14
Binky 14
jwb 14
Neal Cassady 14
Don Quixote 13
DrIanMalcolm 13
Shuke 13
Hov34 12
Landryshat 12
Marco 9
Uruk-Hai 9
Doc Oc 8
Eephus 8
Just Win Baby 8
MAC 32 8
OH 8
Simey 8
Worrierking 8
Zegras11 8
Chaz 7
Ilov80s 7
Rockaction 6
Sullie 6
Val Rannous 6
Falguy 5
Manster 5
Scorchy 5
Mrs. Rannous 3
Simsarge 3
Ditkaburgers 2
Doug B 2
Yankee23Fan 2
KarmaPolice 1

Songs by participant that were on my list or in the top 200 of songs not on my list:

Krista4 21
Binky 18
Don Quixote 17
AAABatteries 16
DrIanMalcolm 16
Neal Cassady 16
jwb 15
Landryshat 15
Doc Oc 13
Hov34 13
Shuke 13
Marco 12
Val Rannous 12
Uruk-Hai 11
Simey 11
Zegras11 11
Ilov80s 10
Just Win Baby 10
MAC 32 10
Chaz 9
Eephus 9
Falguy 8
Mrs. Rannous 8
OH 8
Worrierking 8
Scorchy 7
Rockaction 6
Sullie 6
Manster 5
Yankee23Fan 5
Doug B 4
Simsarge 3
Ditkaburgers 3
KarmaPolice 1
And here's how I ranked everyone's songs that I didn't pick. Part 1:


I Feel the Earth Move -- Carole King (Simsarge)

What'd I Say -- Ray Charles (Don Quixote)

Tangled Up in Blue -- Bob Dylan (Krista4 and Neal Cassady)

Frankenstein -- The Edgar Winter Group (Sullie and Val Rannous)

Living for the City -- Stevie Wonder (DrIanMalcolm, Krista4 and Neal Cassady)

Alive -- Pearl Jam (AAABatteries)

It's Too Late -- Carole King (jwb)

Open My Eyes -- Nazz (Binky)

Whipping Post -- The Allman Brothers Band (Binky, Doc Oc and jwb)

Alone Again Or -- Love (Marco)


Hurricane -- Bob Dylan (jwb and MAC 32)

Folsom Prison Blues -- Johnny Cash (AAABatteries)

(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay -- Otis Redding (AAABatteries, Landryshat, Neal Cassady and Rockaction)

God Only Knows -- The Beach Boys (AAABatteries, Binky, Chaz, Don Quixote, Hov34, Krista4 and Marco )

One Nation Under a Groove -- Funkadelic (jwb and Uruk-Hai)

Respect -- Aretha Franklin (AAABatteries, DrIanMalcolm, Just Win Baby and jwb)

The Rubberband Man -- The Spinners (Falguy)

Sir Duke -- Stevie Wonder (Doc Oc and Don Quixote)

American Girl -- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Ilov80s, Marco and Yankee23Fan)

Stand! -- Sly and the Family Stone (Binky)

Reelin' in the Years -- Steely Dan (Binky, Shuke and Zegras11)

25 or 6 to 4 -- Chicago (MAC 32 and Zegras11)

Breed -- Nirvana (Sullie)

They Just Can't Stop It (Games People Play) -- The Spinners (jwb)

Reach Down -- Temple of the Dog (Manster)


Three Days -- Jane's Addiction (MAC 32 and Scorchy)

Higher Ground -- Stevie Wonder (Landryshat and Val Rannous)

Last Goodbye -- Jeff Buckley (Krista4)

Mary Jane's Last Dance -- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Manster)

Search and Destroy -- Iggy and the Stooges (Binky)

Ball and Biscuit -- The White Stripes (KarmaPolice)

Off the Wall -- Michael Jackson (jwb)

Riders on the Storm -- The Doors (Sullie)

Grace -- Jeff Buckley (Neal Cassady)

The Want of a Nail -- Todd Rundgren (Binky)

September Gurls -- Big Star (Landryshat, Simey and Worrierking)

Could It Be I'm Falling in Love -- The Spinners (Eephus)

Sing a Simple Song -- Sly and the Family Stone (Landryshat)

Crazy -- Gnarls Barkley (Don Quixote)

Hallelujah -- Jeff Buckley (Ilov80s)

Where Did You Sleep Last Night -- Nirvana (MAC 32 and Scorchy)

Rikki Don't Lose That Number -- Steely Dan (Worrierking)

Seven Nation Army -- The White Stripes (Binky, Don Quixote, DrIanMalcolm, Just Win Baby and Val Rannous)

Rusty Cage -- Soundgarden (Manster)

Free Bird -- Lynyrd Skynyrd (AAABatteries and JustWinBaby)

I'll Be Around -- The Spinners (Zegras11)

Midnight Train to Georgia -- Gladys Knight & The Pips (Simey and Simsarge)

Blowin' in the Wind -- Bob Dylan (Chaz)

Wouldn't It Be Nice -- The Beach Boys (Doc Oc, Eephus and Rockaction)

A Love Supreme, pt. 1: Acknowledgement -- John Coltrane (Neal Cassady)


In Bloom -- Nirvana (Hov34)

Oh! Sweet Nuthin' -- The Velvet Underground (Just Win Baby, Landryshat and Marco)

Foreplay/Long Time -- Boston (Falguy, jwb, Mrs. Rannous and Val Rannous)

Golden Lady -- Stevie Wonder (Neal Cassady)

Blue Sky -- The Allman Brothers Band (Shuke)

Don't Take Me Alive -- Steely Dan (Sullie)

Jessica -- The Allman Brothers Band (Sullie)

I Heard It Through the Grapevine -- Marvin Gaye (AAABatteries and Don Quixote)

That's the Way of the World -- Earth, Wind and Fire (DrIanMalcolm)

Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology) -- Marvin Gaye (Rockaction)

Proud Mary -- Ike and Tina Turner (MAC 32)

Bridge Over Troubled Water -- Simon & Garfunkel (Marco and Mrs. Rannous)

Bridge Over Troubled Water -- Aretha Franklin (DrIanMalcolm and Ilov80s)

Me and Bobby McGee -- Janis Joplin (Chaz and DrIanMalcolm)

Move on Up -- Curtis Mayfield (Shuke)

Surrender -- Cheap Trick (Eephus, Hov34, OH, Shuke and Simey)

Ball of Confusion -- The Temptations (Binky and Landryshat)

Fast Car -- Tracy Chapman (Chaz)

I Heard It Through the Grapevine -- Creedence Clearwater Revival (Hov34)

Take Five -- Dave Brubeck Quartet (Rockaction)

So What -- Miles Davis ft. John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderly and Bill Evans (Don Quixote and Neal Cassady)

Sweet Jane -- The Velvet Underground (jwb and Rockaction)

Magic Man -- Heart (Mrs. Rannous)

Hold On I'm Comin' -- Sam and Dave (Uruk-Hai and Worrierking)

Divided Sky -- Phish (Shuke)


Livin' in the USA -- The Steve Miller Band (Binky)

The Ballad of El Goodo -- Big Star (Krista4 and OH)

I Wish -- Stevie Wonder (Eephus)

I Wish It Would Rain -- The Temptations (Krista4 and Uruk-Hai)

Fortunate Son -- Creedence Clearwater Revival (AAABatteries, Chaz, DrIanMalcolm, MAC 32 and Val Rannous)

A Change Is Gonna Come -- Sam Cooke (Krista4 and Uruk-Hai)

I Can't Go for That (No Can Do) -- Hall & Oates (Hov34)

Be My Baby -- The Ronettes (AAABatteries and Don Quixote)

