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Vikings at Lions (1 Viewer)

Wow. The DET RBs are gonna have 300 yards all purpose today.

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Lions march down the field and miss a FG on a botched snap. Reggie Bush looked good but now appears to have hurt his hand.

AP sticks it to the Lions. Love it. Lion's fans can enjoy watching Bush sit on the sideline with his sore hand. ahhaa

Same old Lions..can`t get a first down on second and one foot..third and one foot...then botch chip shot FG! :wall:

I know the Vikings vs Lions is not sexy, but I think the NFL should have put AP vs CJ on Sunday night game.

Two feet down at the 1, isn't the play over once he breaks the plane?
Not with the new control rule. Must maintain control of the ball through completion of the play.
Suppose he catches it at the 5 and runs it a few yards, dives for the end zone, crosses the goal line and then drops ball. No TD?

The nfl has this all jacked up

Joique is picking up right where he left off and has the look someone who's going to be flex-worthy all year, especially if LeShoure stays on the inactive list. 3 touches, 48 yards.


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