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Week 16 2023 who should I start thread **OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL** (1 Viewer)

half ppr

2 of 3 WR

Nico Collins
D Wicks (with Reed and Watson out)
Alec Pierce

1 Flex

Ty chandler (with Mattison active)
Devin Singletary

figuring Nico has to be in despite injury. Leaning toward pierce give wicks’ injury, but I guess ge will get a lot of work.

Singletary and chandler seem like they are kind of a toss up. Both bad matchups, both probably the lead guy but with a decent number 2 there who could steal touches
Nico & Singletary IMO
Ty Chandler or Javante Williams? Both have tough matchups and Williams has struggled more recently.
I like Chandler but if Mattison is active I think he caps Chandler enough to make me lean towards Williams.

If Mattison is a scratch then probably Chandler.
I thought he was out, so that changes things for sure.
Mattison is in, but less than 100% and Chandler will still be the main RB (according to the head coach).
I think the matchup is an issue for Chandler, regardless of Mattison.
Actually I did some research the last 5 games vs run and my choice of Chander or Javante Williams came down to the Patriots being better against the run than Detroit over the last 5 games, so I'm playing Chandler over Williams.
.5 ppr

Slayton v Phi
Odell v SF

Waller v Phi
Likely v Sf

Along with CMC needing 60 points tomorrow
I go with Odell. They both have a mediocre floor but Odell probably has a lot more upside. He has a much better QB, who takes multiple deep shots every week, is on a much better offense and has had a knack for showing up in big games. It's a brutal matchup for sure, unlike Slayton, so there is big risk but I think the reward is higher with similar floors.

Flip a coin between Waller & Likely. I might go with Waller for diversification just in case the Niners roll the Ravens, which is a distinct possibility.

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