Roadrunner -- The Modern Lovers (Krista4)

Monkey Wrench -- Foo Fighters (Sullie)

Visions of Johanna -- Bob Dylan (Don Quixote, Ilov80s, Landryshat, Marco and Worrierking)

I've Been Loving You Too Long -- Otis Redding (Krista4)

Hit It and Quit It -- Funkadelic (OH)

Sabotage -- Beastie Boys (Chaz and Hov34)

The Waiting -- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (jwb)

Midnight Rider -- The Allman Brothers Band (Worrierking)

Runnin' Down a Dream -- Tom Petty (Falguy and Zegras11)

Fall On Me -- R.E.M. (Neal Cassady)

Radio Free Europe -- R.E.M. (Worrierking)

Family Affair -- Sly and the Family Stone (Shuke)

Backstabbers -- The O'Jays (Uruk-Hai)

The W.A.N.D. -- The Flaming Lips (Doug B)

1979 -- Smashing Pumpkins (Shuke)

Straight On -- Heart (Simsarge)

Love and Happiness -- Al Green (Hov34)


(I Know) I'm Losing You -- The Temptations (Binky)

I Need to Know -- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Binky)

Reach Out, I'll Be There -- The Four Tops (MAC 32)

Fight the Power -- Public Enemy (Scorchy)

Giant Steps -- John Coltrane (Neal Cassady)

1999 -- Prince (jwb)

Just What I Needed -- The Cars (Zegras11)

At Least That's What You Said -- Wilco (Shuke)

Right Place Wrong Time -- Dr. John (Eephus)

Tutti Fruitti -- Little Richard (Don Quixote)

Float On -- Modest Mouse (Hov34 and Shuke)

Lady Marmalade -- LaBelle (DrIanMalcolm)

For the Love of Money -- The O'Jays (Binky)

Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got) -- The Four Tops (Uruk-Hai)

Sign O' the Times -- Prince (Scorchy)

Can't Get There from Here -- R.E.M. (Doug B)

Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) -- Marvin Gaye (Hov34 and Landryshat)

Melissa -- The Allman Brothers Band (Neal Cassady and Simey)

Misunderstood -- Wilco (Marco)

Let's Go Crazy -- Prince (Don Quixote and Ilov80s)

(Not Just) Knee Deep -- Funkadelic (Landryshat)

Moving in Stereo -- The Cars (Just Win Baby)

Let's Go -- The Cars (Hov34)

Don't Worry Baby -- The Beach Boys (Ilov80s)

Dancing in the Street -- Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (Ilov80s)

Waterfalls -- TLC (DrIanMalcolm)

What a Wonderful World -- Louis Armstrong (AAABatteries, Don Quixote and Falguy)

Rock Lobster -- The B-52s (Doc Oc)

The Captain and Me -- The Doobie Brothers (Binky)

Troubled Times -- Screaming Trees (Manster)

I'm the Man Who Loves You -- Wilco (Doc Oc)

Time in a Bottle -- Jim Croce (Falguy and Val Rannous)

Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale -- Love (Landryshat)

White Rabbit -- Jefferson Airplane (jwb)

Long Tall Sally -- Little Richard (Krista4 and OH)

Little Red Corvette -- Prince (AAABatteries, Ditkaburgers, DrIanMalcolm and Just Win Baby)

Georgia on My Mind -- Ray Charles (AAABatteries, DrIanMalcolm and Uruk-Hai)

Drift Away -- Dobie Gray (Krista4, Uruk-Hai and Zegras11)

Fight Test -- The Flaming Lips (Krista4 and Scorchy)

Suspicious Minds -- Elvis Presley (Eephus)

Hotel California -- The Eagles (Just Win Baby and Yankee23Fan)

Shadow of the Season -- Screaming Trees (Manster)

Sample in a Jar -- Phish (Doc Oc)

The Tracks of My Tears -- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (Doc Oc, Don Quixote, Krista4 and Uruk-Hai)

Intro/Sweet Jane (live) -- Lou Reed (Eephus)

Purple Rain -- Prince (Landryshat and Shuke)

I Want You Back -- The Jackson 5 (Eephus)

Strawberry Letter 23 -- Shuggie Otis (Landryshat)

Born on the Bayou -- Creedence Clearwater Revival (Worrierking)

L.A. Woman -- The Doors (jwb, MAC 32 and Shuke)
Last edited:
Part 2:


Night Moves -- Bob Seger (DrIanMalcolm and jwb)

Blister in the Sun -- The Violent Femmes (Doc Oc)

I Won't Back Down -- Tom Petty (AAABatteries and Val Rannous)

Rearviewmirror -- Pearl Jam (Landryshat and MAC 32)

Strawberry Fields Forever -- Richie Havens (Krista4)

What a Fool Believes -- The Doobie Brothers (DrIanMalcolm)

Lover, You Should've Come Over -- Jeff Buckley (Marco and Neal Cassady)

Jack and Jill -- Raydio (Doug B)

Sail On -- Commodores (Falguy)

Don't Stop Believin' -- Journey (Chaz)

Everybody Dance -- Chic (Uruk-Hai)

Operator -- Jim Croce (Zegras11)

Listen to Her Heart -- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Doc Oc)

Take the "A" Train -- Duke Ellington (Don Quixote)

The Dark End of the Street -- James Carr (Simey)

Runaway -- Del Shannon (Ilov80s)

Spoonman -- Soundgarden (Mrs. Rannous and Val Rannous)

Here Comes My Girl -- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Hov34)

Nice, Nice, Very Nice -- Ambrosia (Binky)

Longview -- Green Day (Mrs. Rannous and Val Rannous)

Fell in Love with a Girl -- The White Stripes (Ilov80s)

Johnny B. Goode -- Chuck Berry (AAABatteries, Don Quixote and Uruk-Hai)

Happy -- The Wrens (Marco)

Head Like a Hole -- Nine Inch Nails (Scorchy)

Bernadette -- The Four Tops (Binky and Mrs. Rannous)

Man in the Box -- Alice in Chains (Ditkaburgers and Simey)

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright -- Bob Dylan (Doc Oc)

Fly Me Courageous -- Drivin' and Cryin' (Doc Oc)

Turn the Page -- Bob Seger (Falguy, MAC 32 and Yankee23Fan)

My Sharona -- The Knack (Falguy and Mrs. Rannous and Zegras11)

Christmas Time Is Here (instrumental version) -- Vince Guaraldi Trio (Neal Cassady)

Tighten Up -- Archie Bell and the Drells (Krista4)

Hey Ya! -- Outkast (Don Quixote)

Ring of Fire -- Johnny Cash (Yankee23Fan)

Milwaukee -- The Both (Krista4)

Handshake Drugs -- Wilco (Landryshat)

The Man Who Sold the World (live) -- Nirvana (Don Quixote and Just Win Baby)

Don't Fear the Reaper -- Blue Oyster Cult (Doug B, Mrs. Rannous, Simey and Zegras11)

I'm Your Captain/Closer to Home -- Grand Funk Railroad (Binky)

Carry On Wayward Son -- Kansas (Val Rannous)

Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang -- Dr. Dre with Snoop Dogg (Just Win Baby)

Free Fallin' -- Tom Petty (Scorchy)

Kiss -- Prince (Doc Oc and Eephus)

When Doves Cry -- Prince (Chaz and Marco)

Coat of Many Colors -- Dolly Parton (Val Rannous)

Hurt -- Johnny Cash (Val Rannous and Yankee23Fan)

Get Up Offa That Thing -- James Brown (DrIanMalcolm)

Learn to Fly -- Foo Fighters (Binky)

