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Shuke's 1300 favorite songs by 1300 different artists. (1 Viewer)

No one yet predicting your #1? I’ll take a stab at it. I’ll assume it’s a Phish tune so that narrows it down to about 250 possibilities. My gut says you won’t go chalk so I’m thinking David Bowie or Fluffhead. Ah, I’ll just go chalk with You Enjoy Myself. Have fun going backwards down the number line.

I was always planning on starting the countdown with a shticky song or two to break the ice.  I had one slated in this spot for years but I had to bump it out recently because I needed the room.  

As for this song, I'm almost positive someone posted it on this board.  Without remembering who, I'll just assume @McJose.

Yes the lyrics are ridiculous and her voice can be grating, but this beat is contagious and stays in my head for days after hearing it.

1000. Suburban Lawns -- Janitor

From wiki:  "Suburban Lawns were an American post-punk band formed in Long Beach, California in 1978 by CalArts students William "Vex Billingsgate" Ranson and Sue "Su Tissue" McLane. They later recruited Richard "Frankie Ennui" Whitney, Charles "Chuck Roast" Rodriguez, and John "John Gleur" McBurney."
The band sounds really tight.  The vocals are just a bit out there.  Persona wise, I am getting an April from Parks and Rec vibe from her.  Guitar solo is really nice there

The band sounds really tight.  The vocals are just a bit out there.  Persona wise, I am getting an April from Parks and Rec vibe from her.  Guitar solo is really nice there
Agreed. I checked out some of their other songs last night, and your comments stand on those as well - imo.

Personally, while I appreciate good musicianship (etc) - many, many of my favs are not, traditionally speaking, "good". 

I am more bowled over by uniqueness, emotion, intensity and other more subtle things. 

I truly like this band. 

989. Lindsey Buckingham - Holiday Road

Do I really like this song?  Not completely sure.  But Vacation was one of my favorite movies growing up, and this is catchy.
Like this one. If I were to pick only one Lindsey Buckingham song (which I think is the game in this thread, right?) I'd go with Trouble. I can see how it might be a little too early 80's lush in a cheesy way for many though.

I had Planet Clare pegged between 233 and 250. 
Actually what happened was I had a B-52's song slated for this spot.  I really hate the B-52's.  I tried to find something I liked, but couldn't.  So I pulled Smoko back into the top 1000.

That's your one and only spoiler.

If not too much of a hassle, any way to copy the links in the OP? 

Definitely want to listen to these, but can’t keep up right now.

I can understand the sentiment. I don't hate them myself. I think they have a few decent tunes like Give Me Back My Man, Dance This Mess Around, etc.
Dance Around This Mess was what I had slated.  I just cannot stand the vocals.

978. Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

One just for nostalgia's sake. I'm 46, so definitely grew up an MTV kid.  People like to say that kids back in the day spent all their time outside from dawn to dusk.  I remember playing outside a lot, in the woods, pick up baseball/basketball/football, riding our bikes, getting into trouble.  But I also remember plenty of time inside playing Atari, watching MTV, and looking at Playboys.


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