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Let's play an online poker tournament tonight?


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9 minutes ago, DA RAIDERS said:
10 minutes ago, Nipsey said:


grew up in LA.  downtown  2nd/alameda.  down in south OC now

Where in the OC?  I’m Temecula but went to Jr High and early HS in San Clemente.  

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My friends and I play about 3 times a day right now on a phone app called Real Cards Poker. Can play from your phone. We keep a text chain with one admin and one return text with the winner paypals too. We're up to like 60 members including about 20 we don't even know (friends of friends of friends) etc. 

Been going really well.  And the app works well too. Just FYI if you wanna get folks on an iPad or cell phone too (not sure if PS offers that)

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Just now, Mr. Ham said:

Welled up a bit. Episode showcases all family owned restaurants throughout LA. Hit me that all all closed, and wonder if they’ll come back. So much pride and care in what they serve. Tragic.

It'll worse this time, sadly. Chain drugstores on every corner. At least Bergin's declared a landmark.

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How about tomorrow night, maybe we can make it a recurring Sunday night tournament.  8PM CST.  I'll create a PokerStars group for FBG if we have enough interest. Seems like we do, we just need to plan ahead so everyone can clear their schedule.

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Feel like it'll be hard to get a game going tonight but let's plan on the ***Inaugural FBG Poker League Tournament 2.0*** taking place tomorrow night.

I created a PokerStars Home Game Club.

Club id - 3321467 (FootballGuys)

Club PW - potsofice


I don't know if I can commit to a tournament every single night, but I'd probably be down for most nights of the week.  And it would be cool to mix it up with PLO8 and rebuy games and things like that.  

No FDAS allowed though he's the worst :thumbdown:

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