Summer Breeze -- The Isley Brothers (Landryshat)

About a Girl -- Nirvana (Ilov80s)


Crazy on You -- Heart (Val Rannous)

Dream On -- Aerosmith (Falguy and Just Win Baby)

Fire and Rain -- James Taylor (Yankee23Fan)

No One Knows -- Queens of the Stone Age (Binky)

Black -- Pearl Jam (Just Win Baby)

You're So Vain -- Carly Simon (DrIanMalcolm)

Bring It On Home to Me -- Sam Cooke (AAABatteries and Don Quixote)

What You Won't Do for Love -- Bobby Caldwell (Doug B)

Call to Arms -- Sturgill Simpson (MAC 32)

Circuital -- My Morning Jacket (Shuke)

The Star Spangled Banner -- Jimi Hendrix (Sullie)

I Got a Name -- Jim Croce (Sullie, Uruk-Hai and Zegras11)

Blind -- Elder (Manster)

Inca Roads -- Frank Zappa (Neal Cassady)

Criminal -- Fiona Apple (Binky)

Sinnerman -- Nina Simone (Ilov80s and Neal Cassady)

Break on Through (to the Other Side) -- The Doors (Marco)

Loud Love -- Soundgarden (Manster)

Whitewater -- Kyuss (Manster)

Oh Girl -- The Chi-Lites (Simey)

Borracho -- Mark Lanegan (Manster)

White Punks on Dope -- The Tubes (Binky)

When Will I See You Again -- The Three Degrees (Uruk-Hai)

Down in the Valley -- Otis Redding (Krista4)

I Put a Spell on You -- Screamin' Jay Hawkins (OH)

Little Queenie -- Chuck Berry (Doc Oc)

Bo Diddley -- Bo Diddley (Don Quixote)

Sanctuary -- Elder (Manster)

Louisiana Rain -- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Simey)

Summer Wind -- Frank Sinatra (jwb)

La Grange -- ZZ Top (Mrs. Rannous and Val Rannous)

Hot Burrito #1 -- The Flying Burrito Brothers (Marco)

T.V. Eye -- The Stooges (Rockaction)

(Don't Go Back to) Rockville -- R.E.M. (Krista4 and Simey)

You Ain't Going Nowhere -- The Byrds (Simey)

California Soul -- Marlena Shaw (Neal Cassady)

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around -- Stevie Nicks with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Just Win Baby)

Dead Roots Stirring -- Elder (Manster)

We're an American Band -- Grand Funk Railroad (AAABatteries and Uruk-Hai)

My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) -- David Ruffin (Eephus)

Ridin' the Storm Out -- REO Speedwagon (Binky)

Show Me How to Live -- Audioslave (Just Win Baby)

Hold On -- Alabama Shakes (Simsarge)

Africa -- Toto (Chaz)

Knocks Me Off My Feet -- Stevie Wonder (Hov34)

Feeling Good -- Nina Simone (Don Quixote)

Regulate -- Warren G. ft. Nate Dogg (Ilov80s)

Paradise by the Dashboard Light -- Meat Loaf (Val Rannous and Yankee23Fan)

My Favorite Things -- John Coltrane (Neal Cassady)

End of the Day -- Beck (KarmaPolice)
Weird Ways -- Strand of Oaks (Eephus)

Late in the Evening -- Paul Simon (jwb)

Snail -- Smashing Pumpkins (KarmaPolice)

I Am the Highway -- Audioslave (MAC 32)

Werewolves of London -- Warren Zevon (Landryshat)

The King of Carrot Flowers, pt. 1 -- Neutral Milk Hotel (Marco)

Tighten Up -- The Black Keys (Falguy)

More than a Feeling -- Boston (AAABatteries, Yankee23Fan and Zegras11)

Unchained Melody -- The Righteous Brothers (Chaz)

Who's Behind the Door? -- Zebra (Doug B)

I Was Made to Love Her -- Stevie Wonder (Uruk-Hai)

Grandma's Hands -- Bill Withers (Landryshat)

Ain't No Mountain High Enough -- Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell (Ilov80s)

Hitch a Ride -- Boston (Hov34)
Love Child -- Diana Ross and the Supremes (Simsarge)

The Seven Rays -- Utopia (Binky)

The Day I Tried to Live -- Soundgarden (KarmaPolice)

Best of My Love -- The Emotions (Ditkaburgers)

Because the Night -- Patti Smith (Simsarge)

A History of Bad Men -- Melvins (Manster)

Simple Twist of Fate -- Bob Dylan (Eephus and Neal Cassady)

Shelter from the Storm -- Bob Dylan (Shuke)

You Can't Hurry Love -- The Supremes (AAABatteries, Don Quixote and Simsarge)

Words -- Missing Persons (Zegras11)

Cool Jerk -- The Go-Go's (Simsarge)

I Got Mine -- The Black Keys (Hov34)

Lazy Eye -- Silversun Pickups (Hov 34 and Shuke)

Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town -- Pearl Jam (Hawks64)

Lawyers, Guns and Money -- Warren Zevon (DrIanMalcolm)

Hound Dog (single version) -- Big Mama Thornton (Don Quixote)
Jolene -- Dolly Parton (Don Quixote, Ilov80s and Uruk-Hai)

The Sound of Silence -- Simon and Garfunkel (Val Rannous and Zegras11)

Edge of Seventeen -- Stevie Nicks (Chaz)

Everyday -- Buddy Holly and the Crickets (OH)

Baby Love -- The Supremes (Ilov80s)

Southern Nights -- Allen Toussaint (Doug B)

I Apologize -- Husker Du (OH)

You Get What You Give -- New Radicals (Eephus and Shuke)

Begin the Begin -- R.E.M. (DrIanMalcolm)

Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner -- Warren Zevon (Don Quixote)

Glorified G -- Pearl Jam (Sullie)

Pieces -- Dinosaur Jr. (KarmaPolice)

The Boy with the Perpetual Nervousness -- The Feelies (Worrierking)

Walk This Way -- Run D.M.C. ft. Aerosmith (Hawks64)

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea -- Neutral Milk Hotel (Scorchy)

I'm Not Crying, Karl -- The Karl Hendricks Rock Band (OH)

China Grove -- The Doobie Brothers (Mrs. Rannous and Val Rannous)

Love Will Keep Us Together -- The Captain & Tennille (Simsarge)

Running Up That Hill -- Meg Myers (Zegras11)

Paper in Fire -- John Mellencamp (Mrs. Rannous and Val Rannous)

Return of the Grievous Angel -- Gram Parsons (Doc Oc, Krista4, OH and Simey)

Excitable Boy -- Warren Zevon (jwb)

Rainy Day Women, #12 & #35 -- Bob Dylan (Rockaction)
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Part 3:


Black Hole Sun -- Soundgarden (Sullie)

Bye Bye Love -- The Everly Brothers (Rockaction)

My Hero -- Foo Fighters (Yankee23Fan)

Colors -- Beck (Binky)

Fury -- Prince (Binky)

Hard to Handle -- The Black Crowes (MAC 32)

The Breakup Song -- Greg Kihn Band (Doug B)

Mannish Boy -- Muddy Waters (Eephus)

At Last -- Etta James (Don Quixote)

Angel from Montgomery -- Bonnie Raitt (Binky)

Angel from Montgomery -- John Prine (Landryshat and Worrierking)

Doo *** (That Thing) -- Lauryn Hill (DrIanMalcolm)

September -- Earth, Wind and Fire (Ditkaburgers, Doc Oc and Ilov80s)

Sick of Myself -- Matthew Sweet (Marco)

Hey Nineteen -- Steely Dan (jwb)

