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Week 13 2023 who should I start thread **OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL** (1 Viewer)

Standard scoring full PPR

Amari Cooper (w. Flacco) or Josh Downs

All the NFL analysts are talking about how Flacco was targeting Garret Wilson lat year w/ the Jets and of the belief that Cooper will get those targets.

Downs has a good MU while Cooper has Flacco. I'd go Downs.
PPR - 1pt per 10yd rush/rec, 6pt / TD, 2pt per Rec, 1 pt per 5 carries

Flex spot - Marquis Brown @PIT or Jerome Ford @LAR

Need a HR here, so leaning Brown. Also like his familiarity with PIT stadium after his time with BALT. But would love a second opinion.

I don't know that Brown is such a home run shot. I can see a big play or two but does he have a multi-TD game in him? If he was completely healthy, yes but he was DNP all week. That's a lot of "veteran rest days". He got mad targets last week and was reasonably effective so I can see him as your home run shot for sure. The good news is if he's a late scratch you can pivot to Ford easily enough.

I like Ford a lot more this week with Flacco under center. He has 100-1 upside and catches plenty of passes, which really ups his value in PPR leagues but, I agree that he is likely not the home run hitter Brown is.

No problem with Brown over Ford.
I read between the lines and went with Ford, so far so good.

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