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Android Testers Needed for Draft GM/Magazine Apps (1 Viewer)

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I have a Kindle Fire HD and would love to test your app.

New member here but been reading articles for the past 2 years.

I also work as a web developer so I've been through many bug bashes.

Dear Footballguys,

I feel i would be perfect to test your app for many reasons. I have always been very involved with sports tech and I have tested countless apps for android in the past. I have also developed a number of my own apps (though admittedly none too complicated to technical) and have gone through the process of testing from a developer point of view as well.

I have a number of devices that I can provide greatly detailed feedback for that include the following:


Google Nexus 4 (unlocked) [Paranoid Android 3.65 Nightlies]

Google Nexus 7 (wifi only) [Dual-boot, Ubuntu OS / CyanogenMod]

Samsung Note 2 (verizon) [stock touchwiz]

2x Samsung GS3 (att) [stock touchwiz / PA 3.60]

Samsung GS4 (att) [stock touchwiz]

I also run a number of custom/stock roms on these devices and can provide insight as to their functionality on other ROMs besides the ones that come stock with your phon, the ROMs currently being used by each device are listed above.

I am very excited about your Android App and i only hope I can help make it perfect by becoming a beta tester. I always enjoy being on the bleeding edge of technology and I never mind a crash or a bug, it only means its going to get better.

My amateur developing skills, my general tech proficiency, and my EXTREME love of fantasy football, I feel, give me a strong base of skills for which to test your app.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you in regards to my admission or otherwise to your beta program. Thank you again.



I have a Galaxy Note 2, as well as a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. Both of which I would test on.

Whether or not I get the opportunity to join the beta test, I can't wait to use both apps.

Thanks for all the hard work!

Note 2, Nexus 7, both with custom roms.

I'm extremely picky about how my phone and tablet run. Generally if I find anything even slightly glitchy or buggy I'll find a fix or report to the developer and work with them on a solution. If that's not possible then I find something else to use.

I would love to help test the Android app. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Why me? Considering that very few things work like they are supposed to when I use them, I'm due to find any bugs in the platform. I can guarantee that! Plus I'm big on giving feedback and I believe you'd find my participation to be an asset.

I'd like a chance to beta test the Android app on my Nexus 7 tablet and Galaxy phone - thanks!

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I should be included because I #####ed in the Apple thread lol

I have a Galaxy S3, Kindle Fire, and two android tablets by Nabi.

HTC One X, Original Asus Transformer Pad (101)


Been with FBG since 2006

Professional application developer

30 years of application development experience

Well, I am a lifetime football fan, and have been a football guys subscriber for many years now. I have a nexus 7, and a Sony xperia play that I would gladly test your product on. After reading some of these posts though, I seem to be under qualified, lol.

I would be a great candidate for testing this app Android. I have been a FF player for over 20 years and an early and frequent subscriber to Footballbuys.com and a few of your competitors. When I'm not keeping up with FF news my 9-5 job is as a Project Manager for IT Application Development. I have been designing and testing software for a very long time. I can test on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 running Android 4.1.1 Thanks for considering me.and not forgetting us Android tablet users.

I am in a 12 team league and we have been playing for 22 years and I have been using the Footballguys website for a few years. i have found that your aps work great. I especially like the draft dominator program. I have a Samsung 3 mobile phone and woyuld be more than happy to try out your new program. Thanks

I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII (verizon) and a Samsung Blaze (T-mobile, not connected to network) that I would be happy to test on.

I am a 37 year old who has slightly above average computer skills. If there are problems, I usually know enough to cause something to break! Also, I have used your software and website the last 4-5 years and love football guys!

Would love to be a tester. Long time member/subscriber, and happy to see you expand on your mobile presence. Have a Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, and Asus Transformer Prime 10.1" Tablet that I could run it on.

I would be interested in testing the new Android apps. I have the Pantech Flex phone running Android 4.0.4. I also have the Nexus 10 tablet running Android. Just let me know! mccourt.james@gmail.com

I would love to test. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII and an Asus Transformer Prime TF201 (Rooted, running Android 4.2.2. I will remove root if you wish as the Prime is not supposed to get higher than 4.1.1). I am qualified as I am a MIS Director of my firm in non-fantasy life, and we do quite a bit of QA testing on software for our firm. I am generally lead on those tests.