A Good Idea -- Sugar (Marco)

Ain't That Nothin' -- Television (Landryshat)

Willin' -- Little Feat (Worrierking)

Come Together -- MC5 (Rockaction)

One Fine Day -- The Chiffons (Uruk-Hai)

Mayonaise -- Smashing Pumpkins (Scorchy)

**** and Run -- Liz Phair (Scorchy)

Take Me With U -- Prince (Hov34 and Simey)

We Got the Beat -- The GoGos (Rockaction and Zegras11)

Blank Generation -- Richard Hell (Eephus)

Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye) -- Gladys Knight & The Pips (Eephus)

Waiting Room -- Fugazi (Neal Cassady, Scorchy and Shuke)

I Second That Emotion -- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (Rockaction)

10 AM Automatic -- The Black Keys (KarmaPolice)

Wildflowers -- Tom Petty (Just Win Baby)

Private Dancer -- Tina Turner (Doug B)

Left of the Dial -- The Replacements (Scorchy)

Touch the Sky -- Black Pumas (Hawks64)

The Rat -- The Walkmen (Rockaction)

The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love) -- Journey (Doug B)

Jesus of Suburbia -- Green Day (Ditkaburgers)

Tumbling Dice -- Linda Ronstadt (Simsarge)

Baby Love -- Mother's Finest (Simey)

Righteously -- Lucinda Williams (Simsarge)

Divorce Song -- Liz Phair (Marco)

Welcome to My Nightmare -- Alice Cooper (jwb)

Witchy Woman -- The Eagles (jwb)

Good Times Roll -- The Cars (Marco)

And the Beat Goes On -- The Whispers (Doug B)

That's How Strong My Love Is -- Otis Redding (Hov34 and Uruk-Hai)

The Way -- Fastball (Ditkaburgers)

Alex Chilton -- The Replacements (Worrierking)

Memorial -- Explosions in the Sky (Rockaction)

We're the Same -- Matthew Sweet (Ditkaburgers)

Gentle on My Mind -- Glen Campbell (Simey)

What's Love Got to Do With It -- Tina Turner (DrIanMalcolm)

Pieces of a Man -- Gil Scott-Heron (Neal Cassady)

The Wall -- Johnny Cash (Rockaction)

Bohemian Like You -- The Dandy Warhols (Scorchy)

This Ol' Cowboy -- Marshall Tucker Band (Shuke)

All Too Well (Taylor's Version) -- Taylor Swift (Don Quixote)

Extraordinary -- Liz Phair (Simsarge)

Keep It Comin' Love -- KC and the Sunshine Band (jwb)

Garden -- Pearl Jam (Hawks64)

Until the Night -- Billy Joel (Yankee23Fan)

Cover Me -- Percy Sledge (Simey)

Colder Weather -- Zac Brown Band (MAC 32)

Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) -- Looking Glass (Falguy)

Taneytown -- Steve Earle (Worrierking)

My Autumn's Done Come -- Lee Hazlewood (Marco)

Albatross -- Corrosion of Conformity (Manster)

Homeward Bound -- Simon & Garfunkel (Simey)

Reflections -- The Supremes (Binky)

Don't Follow -- Alice in Chains (Manster)

Black Myself -- Amythyst Kiah (DrIanMalcolm)

Carry Me Ohio -- Sun Kil Moon (Shuke)

Basket Case -- Green Day (Zegras11)

The Pretender -- Foo Fighters (MAC 32)

Last Cup of Sorrow -- Faith No More (Manster)

Minnie the Moocher -- Cab Calloway (Uruk-Hai)

Veteran of the Psychic Wars -- Blue Oyster Cult (Val Rannous)

I've Been Riding with the Ghost -- Songs: Ohia (Krista4)

The Needle and the Spoon -- Lynyrd Skynyrd (Binky)

The Thrill Is Gone -- B.B. King (Uruk-Hai)

The Love You Save -- The Jacksons (Binky and Doc Oc)

You Got Lucky -- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Just Win Baby)

Simple Man -- Lynyrd Skynyrd (Ilov80s)

Someone to Watch Over Me -- Ella Fitzgerald (DrIanMalcolm)

Don't Leave Me This Way -- Thelma Houston (Simey)

Mental Hopscotch -- Missing Persons (Zegras11)

Paris (Ooh La La) -- Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (Simsarge)

Nightswimming -- R.E.M. (Eephus and Scorchy)

Damn Good -- David Lee Roth (Sullie)

Wake Up Time -- Tom Petty (Worrierking)

Scarborough Fair/Canticle -- Simon and Garfunkel (Ilov80s)

So. Central Rain -- R.E.M. (Falguy)

Power of Two -- Indigo Girls (Simsarge)

Take Your Time (Do It Right) -- The S.O.S. Band (Ditkaburgers)

Tear Stained Eye -- Son Volt (Scorchy)

Graceland -- Paul Simon (AAABatteries)

Selfless, Cold and Composed -- Ben Folds Five (Hov34)

Eyes of the World -- The Grateful Dead (Shuke)

All These Things That I've Done -- The Killers (Hov34)

Keep Me in Your Heart -- Warren Zevon (Mrs. Rannous and Val Rannous)

Everybody Hurts -- R.E.M. (Chaz)
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Part 4:


Friend of a Friend -- Foo Fighters (Just Win Baby)

The Gambler -- Kenny Rogers (Yankee23Fan)

Sentimental Lady -- Bob Welch (Doug B)

Chicago -- Sufjan Stevens (Ilov80s)

Bat Out of Hell -- Meat Loaf (Falguy)

The Boxer -- Simon & Garfunkel (AAABatteries, Chaz, DrIanMalcolm, Falguy, Yankee23Fan and Zegras11)

Colors -- Black Pumas (Hawks64)

The Woman in You -- Ben Harper (Manster)

Godzilla -- Blue Oyster Cult (Sullie)

House of Jealous Lovers -- The Rapture (Rockaction)

Give Me the Night -- George Benson (Eephus)

Holy Ghost -- The Bar-Kays (Doug B)

Fever -- Little Willie John (Uruk-Hai)

Fever -- Peggy Lee (Simsarge)

Can't Truss It -- Public Enemy (OH)

Off He Goes -- Pearl Jam (Manster)

The Warmth -- Incubus (Just Win Baby)

All These Things That I've Done -- The Killlers (Hov34)

The Humpty Dance -- Digital Underground (Eephus)

Moonlight Feels Right -- Starbuck (jwb)

She Talks to Angels -- The Black Crowes (Mrs. Rannous)

Methamphetamine -- Son Volt (Worrierking)

Heavy Is the Head -- Zac Brown Band ft. Chris Cornell (Hawks64)

Right Next Door -- Robert Cray (Worrierking)

Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers -- ZZ Top (Doc Oc)

Windy -- The Association (Zegras11)

I Killed Robert Johnson -- The Stone Foxes (Hawks64)

If I Needed You -- Townes Van Zandt (Krista4 and Simey)

Burning -- King Buffalo (Manster)

Mack the Knife (live) -- Ella Fitzgerald (jwb)

Mercury Blues -- David Lindley (Worrierking)

Who Does She Hope to Be? -- Sonny Sharrock (OH)

Luckenbach Texas -- Waylon Jennings (Uruk-Hai)

The Beautiful Ones -- Prince (Krista4)

Mack the Knife -- Bobby Darin (Falguy)

California Love -- 2Pac with Dr. Dre and Roger Trautman (Just Win Baby)

Can't Help Falling in Love -- Elvis Presley (Falguy)

I Hate Myself for Loving You -- Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (Ditkaburgers)

Hazy Shade of Winter -- The Bangles (Zegras11)

