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Android Testers Needed for Draft GM/Magazine Apps (1 Viewer)

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I'd love to help test. I've been a long time android user with lots of devices and long time football guys user. I've played a lot with the inner workings of android, although I'm currently running stock builds on all devices.

Devices I use and can test on:

Asus transformer pad 700

HTC One (this is the new phone from this year, newer than the x and s, probably should be in your list too :) )

Htc one x

Motorola xoom (original)

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I would be more than glad to test out these new apps...

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4...

I am very keen in finding problems with apps and reporting it so they are able to be addressed and fixed...

I've been a subscriber now for a few years but am new to the forums as I'm more of a sponge than a fountain when it comes to football info. I have a solid background in software integration projects and testing software in my work life too. My current configuration is a Droid Bionic using version 4.1.2. Mostly, I want a cool t-shirt and to help get this app to market so the Apple freaks don't have an advantage over the rest of us!

I've been a subscriber now for a few years but am new to the forums as I'm more of a sponge than a fountain when it comes to football info. I have a solid background in software integration projects and testing software in my work life too. My current configuration is a Droid Bionic using version 4.1.2. Mostly, I want a cool t-shirt and to help get this app to market so the Apple freaks don't have an advantage over the rest of us!
And a follow up to help make my case is a joke.

Q: How do you tell there is an Apple user in the room (or forum)? Answer....

They tell you.

Would love to help. I have the following devices:

Phones: Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Tablets: Google Nexus 7, Acer A500

All are on Jellybean 4.2.2 except the A500 which is on ICS

I have a lot of experience with the Android OS and have tested applications previously. Also been a long time FBG subscriber and very familiar with your product/services.

Looking to get aboard the testing train. Galaxy S3 here. I have used the Dominator in 7 leagues for several years and would love to test out the new tech!

I've got the Samsung Galaxy S4 and an Acer A200. I'd characterize myself as a pretty big tech guy and I should be able to put the beta app through the wringer!

I work as a web developer currently, and part of that is working on (and debugging) mobile apps. As a software engineer, I think I can do a good job testing. I also have extensive experience with Android personally.

Personally, I have an HTC One X, and if you do want it tested on <4.0 devices to see if it will even work a Samsung Galaxy Phone with Gingerbread (v2.3.4 I think). I could also load a fairly stock install 4.0 on that device to give an idea of what kind of performance issues you may have on older hardware, even if on a newer Android version. I also have access to devices in the QA lab at my work (off the clock, of course) which would include Nexus 4, Motorola Zoom, Nexus Tablet, Kindle Fire and probably others I'm not thinking of.

Love to help if you need it, if not, look forward to the final result!

I would very much like to test your Android app. I have an HTC Incredible 4G LTE, an HTC Incredible 2, and a Nexus 7 that I would test the app on. I have been using Football Guys since I started playing fantasy football, and your site has been instrumental in leading me to many championships. Thanks for considering me and for all the great work you do!

I'd like to help test the android app. I can test on a Samsung galaxy nexus. I've been using fbg programs for the past six years or so, so I'm quite familiar with the format. I also have done beta testing for ps3 in the past, so I have experience testing.

I have an HTC DNA and would love to test the app for you. I love Fantasy Football and am really good at breakin stuff. Sounds like the job for me.

I have a samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 and would like to test


1. I am awesome at fantasy football

2. I have no life so I have plenty of time to break the program

3. I am generally considered awesome

I'm willing to test as well, simply because your email updates helped me win one of my leagues last year! I have a Samsung Galaxy S2.

I would love to test.

4 devices I can test on:


-Nook HD+

-Samsung Galaxy S3

-HTC Evo 4g (original)

I love tinkering and trying to break things. I have been rooting Android devices for 4 years, so I have plenty of experience breaking things. This helped me nearly win my league last year, so I am all in with you guys (the team by team pods were an incredible base of knowledge to start with).

Would love to help!

My Devices (Andoid OS 4+):

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 skyrocket
  • Kindle Fire
My Reason:

  • 10+ years in Software Engineering
  • I use Draft Dominator every year for drafting and in season management
  • I'm a huge Footballguys fan
  • I'm furious these apps are released for iOS but not yet released for Android
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I've been chomping at the bit for this app!

I'm on a Galaxy Nexus, and a Nook HD+ (tablet w/google play access)

The wife has an iPad so i potentially could compare the apps.