I'll play. I have a transformer prime

Case for testing:

Why not? If it helps you guys out sure... Plus I haven't bought my subscription for this season yet. Also I seem to be one of the few with a transformer. Did I mention I'm a minority? :affirmativeaction:

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Long time nerd here. Stock Galaxy S3 and a rooted viewsonic G Tablet.

I'll gladly break your application.

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I have a Motorola RAZR, an Amazon Kindle 7, and a Samsung Galaxy 3. I also have thirty years experience in testing and breaking electronics and software.

I'd like to be included in the test. I have a HTC Droid Dna, HTC Thunderbolt, LG Enlighten and a Nook Color that is running a custom android rom.

I've beta tested for adobe, and a couple of website redesigns, so I'm familar with the process. I work as a network admin so I'd be more than happy to run the app through it's paces.

I'd love to help put with this. I have a Samsung S3, Samsung 7 and 10 inch tablet, Kindle Fire HD and a Google Nexus I could test on.

Devices: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 - Both running Android 4.2.2

Reason: Software developer with long running history of functional QA testing.

I own a Samsung Galaxy S3, a Google Nexus 7 and a Kindle Fire HD.

The reason I would be a good testing subject is because I work twelve hour shifts as a commercial printer and I am constantly passing the time on my Samsung GS3 while at work. I am prepping for a couple Dynasty leagues right now so I would be exhausting your app for hours every day during my draft prep that I am doing already. I use the tablets at home and actually just purchased the kindle fire for my son a few days ago. I would be happy to give the FBG app a whirl on it as well.


I'd like to test this app--I have a Nexus 7.


I'm a details guy who likes to Mock. I don't like ESPN's mock site, because they push 10-team leagues and I like 12. I like Yahoo's Mock site because as one mock fills, another takes its place. I know what I like, and I want this app to handle a lot. I plan to make sure it does. The good thing about the Nexus 7 is that it's easy to take screenshots. In addition to any feedback I provide, I hope to provide you with screenshots that show what I'm talking about. Here's some of what I'd like to know:

What happens to the app when I switch from portrait to landscape mode?

What happens when I want to check email in the middle of a mock?

Does the app interfere with other apps, like my music player?

Was the app optimized for tablets, or does it look smallish, like a phone app?

Give me a chance to wear this out.

Thanks for your consideration.

I would love to test out the app I have a Gallaxy s4 and kindle fire. Have been with fbg for a couple of years now and really like the site. Helped me win my work ff league. Good at finding bugs and things that are broken in apps.

I have over a decades worth experience being a test engineer, most recently for Android and IOS apps at a very well known established company.

Currently own personally

Samsung Galaxy S2 : Android 4.0.2

Samsung Tablet : Android 4.0.3

Also have OUYA console with latest Android installed for personal tweaking. As well as hung like buffalo

I have a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx and a Motorola Droid Razr M (4.1.2 on both) that I would be happy to help test with.

Here's my case: I'm a professional troubleshooter but more importantly I can't satiate my thirst for football knowledge! I would delve into every corner of the app.

Totally a Lurker, but been around the site for about a year now.

I am currently using a Google Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. Both are up to date on 4.2.2.

Case: I work in the IT Department of a Large US Retailer (No names, just think Arts and Crafts). My main job function is to diagnose issues with hardware and software functionality and find fixes for them. Every day I work to find the little issues in our software and figure how to make it better. In doing so, I must take detailed notes outlining the problem and the process involved in getting there. I also have to find ways of making the overall user experience better, allowing for ease of access and offering ideas on how to create a better product overall.

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As I stated in response to the earlier solicitation, I have a Galaxy Note II, and am still available for testing. As this is my primary mobile device, I am anxious to get it to work as well as the iPad version I have helped you test.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note and I'd love to test and try to break your app. I'm a web developer and I know a thing or two about breaking programs. :blush:

I have both a Google nexus and HP Touchpad converted from WebOS to run Android 4.0.4 (a Very common device actually). I am a software engineer by trade so I know how to test applications and have written a few home grown fantasy apps myself. Thanks for your consideration.

I would be happy to help testing out the new Android App. I have a rooted Galaxy S3. I am a product manager for a software development company so I have a lot of experience testing software and reporting\documenting issues or bugs.

Still need testers? Count me in! I'm a Software Engineer by trade but started out as a Test Analyst so I've got lots of experience in testing. I've got a no name Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich which I'm using to get into Android development.

Go Seahawks!