Lover I Don't Have to Love -- Bright Eyes (Scorchy)

Blonde on Blonde -- Nada Surf (Rockaction)

Stand by Me -- Ben E. King (Falguy and Ilov80s)

Killing Me Softly -- Roberta Flack (Simey)

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind -- Ray Charles (Simey)
Mistral Wind -- Heart (Simsarge)

Love Alive -- Heart (Doug B)

Summertime -- Billy Stewart (Uruk-Hai)

Waltz #2 -- Elliott Smith (Krista4 and Marco)

Young Hearts Run Free -- Candi Staton (Doug B)

The Silence -- Manchester Orchestra (MAC 32 and Manster)

Dixie Chicken -- Little Feat (Doc Oc)

No Diggity -- Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre and Queen Pen (DrIanMalcolm)

Miuzi Weighs a Ton -- Public Enemy (Doug B)

Rhapsody in Blue -- George Gershwin (Don Quixote)

Fanfare for the Common Man -- Aaron Copland (Don Quixote)

Killing Floor -- Howlin' Wolf (DrIanMalcolm)

Wall of Denial -- Stevie Ray Vaughn (Sullie)

Hollywood Nights -- Bob Seger (Hov34)

Lorelei -- Styx (Zegras11)

I Cover the Waterfront -- John Lee Hooker (DrIanMalcolm)

Decoration Day -- Drive-by Truckers (Worrierking)

Desperadoes Under the Eaves -- Warren Zevon (Worrierking)

No More No More -- Aerosmith (Hawks64)

Miami 2017 -- Billy Joel (Yankee23Fan)

Lungs -- Townes Van Zandt (OH)
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) -- The Deftones (KarmaPolice)

Political Science -- Randy Newman (Worrierking)

Tuesday's Gone -- Lynyrd Skynyrd (Doc Oc, jwb, Shuke and Val Rannous)

Gravity's Gone -- Drive-by Truckers (Doc Oc)

Since You're Gone -- The Cars (jwb)

Deep Red Bells -- Neko Case (Marco)

I Walk the Line -- Johnny Cash (Yankee23Fan)

Les Filles de la Ville -- Wayne Toups (Doug B)

Heart Cooks Brain -- Modest Mouse (Manster)

Lady Marmalade -- Pink, Mya, Little Kim and Christina Aguilera (Val Rannous)

We Are Young -- fun. ft. Janelle Monae (Chaz)

99 Problems -- Jay-Z (MAC 32)

Rosa Parks -- OutKast (MAC 32)

God's Gonna Cut You Down -- Johnny Cash (Mrs. Rannous)

For Once In My Life -- Stevie Wonder (Zegras11)

Get It While You Can -- Howard Tate (Landryshat)

Fine Fine Day -- Tony Carey (Doug B)

Check It Out -- John Mellencamp (Doug B)

I Against I -- Bad Brains (Eephus)

Precious Stones -- Mastodon (KarmaPolice)

Get the Lead Out -- Aerosmith (Sullie)

In the Mood -- Glenn Miller (Uruk-Hai)

I Only Have Eyes for You -- The Flamingos (Ilov80s)

I'd Rather Go Blind -- Etta James (Simey)

Black Smoke Rising -- Greta Van Fleet (Hawks64)

Motion Sickness -- Phoebe Bridgers (KarmaPolice)

New York Kiss -- Spoon (Rockaction)

Persecutor -- Floater (Manster)

Danko/Manuel -- Drive-by Truckers (Hov34)

Champagne Problems -- Taylor Swift (Chaz)

Gulf Shores -- Palace Music (OH)

Cold Shot -- Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble (Just Win Baby)

The Thunder Rolls -- Garth Brooks (Yankee23Fan)

Let the Tears Roll Down -- Marcia Ball (Simsarge)

Veracruz -- Warren Zevon (Mrs. Rannous)
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Part 5:


For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her -- Simon and Garfunkel (Rockaction)

Shake Some Action -- The Flamin' Groovies (Eephus)

Ramblin' Man -- The Allman Brothers Band (AAABatteries)

Mrs. Robinson -- Simon & Garfunkel (Zegras11)

Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) -- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (Doc Oc)

It's Expected I'm Gone -- The Minutemen (OH)

I'm a King Bee -- The Stone Foxes (Hawks64)

Freak Scene -- Dinosaur Jr. (Scorchy)

American Theatric -- Floater (Manster)

Candyman -- Christina Aguilera (Val Rannous)

Fantastic Voyage -- Coolio (Ditkaburgers)

AI No Corrida -- Quincy Jones (Doug B)

Spirit in the Night -- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (jwb)

Step By Step -- Eddie Rabbit (Doug B)

Pristine -- Snail Mail (KarmaPolice)

Tennessee Whiskey -- Chris Stapleton (Falguy)

You Keep Me Hangin' On -- Vanilla Fudge (Binky and Shuke)

Winners and Losers -- Social Distortion (Worrierking)

Crackerman -- Stone Temple Pilots (Sullie)

Under the Pressure -- The War on Drugs (Shuke)

Shine -- Dolly Parton (Mrs. Rannous)

Cat's in the Cradle -- Harry Chapin (Chaz, Falguy and Yankee23Fan)

ZZZ Top -- Aesop Rock (Rockaction)

Manic Monday -- The Bangles (Simsarge)

Mama Tried -- Merle Haggard (Doc Oc and Uruk-Hai)

Lose Yourself -- Eminem (Chaz and Yankee23Fan)

Humbug Mountain Song -- Fruit Bats (Shuke)

In Praise of Bacchus -- Type O Negative (Manster)

City of New Orleans -- Willie Nelson (Simey)

If I Had a Boat -- Lyle Lovett (Krista4, Landryshat and Worrierking)

You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive -- Patty Loveless (DrIanMalcolm)

She Sheila -- The Producers (Doug B)

Hitchin' a Ride -- Green Day (MAC 32)

Heavy Metal -- Sammy Hagar (Sullie)

Pyretta Blaze -- Type O Negative (Manster)

The Boy in the Bubble -- Paul Simon (Worrierking)

Suite Madame Blue -- Styx (Zegras11)

Take Me Away -- Blue Oyster Cult (jwb)

History Lesson -- Part II -- The Minutemen (Scorchy)

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) -- Nancy Sinatra (Simsarge)

Philosophy -- Ben Folds Five (KarmaPolice)

4th of July -- Aimee Mann (Eephus)

Obvious Child -- Paul Simon (Mrs. Rannous)

Low -- Cracker (Ilov80s)

Sunny Came Home -- Shawn Colvin (Simsarge)

Portions for Foxes -- Rilo Kiley (Scorchy)

Romeo Is Bleeding -- Hall & Oates (Sullie)

Darkness on the Edge of Town -- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (Worrierking)

Bootzilla -- Bootsy Collins (Uruk-Hai)

Stars -- Hum (Landryshat)

Keith & Donna -- Futurebirds (Landryshat)

(I'm Gonna) Write Me a Letter -- The Bassholes (OH)

Red Eyes -- The War on Drugs (Worrierking)

I Heard It on the X -- ZZ Top (OH)

Satellite -- Guster (Hov34)

Don't Back Down -- Mammoth WVH (Sullie)

Midnight Train -- Buddy Guy and Johnny Lang (Sullie)

Screwdriver -- The White Stripes (Rockaction)

Lost Verses -- Sun Kil Moon (KarmaPolice)

Bury Me Deep -- Poi Dog Pondering (Neal Cassady)

Holiday -- Green Day (Zegras11)

Dulcimer Stomp/The Other Side -- Aerosmith (Val Rannous)

