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***TNF-Pittsburgh at Minnesota*** (-3.5) O/U 44.5 The Big Ben-Cousins Bowl (1 Viewer)


Is that a catch? 

Hoo baby, that'll help that last place point total in the Claypool league. That's why I wanted him. He's a beast on those deep passes on the sideline


Ministry of Pain

Steelers started on their 2 yd line with 2:16...

They mamanged to get into Minnesota territory prior to the 2:00 warning...until that illegal block, WTBLEEP!!!



Eephus's Great Great Great Love Child
The NFL is designed for it to come down to the last drive.

Well, that and Mike Zimmer's incompetence.



Man.......I feel your pain now Vikings fans.....I would go insane watching this garbage all year.



This was a crazy game. I mean 29-0? And you let this happen? 

Has a coach ever been fired after a win? Well wait....the Chargers fired Shotty after what a 13 win season? (What Balls).

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