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***Monday Night Football Doubleheader - Saints at Panthers*** (+3, 39.5) 7:15 Kickoff (1 Viewer)

Panthers D is legit.
I mentioned this last week before the ATL-CAR kick off and they largely held their own until later in the 2nd Half with no help from Young and the offense.
I would not assume you are going to have a good day vs the Carolina defense if you have to start a RB/WR etc...
Luvu is who I was worried about since he came out of nowhere & went to a new team. Turns out he’s legi

Luvu played for the Panthers last season. What you might be trying to say is that it's a new coach who implemented an entirely new system. He's now a little bit more sack-dependent than he was. Watch for that.
Thought the defenders leg/foot touched him.

That's what the man would have you think.

Me, I'm not a part of your system.

Sorry, Andy Samberg there.

Yeah, maybe. I thought live that he touched him -- maybe. But then I watched it again and I don't think so. The other Carolina guy was trying to pick up the ball before it went out of bounds. I could be wrong.

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