Lonesome, On'ry and Mean -- Waylon Jennings (Landryshat)

Always On My Mind -- Willie Nelson (Chaz)

I've Got to Use My Imagination -- Gladys Knight & The Pips (Uruk-Hai)

Comfy in Nautica -- Panda Bear (Rockaction)

Creep -- TLC (Eephus)

Summertime -- Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (Don Quixote, Ilov80s and Neal Cassady)

The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) -- Nat King Cole (AAABatteries)

When I Go Deaf -- Low (OH)

Kozmic Blues -- Janis Joplin (Ilov80s)

You -- The Cold (Doug B)

Look What You've Done to Me -- Boz Scaggs (Doug B)

Fake French -- Le Tigre (Scorchy)

Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In -- The 5th Dimension (Simey)

Keep on Loving You -- REO Speedwagon (jwb)

I Do -- Lisa Loeb (Simsarge)

Lord Only Knows -- Beck (Doc Oc)

The Underdog -- Spoon (Doc Oc)

I Summon You -- Spoon (Hov34)

Cure for Pain -- Morphine (Landryshat)

All This and More -- Dead Boys (Rockaction)

A Long Time Ago -- Jim Croce (Mrs. Rannous)

Black Cloud -- Heartless Bastards (Shuke)

Our Anniversary -- Smog (OH)

Until You Came Along -- Golden Smog (Uruk-Hai)

Spottieottiedopealicious -- OutKast (Ilov80s)

Constellations -- Jack Johnson, Eddie Vedder and Kawika Kahiapo (Hawks64)

Preacherman -- Melody Gardot (Simsarge)

Red-Headed Stranger -- Willie Nelson (OH)

Grow into a Ghost -- Swearin' (KarmaPolice)

I Don't Want to Go Home -- Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes (Doc Oc)

Mother Blues -- Ray Wylie Hubbard (Worrierking)

Forgot About Dre -- Dr. Dre ft. Eminem (Ditkaburgers)

Turtles All the Way Down -- Sturgill Simpson (Hov34 and Worrierking)

She's Got You -- Patsy Cline (Uruk-Hai)

I Left My Heart in San Francisco -- Bobby Womack (Eephus)

Bottom of the River -- Delta Rae (Val Rannous)

Misled -- Kool & the Gang (Doug B)

B.O.B. -- OutKast (KarmaPolice)

Thumb -- Kyuss (Manster)

Sweet Home Alabama -- Lynyrd Skynyrd (Yankee23Fan)

Incense and Peppermints -- The Strawberry Alarm Clock (Binky)
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Part 6:


Cheyenne Anthem -- Kansas (Mrs. Rannous)

Hypnotize -- Notorious B.I.G. (Scorchy)

St. Louis Elegy -- Mark Lanegan (Manster)

The Saint of Lost Causes -- Justin Townes Earle (Doc Oc)

Electric Relaxation -- A Tribe Called Quest (KarmaPolice)

Tell Me What You Dream -- Restless Heart (Doug B)

Midnight Show -- The Killers (Rockaction)

Don't Swallow the Cap -- The National (KarmaPolice)

All My Happiness Is Gone -- Purple Mountains (Marco)

Angel Eyes -- Willis Alan Ramsey (Krista4)

Shake That -- Eminen ft. Nate Dogg (MAC 32)

It Was a Good Day -- Ice Cube (Ilov80s and KarmaPolice)

Flying in a Blue Dream -- Joe Satriani (Sullie)

Sheep Go to Heaven -- Cake (Manster)

Don't Come Around Here No More -- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Mrs. Rannous)

Lookin' Out My Back Door -- Creedence Clearwater Revival (Falguy)

Strange Religion -- Mark Lanegan (Manster)

Real Wild Child -- Iggy Pop (Mrs. Rannous)

Staring at the Sun -- TV on the Radio (Marco)

I Will Always Love You -- Whitney Houston (Yankee23Fan)

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant -- Billy Joel (Yankee23Fan)

The Way You Look Tonight -- Frank Sinatra (AAABatteries)

So What Cha Want -- Beastie Boys (MAC 32)

Faces -- Night Ranger (Sullie)

Livin' on a Prayer -- Bon Jovi (Yankee23Fan)

Sweetheart -- Frankie and the Knockouts (Doug B)

Barefootin' -- Robert Parker (Uruk-Hai)

Sad Professor -- R.E.M. (Marco)

Someday Never Comes -- Creedence Clearwater Revival (OH)

Time to Pretend -- MGMT (Scorchy)

The Funeral -- Band of Horses (Shuke)

Born to Run -- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (Falguy, Ilov80s and Marco)

Crazy in Love -- Beyonce ft. Jay-Z (Don Quixote)

Goodbye -- Emmylou Harris (Eephus and Hov34)

24 Frames -- Jason Isbell (Doc Oc)

Cliffs of Dover -- Eric Johnson (Sullie)

Sweet Caroline -- Neil Diamond (AAABatteries and Chaz)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas -- Judy Garland (Ilov80s)

Walt Grace's Submarine Test, 1967 -- John Mayer (Hawks64)

Out of Touch -- Hall & Oates (Ditkaburgers)

If You Don't Want Me To -- Ronnie Milsap (Doug B)

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out -- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (DrIanMalcolm)

Borderline -- Madonna (jwb)

Electric Youth -- Debbie Gibson (Ditkaburgers)

Wake Up Dead -- Megadeth (Sullie)

Boys of Summer -- Don Henley (Falguy, Ilov80s and Yankee23Fan)

Mr. Brightside -- The Killers (Chaz)

Authority Song -- John Cougar Mellencamp (MAC 32)

Jack and Diane -- John Cougar Mellencamp (Hawks64 and Yankee23Fan)

Magic -- The Cars (Ditkaburgers and Mrs. Rannous)
Dance in the Graveyards -- Delta Rae (Mrs. Rannous)

Yeah! -- Usher ft. Lil' Jon and Ludacris (Chaz)

Nick of Time -- Bonnie Raitt (Simsarge)

The Warrior -- Patty Smyth & Scandal (Simsarge)

Inside My Head -- The Connells (Just Win Baby)

Beyond -- Leon Bridges (Hov34)

Rock Me on the Water -- Jackson Browne (Worrierking)

One More Hour -- Sleater-Kinney (KarmaPolice)

Irreplaceable -- Beyonce (DrIanMalcolm)

Livin' on the Edge -- Aerosmith (MAC 32)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun -- Cyndi Lauper (Ilove80s)

What About Us -- Pink (Mrs. Rannous and Yankee23Fan)

I Will Go With You -- Donna Summer (Mrs. Rannous)

Truth Hurts -- Lizzo (DrIanMalcolm)

Wildfire -- John Mayer (Hawks64)

A Report to the Shareholders -- Run the Jewels (Rockaction)

Not Ready to Make Nice -- The Chicks (Chaz)

Boston -- Kenny Chesney (Hawks64)

In the End -- Linkin Park (Just Win Baby)

Try - Pink (Falguy)

1 Thing -- Amerie (Eephus)

Leader of the Band -- Dan Fogelberg (Falguy)

Groundhog's Day -- Primus (KarmaPolice)

Los Angeles -- X (Zegras11)

It Was a Very Good Year -- Frank Sinatra (Just Win Baby)

Please Don't Bury Me -- John Prine (Simey)

Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey -- John Mayer (Hawks64)

Chaos Streams -- Son Volt (Shuke)

You've Got a Friend in Me -- Randy Newman (AAABatteries)

The Difficult Kind -- Sheryl Crow (Hov34)

Take It Easy -- The Eagles (AAABatteries)

American Pie -- Don McLean (Chaz, Falguy, Val Rannous and Zegras11)

