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***TNF-Pittsburgh at Minnesota*** (-3.5) O/U 44.5 The Big Ben-Cousins Bowl (1 Viewer)


Do 2 point conversion receptions not count as receptions in FF? Diontae has 2 that have not been counted as receptions???



Once again we have a Primetime 1-score game late in the 4th Q...who would have thunk this when it was 29-0 late 3rd Q?
It is mind boggling. 

I swear......it feels like the game is being dumped. Zimmer on the phone with his bookie......telling him...watch this.


Ministry of Pain

Steelers with an actual chance to hold and get the ball back with time to plod down the field and score. 

Where is that Ben who threw 2 passes and got them down the field in under a minute? That guy could tie this game up if the Vikes aren't careful...


Ministry of Pain

Cook to the rescue again catching the football, incredible tonight.

Zimmer should consider presenting Cook with a game ball after in the locker room



Eephus's Great Great Great Love Child
This is going to come down to Mike Zimmer 2 minute defense isn't it.




Thank god that ridiculous flag was picked up. Still a chance. I cannot believe that particular ref threw a flag on that play, insane to me.


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