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Android Testers Needed for Draft GM/Magazine Apps (1 Viewer)

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David Dodds

I am starting a new thread because we asked for testers so long ago and we need to know we have people who can actively test now

For this year at least, we are only supporting Android version 4+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean operating systems). And even with this, there still remains significant fragmentation in the space making testing a bit difficult.

The Basic Plan:

- Testing will likely start between 7 and 14 days from today. Testing will then commence for about 5 days for the first versions of all of these products.

- If you test for us (register your device with our testing platform, submit a minimum of two feedback reports), you will be eligible for a free subscription (or add a year if you have one) and a FBG Apps Tester T-Shirt

- Make your case on why you should be a tester. List all devices you would be willing to test on. I will send an email to all those selected for test.

- We are looking for people that can try and break this. The functionality has mostly been set this year. We want to see if it works on all of these platforms.

If you have any of these devices, we are hoping to recruit you for this:

Amazon Fire (7, 8.9, HD), Asus Transformer Pad (101, 201, 300, 700), Google Nexus (S, 4, 7, 10), HTC Amaze 4G, HTC Droid DNA, HTC Droid Incredible (2, 4G, S), HTC Evo (3D, 4G, LTE), HTC One (S, X), HTC Rezound, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Vivid 4G, LG 4G Lucid, LG 4G Revolution 2, LG Motion 4G, LG Optimus (G, L9, LTE), Motorola Atrix (2, HD), Motorola Droid 4, Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola Droid Razr (HD), Motorola Electrify (M), Motorola Photon, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Galaxy Express, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II (X), Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy SIV, Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G, Samsung Galaxy Tab (7, 10.1), Toshiba Thrive/AT100

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, an HTC Evo 4G, and a Google Nexus 7 tablet. Can test on all 3 if needed.

Case for myself as tester : I'm great at causing programs to break. Also, I'm hung like a buffalo.

I'm in:

I have both an HTC Evo and HTC Evo 4g LTE to test on. I helped out with the beta Rate-My-Team when it first came out and definitely willing to help out again.

P.S.--I'm not hung like a buffalo. But I have a nice hands.

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I have the HTC Thunderbolt and the Kindle Fire HD.

I am new to the Footballguys forum, but I have played FF for over 15 years. Also, I used the Ipad app last season and I have been listening to the podcasts for a few years.

I would be happy to help and test the app.

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Heavy Android User : Galaxy Nexus phone - Nexus 10 Tablet

Why me? Because I have been trumping Android versions before Apple for months now!

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Kindle Fire HD here. Happy to test for you.

Case for me: I'm building a fantasy MMA website and have been deep in the weeds of alpha testing for months now, so I'm used to trying to break software. :)

I own and use daily both a Samsung S3 and a Motorola Razr Maxx both on the latest android o/s. I would be more then willing to help in any way you may need me. I spend tons of time on-line and have a strong IT background. I have over 20 years of experience with s/w development and troubleshooting in both web based applications as well as pc based software. I would be glad to offer you my assistance with detailed description of any issues I may encounter.

I can help. I have a Kindle Fire 7 and a Droid 4, both currently running Jelly Bean. I've been rooting and tweaking Android devices since the first Droid, it'll be fun trying to break a new software.

I have a GS3 on Verizon and a rooted Kindle Fire that is basically a Nexus 7. I'm on my phone all day as it is and would love to help out.

Galaxy S3 and HTC Evo 4G. I've done things like this before. I also have a Google Nexus 10 tab

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HTC Evo 4G along with a Kindle Fire HD.

I am a loser and spend way to much time on this site and the regular site. I'm a great candidate for such an endeavor.

I have an HTC Evo 4g LTE. I'm ready and willing to test! I've used draft dominator in the past so I'm familiar with its counterpart. I've also beta tested other programs designed for the android platform so look forward to providing feedback on any/all issues I have with the program.

HTC Droid Incredible 4G. Also have a Fire I could play with.

I'm generally pretty good at breaking things. I'd be happy to help push the Droid products.

