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Android Testers Needed for Draft GM/Magazine Apps (1 Viewer)

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Football guys subscriber since 2006. Bought all apps and mags every year. Even passed out cds when you sent us spindles of cd mags. Galaxy s3. Use my phone all of the time. Would test the hell out of the app. Draft dominator expert. Thanks for all you do. Katism18@gmail.com

Making my case:

I have several rooted devices that I can test on including Moto Atrix 4g (running 4.2), Samsung Galaxy S2 (running 4.2.2) and a Moto Xoom tablet (running 4.2.2). I have beta tested before and I work with custom ROMs and rooting all the time so I get the ins and outs of Android quite well.

I am using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 and I would love to help beta test the Magazine app for android!

I am so jealous that the iOS product is out that I want to do anything I can to help get the android product out!

I am very thorough at everything I do and would give you everything you ask for.


I 'd love to test and break this ;)

I have a Motorola Xoom with Android 4.0.4 and I am myself a software developer in Java, and would be testing it from Germany.



I have a Amazon/Kindle Fire 7 HD and would love to help.

Why me? For starters, I've been with Football guys for over 10 years. I also already own both apps on my iPad so I could compare how the android app is running against both devices.

Is it me, or are there a lot of folks that would love to test this, AND just joined on 7/11? Weird....

As an Android enthusiast I'd welcome the opportunity to test. I've got a rooted Kindle Fire, rooted HTC One and stock Samsung Galaxy S4 that could be put through the paces. When I'm not tinkering with phones I'm working as an IT systems admin so my days typically revolve around testing / breaking / fixing.

Subscriber last year, never been much of a forums person, used the Windows version of Draft GM on my laptop at live and online drafts last year. I'm hoping to use my Nexus 7 to run Draft GM instead of lugging the laptop and worrying about battery, space, etc. I do lots of user acceptance testing and feedback for software development as a part of my job, and would love to put this through its paces so it's ready for August.

I have Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 7, Google Nexus 10. Can test on all three if needed.

Case for myself as tester : Website/Software Developer since 2005. Have coded three Android apps (one public). Have the perspective of fantasy football noob since this is only my second year playing.

I'd be interested in testing using any or all of the following devices: Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S4, and/or Toshiba Thrive. My job requires me to test new software before I put it in a live environment, so I'm familiar with the process. I was a subscriber last year, but haven't yet resigned for this year. If I'm not selected, that's OK, I'm used to disappointment as a lifelong Lions fan.

I have an HTC EVO and a Kindle Fire HD. Been reading you guys for years and have always been one of my favorites. Would love to help out. Thanks (even if ya don't choose me).

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