The Way I Am -- Ingrid Michaelson (Simsarge)

Adelaide -- Meg Myers (Zegras11)

Avenues & Alleyways -- Rancid (MAC 32)

All Her Favorite Fruit -- Camper Van Beethoven (Neal Cassady)

Lonely Town -- Brandon Flowers (Ditkaburgers)

Drive -- The Cars (Doug B and Falguy)

Goodnight -- Melissa Etheridge (Simsarge)

Your Little Hoodrat Friend -- The Hold Steady (Scorchy)

Leaving on a Jet Plane -- John Denver (Mrs. Rannous)

No Sleep Till Brooklyn -- Beastie Boys (Just Win Baby)

If I Ruled the World -- Nas ft. Lauryn Hill (Scorchy)

Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young -- Fire Inc. (Mrs. Rannous and Val Rannous)

L.A. Freeway -- Guy Clark (Worrierking)

Better Together -- Jack Johnson and Paula Fuga (Hawks64)

Knoxville Girl -- The Louvin Brothers (OH)

Let There Be Rock -- Drive-by Truckers (Scorchy)

Mystery -- Wipers (OH)
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Part 7:

701 to the end:

Monsters -- Band of Horses (Landryshat)

The World I Know -- Collective Soul (Falguy)
Unbelievers -- Vampire Weekend (Hov34)

The Fitted Shirt -- Spoon (Landryshat)

Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Fire) -- Meatloaf (Mrs. Rannous)

He Still Loves Me -- Beyonce and Walter Williams Sr. (Just Win Baby)

Shelter -- Ray Lamontagne (Neal Cassady)

In the Ghetto -- Elvis Presley (MAC 32)

White Christmas -- Bing Crosby (AAABatteries)

Come Pick Me Up -- Ryan Adams (Doc Oc)

Can't Hardly Wait -- The Replacements (Doc Oc)

Exiled -- Floater (Manster)

Smooth Criminal -- Alien Ant Farm (Mrs. Rannous)

That's All There Is -- Nina Natasia (OH)

Bullet in the Head -- Rage Against the Machine (MAC 32)

Small World -- Huey Lewis and the News (Sullie)

Welcome to the Black Parade -- My Chemical Romance (Ditkaburgers and Scorchy)

The Hungry Wolf -- X (Neal Cassady)

Summer Babe (Winter Version) -- Pavement (Marco and Scorchy)

Tear in Your Hand -- Tori Amos (KarmaPolice)

Desperado -- The Eagles (Yankee23Fan)

Mr. Jones -- Counting Crows (Chaz)

The Mountain -- Dierks Bentley (Hawks64)

Come Heroine -- Touche Amore (Rockaction)

Cats Under the Stars -- Jerry Garcia Band (Shuke)

Get Back -- Ludacris (MAC 32)

My Name Is Jonas -- Weezer (Rockaction)

Kentucky Rain -- Elvis Presley (Uruk-Hai)

Box of Rain -- The Grateful Dead (jwb)

The Golden State -- John Doe (Eephus)

Danny's Song -- Loggins and Messina (MAC 32)

Piano Man -- Billy Joel (Falguy and Val Rannous)

Superstar -- The Carpenters (Zegras11)

If You Don't Love Me (I'll Kill Myself) -- Pete Droge (Worrierking)

He Went to Paris -- Jimmy Buffett (Simey)

Ticket to Ride -- The Carpenters (Simsarge)

16 Tons -- Tennessee Ernie Ford (Val Rannous)

Still D.R.E. -- Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg (Hawks64)

Clay Pigeons -- Blaze Foley (Landryshat)

The Devil Is All Around -- Shovels and Rope (Landryshat)

Sometime Around Midnight -- Airborne Toxic Event (Shuke)

New Light -- John Mayer (Hawks64)

Ripple -- The Grateful Dead (Simey)

Come Monday -- Jimmy Buffett (Yankee23Fan)

Nine in the Afternoon -- Panic! at the Disco (Chaz)

Margaritaville -- Jimmy Buffett (Falguy)

I Sold My Heart to the Junkman -- Dinah Washington (Simsarge)

Hip Hop -- Mos Def (Rockaction)

Legend Has It -- Run the Jewels (KarmaPolice)

Love on the Weekend -- John Mayer (Hawks64)

We Can't Make It Here -- James McMurtry (Worrierking)

Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT -- Kix (Sullie)

The Real Slim Shady -- Eminem (Hawks64)

(You Drive Me) Crazy (Stop Remix) -- Britney Spears (Ditkaburgers)

Bad Seamstress Blues/Fallin' Apart at the Seams -- Cinderella (Sullie)

Heaven's Trail (No Way Out) -- Tesla (Sullie)

Walkin' Shoes -- Tora Tora (Sullie)

Nights Like These -- Lucero (Landryshat)

Crossing a Line -- Mike Shinoda (Just Win Baby)

The King of the World -- Bob Schneider (Just Win Baby)

Galveston -- Glen Campbell (Mrs. Rannous)

Cemetery Gates -- Pantera (Manster)
Brokedown Palace -- The Grateful Dead (Rockaction)

Dead Slate Pacific -- John Vanderslice (Marco)
Uncle Tom's Cabin -- Warrant (Sullie)

Brand New Love -- Sebadoh (Marco)

Trailer Trash -- Modest Mouse (Marco)

Twilight Creeps -- Crooked Fingers (Krista4)

I Wanna Dance with Somebody -- Whitney Houston (Ilov80s and Simsarge)
Burning Man -- Dierks Bentley and Brothers Osborne (Hawks64)

My Way -- Frank Sinatra (MAC 32 and Yankee23Fan)

Tip of My Tongue -- Kenny Chesney (Hawks64)

American Kids -- Kenny Chesney (Hawks64 and MAC 32)

In Spite of Ourselves -- John Prine with Iris Dement (Scorchy)

Eternal Flame -- The Bangles (Val Rannous)

How Will I Know -- Whitney Houston (Ditkaburgers)

Shake Your Rump -- Beastie Boys (KarmaPolice and Rockaction)

Foolish Heart -- Steve Perry (Sullie)

Jungleland -- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (MAC 32)
I 2 I -- Tevin Campbell (Ditkaburgers)

Firework -- Katy Perry (Mrs. Rannous)

One Day in Your Life (European Edit) -- Anastacia (Ditkaburgers)

My Mind Is for Sale -- Jack Johnson (Hawks64)

Hungry Eyes -- Eric Carmen (Ditkaburgers)

All I Know -- Art Garfunkel (Eephus)

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother -- Neil Diamond (Falguy)

Slow Show -- The National (Eephus)

Beautiful Drug -- Zac Brown Band (Hawks64)

Breathe -- Michelle Branch (Ditkaburgers)

Ashokan Farewell -- Jay Ungar (Don Quixote)

I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground -- Bascom Lamar Lundford (OH)

A Pirate Looks at Forty -- Jimmy Buffet (Just Win Baby)

How Great Thou Art -- Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill (Yankee23Fan)

Sing for the Moment -- Eminem (Hawks64)

Friends in Low Places -- Garth Brooks (Yankee23Fan)

The Coo Coo Bird -- Clarence Ashley (OH)

The End's Not Near -- The New Year (OH)

So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings -- Caroline Polachek (Ditkaburgers)
My Song 5 (Remix) -- HAIM ft. A$AP Ferg (Ditkaburgers)

Come Down -- Anderson.Paak (Hov34)

Sink, Florida, Sink -- Against Me! (Scorchy)

La Isla Bonita -- Madonna (Simsarge)

My Secret -- New Edition (Ditkaburgers)