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Be glad to help - have a nexus 7 I want to use in Vegas. Loyal FBG user for too many years to count and always praise the site and DD (draft dominator NOT David Dodds) whenever I can. Have 40+ leagues I can use this with - that should break it for sure lol!

I have a Galaxy S3 and would be interested in testing. I have never tested before but I have used the Draft GM on an Apple product, so I am familiar with the different features.

Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.1.2.

Spent the last 6 years of my life as a web developer. I know common things that cause hangups and can cause code/logic to break since my job is to NOT do those things.

Edit: Also have the old Motorola Photon laying around that I could test on.

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Reposting from other thread:

I would like to test. Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HP Touchpad (hacked to run Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4). I may also be able to test some on a Droid Razr M. Also, a Logitech Revue (Google TV), if that is a device that needs testing. What I bring: I have been on staff at a couple of Android related forums and have beta tested for fellow staff members. Have hacked many devices and have a good general knowledge of Android.
Devices owned and willing to test on: Samsung Galaxy S3 (Verizon) and Google Nexus 10.

Case: I'm a Business Process Analyst and am familar with UAT. I can follow a testing procedure/script and do the reporting or write them. Also I've been using fantasy football draft software like Draft Dominator and a Footballguys subscriber since 2005 so I have a good idea how to operate the software and use it in a way a typical user would.

I can do it.

I have a Nexus 4 (Jellybean), Kindle Fire 7 (the original / Forked Android), Galaxy S3 (Jellybean), HTC Evo 3d (Gingerbread), and Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G (Gingerbread) all in working order and can test on them.

Why? I've been here forever and used your products forever. I'll do my best to run the app into the ground. Plus, I haven't bought my membership for this year yet so I'd love to get it for free. Being in Maryland I'm not eligible for FanDuel and their deal, so this is my only shot at free membership.

ETA: I can update the older phones to ICS if that is better for testing. Also, not that it counts for much but I was a goalineblitz beta tester for years and some of my feedback is still around in the game (a couple of the veteran abilities were my suggestions and a few other small things). Beyond that, I also ran the failed fantasy football scoring service Blastats a few years back so I have some minor experience with fantasy football on phones. Plus I really want a free T-shirt. Thanks.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII using version 4.1.2

I am a legally blind person who is addicted to fantasy football and I am always on my phone. I use speaking software as well as magnifying devices to use my phone efficiently. I think I bring a unique advantage to this testing as I am technically savvy on my phone and computer. I am sure to be able to break something while testing. I can be a very valuable tester for this app as there is a very large community of blind/legally blind smart phone users as well as fantasy football players who would love to be able to use this app.

I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII using version 4.1.2

I am a legally blind person who is addicted to fantasy football and I am always on my phone. I use speaking software as well as magnifying devices to use my phone efficiently. I think I bring a unique advantage to this testing as I am technically savvy on my phone and computer. I am sure to be able to break something while testing. I can be a very valuable tester for this app as there is a very large community of blind/legally blind smart phone users as well as fantasy football players who would love to be able to use this app.


I would be happy to help. Have done some beta testing of friends' projects on both PC and Andorid before, but have no experience developing apps myself. I have also used Andorid, and solely Android systems, for quite a while. I would be able to test it on a Samsung Galaxy SIII 4G (same system as SIII, but just with the 4G and better RAM). I do not know if it makes any difference, but I would obviously be able to test it on a European platform. In other case, I can always bring forward that diversity card.

In terms of FF and FG experience, I have followed the NFL and played FF for a few years now and The Audible was really what got me hooked and now I have finally started to delve into the forums.

Thanks for your consideration.

I have a Nexus 7 and a Galaxy S3.

I will have time to try and bust the app. I think it will be fun!

I am motivated because I am jealous of the ipad people having access when I do not!

I have an iPad also, but the wife uses it. The Nexus is all mine!

Been a footballguy subscriber and draft dominator user since 2000 or so.

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I have looking for android app for years and have been a subscriber for a while

Yes you bet your life I want to part of the test team

I have and android bionic

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Motorola Droid Razr

Been with FBG pretty much forever. I'm a web developer and database designer. I work for the Feds so i have a keen understanding of designing data workflows and front end interfaces that work with all levels of end user technical abilities.

