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NY Giants at Washington (1 Viewer)

It used to be exciting to have an rg3 game on prime time. Now I avoid, cause I feel like he's a shell of himself. I hope he pulls it out of the tailspin and develops.

The TV ratings for this blockbuster of a game will rival those of some Kellie Martin Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel.

I actually just tuned in before the TD, just checked Morris' stats and my mind just exploded. Not only did he get a goal line touch but he got a reception! I don't think he has gotten a target since week 2. EDIT: 3rd target since week 2, 6 targets total.

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One good kickoff coverage. A decent punt return. A really good job downing a punt at the 1. Best game of the year, by far, for the special teams. Still time to screw it up, though.

Hurry up offense and mostly short, quick passes have worked well today. Therefore, I expect them to do something totally different in the 2nd half and next week.

This game is just a warm-up for THE nationally televised NFL game of this week.

Of course, I'm talking about Texans-Jags on Thursday.

Feel the excitement.

Hillis falls forward through a huge hole! He doesn't know what to do with himself when he's not hit in the backfield.

"Leave it to Eli to hand off to Peyton. Whatever."

Al Michaels: Disgusted with himself!

Noble of Collinsworth to let it go.

Redskins walking right into the Giants' trap.
It's all a ruse by the Maras to convince Snyder that staying the course with Shanahan is the way to go.


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