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Week 16 Injury Tracker---> Does this need to be merged?? (1 Viewer)


Can't find a thread tracking many of this weeks key injuries

Jamar Chase- supposedly ruled out this morning
Josh Jacobs- Anything??
Tyreek Hill- Supposedly playing? full strength?
Brian Robinson- Anything?

Other injuries to monitor? TLaw?
Info on J. Jacobs and Z. Flowers seems elusive.

Both play tmrw too.

Flowers was actually in a boot earlier in the week.
JSN limped off. He slipped going into the wall in the back of the end zone and immediately grabbed for his knee.
Addison is questionable with an ankle. Didn’t see it.

Just been ruled out. Great.
When did it happen? First quarter?. Looks like he caught only 1 pass for 2 yards but was targeted 4 times.
Addison suffered the ankle injury in the second quarter. He had Detroit’s secondary beat for a deep catch but Nick Mullens underthrew him. Addison appeared to injure his ankle while defending the return. Brandon Powell will likely step in as the team’s third receiver for the remainder of the game. Addison ends the day with one catch for two yards
Kmet ruled out with a knee injury.

Really unclear what happened bc the replay didn’t suggest anything bad.

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