I'd love to give this a shot. I've purchased both the Draft app and the Magazine app for my iPad Mini, so (in theory, anyway) I have a good sense of how the Android app ought to look/work/feel.

Aside from that, I've been a paid member of FBG for several years now. Not at all active on the boards as a participant, but a very avid reader of all of the content.

I'm a longtime Android user; my primary device is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean. I'm tech savvy, and I know how to exploit and break things safely. Plus, I'm friendly and have time to play with the app.


I have a samsung galaxy s3, asus 300, asus 700, and a google nexus 7 that I can test on. The top two I'd want to test on would be the S3 and the 700. It is hard to find quality apps for the 700 because of the full hd resolution, but it is getting a little better with the new devices coming out.

Case for being a tester:

I'm an electrical engineer with a strong programming and software quality assurance background. I'm a long time android user and have done some android programming. Thats the nerdy side. On the FF side I'm a long time user of FBG tools, content, and methods and have had great success in my leagues. I've written custom tools and scripts to do player projection, ranking, and draft management.

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I have a Galaxy S4. I would be a great tester because technology is my life. I manage a group of IT control testers.

Also, I have been a paid subscriber of Footballguys for 7 years. I live and die by you guys.

Pick me and all of your dreams will come true!

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Oh, oh....pick me pick me.

This is definitely an android house. My wife and I both have Samsung Galaxy S III and a galaxy tab 10.1. I'd love to help out. I'm so thankful to football helping me to win multiple championships over the last 3 years as a subscriber and podcaster.

I would love to be a tester. I have worked on QA teams test software, and am used to putting programs through their paces. A football guys app would be a great change of pace from the healthcare programs I have to deal with on a regular basis.

The devices I have access to are:

Motorola Xoom

Nexus 7

Nexus 4


Samsung S4 Verizon here. Glad to hear you're going to have an android app. Happy to help.

Why? I'm on my phone for hours each night playing around and reading. Comes with the territory having twin infants...lol! Been a subscriber for many years too.

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Atrix HD

Was a regular contributor for the apps on my iPod. Would love to help on the Android versions also.

Been waiting for this.

I have 3 Android devices I can test on.

1) Galaxy Nexus phone with latest Jelly Bean. This was the version before the Nexus 4.

2) Nexus 7 tablet

3) Nexus 4 phone

All devices are unlocked, phones on T-Mobile.

The 4 and the 7 are my wife's but I can borrow to test no problem.

Why should I be picked? Been a football guy since before there was FBG's. :D

I also work in IT so if there if something technical you specifically want tested I'll actually understand what you're talking about. I also have plenty of time on lunch hours to do testing and can test at both 2G and 4G speeds if that's needed.

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Count me in.

I'm a solutions consultant whose focus is in software design, testing and deployment and would love to participate

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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I have a Samsung Galaxy 4 phone, a Motorola April phone, and a Motorola Xyboard (Zoom follow-on) tablet, and would be willing to test on all of them. I am an experienced web app developer/architect turned consultant, so I know how to find what breaks, and, as you can tell from above, my devices other than the new Samsung, are not terribly mainstream.

Hello! I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S4. I've bugged Joe about the Android version a couple times on twitter :P Been looking forward to the release for a while

I have been a FBG subscriber for about a year now. I currently own one bachelors in Psychology and am pursuing another bachelors in Computer Science. I'm an avid tech guy that absolutely loves fantasy football.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. Background in accounting, operations, and project management for government and banking so I have a pretty good idea on how to document items.

I am here if you need me. Samsung Galaxy Nexus running android version 4.2.2 Not sure if I am any more qualified or less qualified than the others, have had the phone for about a year and a half and am going to upgrade in Sept. to either a S4, Note 2 or HTC ONE.

Devices: Samsung Galaxy SII (X) and Galaxy Tab 10.1

Case: Mostly I just want the tshirt. However, as soon as I saw iPhone app I've been patiently waiting for the Android app. Also I'm a professional programmer with practical experience as a software tester.

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