I'd love to help! I have an LG Optimus G Pro and an HTC One. I am a sales rep at a cell phone store and have quite a bit of down time between customers to do my best to break this app!

I have been a FBG subscriber for 5+ years, so I am familiar with the functionality of various FBG tools. I could test on Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab.

I have just enough tech savvy to use my devices (Motorola Atrix 4g and Kindle Fire HD )so I could bring more of an average end user perspective. My phone stays up to date with the latest OS (I know a guy )and I am in a bunch of leagues with different scoring and roster setups so I would get in deep with all of the functions to tweak settings for them.

That, and my name is awesome. C'mon, TheDutchRudders is an awesome fantasy name, one you'd be a fool not to be associated with.

I would love to help out with the testing. I have a Motorolla Zoom and a Droid DNA and can test on both. I am a computer programmer by trade and have been doing program testing and debugging in various languages for about 30 years along with GUI and DB design. I have also been a FootballGuys follower since before the subscription model was implemented, so I have seen most of the content you guys have developed over the years, the growth you've experienced, and the direction you have been heading. I'm a huge fan of this site.

I have a Motorola Droid Razr (HD) and would love to be a tester.

I deserve it because I am a die hard Lions fan, I deserve something good in my life...

I would love to help out. I can test Amazon Fire 7, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.

I like to test all options on apps so I'll make sure every function is working...or not.


I'd love to help break this app and put it back together. Been a FF addict ever since I drafted some guy named Kurt Warner, and I'm always looking for an advantage in my leagues. I'm a perfectionist and an insomniac, so I've got plenty of time and motivation to put this app through the ringer with my fellow FootballGuys. I'm in the 4th year of a dynasty league, and I'd be testing it on a Kindle Fire 7".

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I'd really like to help with this testing. As a Quality Engineer by trade, I love to get into things and see what's going on in there. I'm not a crazy high-end techie, but I can cause some trouble when I try hard enough, LOL. As a long time Footballsguys listener and reader, it would be an honor to take part if selected.

I have the following Android devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 phone (Model SGH-I747)
  • HTC Vivid phone (Model PH39100)
  • ASUS Transformer Prime Tablet (Model TF201)
Thanks for the chance to help out!


AKA - Jettstyle

I have a Galaxy S4. I've been an android user for the last 6 years. I have been a part of many Android beta tests, and will be happy to put your app through the ringer.

I'm a technology geek, and always have the latest and greatest Android phones and versions. I even root my device and use custom firmware when available.

I think I would be a great asset to your project, because I can represent the large portion of Android users that use custom ROMS and kernels.

Also, this is my second year as an insider subscriber, and I have been DYING to get my hands on the new apps!! :)

look forward to hearing from you.

I would love to try this out and get a free year! I love fantasy football and your entire site! I've had a subscription for several years and use DD a lot. I use it for all my mocks and everything. Would love to give this a try and see what I can do with it. I have 2 devices I can run it on - Motorola Droid and Samsung S4.

I would absolutely love to test the app on my Galaxy S4.

I feel like this app is made for someone like me. I am a fantasy football junkie and I am glued to my phone. I live eat and breathe football 365 days a year and I research whats happening in nfl news every day of the offseason.

I have been following the site and getting the daily emails the last 2 seasons and it has really broadened my scope of what to consider in my fantasy football rankings.

My philosophy is, I can beat anyone by putting in more research and preperation than the next guy. I have been playing FF for 15 years, run my office league, and already have spreadsheets of early rankings set up that I am updating from the Nfl draft til my fantasy draft.

I love the insight from fantasy football guys because it reinforces what Im doing right and makes me rethink where Im going in the wrong direction. Its the ultimate example of steel sharpening steel and Id love to be a part of making your spread of knowledge and expansion to mobile devices even greater


I have a Samsung Galaxy SII operating on the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Operating system.

You should pick me to be a beta teaster for the Draft GM and Magazine App because I will use the crap out of it. I've actaully been waiting for the Draft GM app for android to come out so I can run some customized mock drafts. I've been doing a mock draft almost everynight for the past few weeks to try and get a feel for my upcoming draft. I would love to get a chance to try out the keeper league feature of the Draft GM though because I play in a keeper league and there are very few (if any) mock draft systems that play out keeper league drafts very well.

Anways, I would love to give it a test run for you!



Samsung Galaxy Note1 & Samsung Galaxy S3.

I have waiting for a long time for the App. i am a commish for my league and would love to test out your product.

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