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Green Bay at Dallas (1 Viewer)

Offense is predictable and blows too.

Gone are short quick passes (unless its 3rd and 25).

5 and 7 step drops getting the qb under pressure a ton.

Awful call.....Dez initiated the minimal contact and tripped himself trying to cut to the inside.

PI calls seem to get worse every year

This is a defense that just got absolutely shredded on MNF by a backup QB. Flynn making them look like the 85 Bears

I grew up in Chicago, love my Bears. Went to HS and College in Louisiana, love my Saints. But as an overall football fan, damn I miss Aaron Rodgers being in there.

Never thought I would agree with flawed...but Flynn has nothing this week...just like the.Lions game. Have.to pull him.

I'm going against Jamal Charles and need a good game from Romo. ugh. He kills so many drives with his crappy play, I can't take it. :(

Nice play calling and execution by the Packers. McCarthys love affair of throwing on 3rd and short drives me nuts.

Romo a little inaccurate on deep passes today. Simply not used to throwing more than 10 yds downfield, methinks

Dallas has a RB getting 10ypc but he hasn't touched it in forever.

Pretty sure my arm and Flynn's are pretty close in strength.


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