Here Comes a Regular -- The Replacements (Just Win Baby)

Walk on Water -- Eminem ft. Beyonce (Hawks64)

Killing in the Name -- Rage Against the Machine (Just Win Baby)

Touch of Grey -- The Grateful Dead (AAABatteries)

Bar Ice -- Silkworm (OH)

Glory Days -- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (Chaz)

Runaway -- Kanye West (Chaz and Rockaction)

Anemone -- The Brian Jonestown Massacre (Neal Cassady)

Sweetness -- Jimmy Eat World (Ditkaburgers)

I Won't Hold You Back -- Toto (Doug B)

I Took a Pill in Ibiza (Seeb Remix) -- Mike Posner (Chaz)

Annie's Song -- John Denver (Chaz and Val Rannous)

Jam On It -- Newcleus (Doug B)

Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against the Wall) -- Mystikal ft. Pharrel Williams (Eephus)

Blow the Whistle -- Too Short (Ditkaburgers)

Mardi Gras -- Dierks Bentley and Trombone Shorty (Hawks64)

No Children -- The Mountain Goats (Scorchy)

Iris -- Goo Goo Dolls (Chaz)

Lose Control -- Missy Elliott ft. Ciara and Fat Man Scoop (Ditkaburgers)

Got Your Money -- Ol' Dirty ******* ft. Kelis (Scorchy)

Badfish -- Sublime (Manster)

Ordinary Average Guy -- Joe Walsh (Sullie)

Shape of My Heart -- Backstreet Boys (Ditkaburgers)

The Last Resort -- The Eagles (Falguy)

To Be With You -- Mr. Big (Hawks64)

One Love (Song of the Lion) -- Pat Benatar (Simsarge)

Tell Me When to Go -- E-40 ft. Keak Da Sneak (Ditkaburgers)

Thunder Road -- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (AAABatteries, JustWinBaby and Yankee23Fan)

Uncle John's Band -- The Grateful Dead (Doc Oc)

Oh Mandy -- Spinto Band (Shuke)

Cue the Strings -- Low (Marco)

Brilliant Disguise -- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (Eephus)

O Come to the Altar -- Elevation Worship (Yankee23Fan)

Train Song -- Tom Waits (Neal Cassady)

Shore Leave -- Tom Waits (Neal Cassady)
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Had we gone to a top 50, these songs not named on any list would have made my 37-50 group:

37. Forever (1994), from Welcome to the Cruel World - Ben Harper
38. The Luckiest (2001), from Rockin' the Suburbs - Ben Folds
39. The Rose (1980), from The RoseBette Midler
40. (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay (1968), from The Dock of the BayOtis Redding
41. A Lifetime (2005), from Before the RobotsBetter Than Ezra
42. I Miss You (2004), from Blink-182Blink-182
43. Shimmer (1998), from SunburnFuel
44. Blow Up the Outside World (1996), from Down on the UpsideSoundgarden
45. Sex Type Thing (1993), from CoreStone Temple Pilots
46. All You Zombies (1985), from Nervous NightHooters
47. Blue Collar Man (1978), from Pieces of EightStyx
48. Crazy for You (1985), from Vision QuestMadonna
49. We Die Young (1990), from We Die YoungAlice in Chains
50. Men in Black (1997), from Big Willie StyleWill Smith

I think I could have easily created a top 100, but I had a top 50-ish list when I got done sorting out my top 36, so this is about where I stopped.
I was going to say that the most shocking part of this was 5 different John Mayer songs selected. Then I just noticed they were all from one person.

@Hawks64 what's the story here?
John Mayer is amazing, and top 3 for me all time, and those are by far my favorite songs of his. I'll do a write-up sometime this weekend but the way I approached this was different than most. I didn't care to have 1 song from 31 artists, I wanted my 31 favorite songs, so if that was multiple per artist I was totally fine with it.

I love what Mayer has brought to Dead and Company. Have you ever seen them live? I've never seen you in the Grateful Dead thread.
Definitely want to see them, with him, but most likely have missed that window.

Not a huge fan of the Dead but love pretty much all jam bands. Have a couple of buddies that are big into Umph, Phish, Dead.

They have one tour left this summer. Make it happen. Here's an example of what you're missing.
Probably will try and make this happen.

The following are the counts for each selector in terms of songs on their list to make the consensus top 10:

Pip's Invitation: 5
krista4: 5
AAABatteries: 5

The Dreaded Marco: 4
neal cassady: 4

Oliver Humanzee: 3
DrIanMalcolm: 3
Chaz McNulty: 3
simey: 3
landrys hat: 3

Zegras11: 2
rockaction: 2
shuke: 2
Don Quixote: 2
Hov34: 2

jwb: 1
Yankee23fan: 1
falguy: 1
New Binky the Doormat: 1
worrierking: 1
Ilov80s: 1
ditkaburgers: 1
Eephus: 1
Just Win Baby: 1

12 others: 0

And the following are the counts for how many of their songs made the consensus top 31:

@AAABatteries : 9

@DrIanMalcolm : 8

@Pip's Invitation : 7
@krista4 : 7
@The Dreaded Marco : 7
@simey : 7

@Zegras11 : 6
@falguy : 6

@Oliver Humanzee : 5
@Dr. Octopus : 5
@Chaz McNulty : 5
@Don Quixote : 5
@jwb : 5
@Val Rannous : 5
@Just Win Baby : 5

@neal cassady : 4
@landrys hat : 4
@Ilov80s : 4

@rockaction : 3
@shuke : 3
@Yankee23Fan : 3
@New Binky the Doormat : 3

@Hov34 : 2
@ditkaburgers : 2
@MAC_32 : 2
@Eephus : 2
@Mrs. Rannous : 2
@Uruk-Hai : 2

@worrierking : 1
@Sullie : 1
@Doug B : 1

@KarmaPolice : 0
@Hawks64 : 0
@simsarge : 0
@Manster : 0
@scorchy : 0

The following are the counts for each selector in terms of songs on their list to make the consensus top 10:

Pip's Invitation: 5
krista4: 5
AAABatteries: 5

The Dreaded Marco: 4
neal cassady: 4

Oliver Humanzee: 3
DrIanMalcolm: 3
Chaz McNulty: 3
simey: 3
landrys hat: 3

Zegras11: 2
rockaction: 2
shuke: 2
Don Quixote: 2
Hov34: 2

jwb: 1
Yankee23fan: 1
falguy: 1
New Binky the Doormat: 1
worrierking: 1
Ilov80s: 1
ditkaburgers: 1
Eephus: 1
Just Win Baby: 1

12 others: 0

And the following are the counts for how many of their songs made the consensus top 31:

@AAABatteries : 9

@DrIanMalcolm : 8

@Pip's Invitation : 7
@krista4 : 7
@The Dreaded Marco : 7
@simey : 7

@Zegras11 : 6
@falguy : 6

@Oliver Humanzee : 5
@Dr. Octopus : 5
@Chaz McNulty : 5
@Don Quixote : 5
@jwb : 5
@Val Rannous : 5
@Just Win Baby : 5

@neal cassady : 4
@landrys hat : 4
@Ilov80s : 4

@rockaction : 3
@shuke : 3
@Yankee23Fan : 3
@New Binky the Doormat : 3

@Hov34 : 2
@ditkaburgers : 2
@MAC_32 : 2
@Eephus : 2
@Mrs. Rannous : 2
@Uruk-Hai : 2

@worrierking : 1
@Sullie : 1
@Doug B : 1

@KarmaPolice : 0
@Hawks64 : 0
@simsarge : 0
@Manster : 0
@scorchy : 0
Not sure if I do :bag: or :bowtie: here.

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