I've been an android user for quite a while now, still have a Nexus One in my desk! I've already signed up for this years FFG subscription, so i'm just doing it to contribute!

I am interested in testing. I have an HTC evo 4g lte which is rooted to Jelly Bean 4.2 and a HP touchpad which is also rooted to ICS 4.0. I have had Android since the original Tmobile G1.

I have tested several games in alpha and beta and have done programming for UX and UI so I am interested to see what I can uncover. And I would also like a sneak peek

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I've been following your email newsletter for the past 3 seasons. Best thing I ever decided to do. I'd definitely be interested in testing your app. I have an HTC One from Sprint.

I'm a software developer so I'm familiar with beta testing.

HTC Droid DNA & Nexus 7 tablet will be used for testing.

I've beta tested in the past for Google, Microsoft, and many others.

I have a Samsung galaxy nexus and I'd love to help a fellow spud out. I chew through the articles and coverage you guys post and I always like to see everything a new toy can do (I plan on buying and abusing the hell out of this app when it launches, regardless)

I have both a Galaxy Nexus 7 and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Very active user of both devices, and was an early Android adopter with the original Motorola Droid.

From a testing qualification standpoint, I have been a software developer/engineer/analyst since 1996, with a focus on making a better experience for the end user. When determining specifications for the users, I actively interview and listen to the users about what it is they want. During testing, I constantly ask myself not "does this work?" but "is this the best functionality for the user?" / "does this make sense to the user?".

Looking forward to using the app.

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Devices: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 10

I'm unfortunately great at breaking software and antsy to get my hands on a good mock draft app for Android. I've used draft dominator extensively the past 2 years for all of my leagues

I have a samsung s3 phone. Ive played fantasy football for the past 15 years. I have also run a league for the past 6 years. Ive been a subscriber to footballguys.com since 2007 and thanks to your help won 5 times and placed second 3 times in 2 seperate leagues. Your site is bar none the best that i have come across online. I was very excited to learn of your new app and the opportunity to test it out. I am constantly researching fantasy news, rankings, and free agents. I feel that i am a great canidate to fully critique your new fantasy football app to make it the best on the market. I look forward to using it even if i am not chosen. Thank you for your consideration.

Would really dig testing the app. Been looking for something like this forever. This will be my 16th year playing fantasy football; to not have to drag reams of paper to the draft would be awesome.

I currently use a Galaxy Note 2 and have a Galaxy Tab 7.7 also.

I'd love to help out. I'm running Jelly bean (4.2.2) on Samsung Galaxy Nexus w/ 4G. Been an avid Android user since the Droid X and havent looked back.

I have plenty of time to try and break it for ya (about to wrap up our last campaign of the year). Also, I feel like I owe it to you guys after winning 2 of my leagues and taking 2nd in the other two.

You guys put out a great product online and the current app market really lacks an advanced tool like this. Would really be a big step for the fantasy industry as a whole.

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I've got a nexus 4 and one if those generic Chinese tablets running ice cream sandwich. I'm good at systematically trying to break things and try unusual use cases, love to test out the new apps.

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and while I am new to the forum section, I have been a subscriber for 8 years now.

I deserve to try to break it.

i'd love to be a tester.. i've been doing fantasy football since the late 80's and am currently in 6 actives leagues, 1 auction, 1 dynasty, 3 keeper, and 1 redraft. I have a galaxy S3.

I would love to help. I have a Droid RAZR Max and a Google Nexus 7. You should choose me because I have been a subscriber to Footballguys since 2006 and I follow many of the guys on twitter including Sigmund Bloom, Joe Bryant, Cecil Lamey, Andrew Garda, and Matt Waldman just to name a few. I also write for a few fantasy football websites but continue to subscribe to your site because I love the content and info. Also love listening to The Audible podcast. Love to hear when David Dodds gets 16 of his top 50 players in a mock draft. I would love to be considered to be part of the testing of the Android product and would encourage my twitter followers to get onboard for their drafts. Thanks guys and keep up the great work!!!

First, I apologize in advance for what I do. Second, I work for a company that supplies and supports that pre-installed (also hard to remove) mobile provider software (aka bloatware) on your subsidized android phones!

Good news is, I get to help test all of our bloa---software on said android device which means manufactures send me a new batch of pre-production test phones nearly every week. So I have access to current and future android cellphones across all makes and models (mainly CDMA devices).

Bonus! I also love troubleshooting problems and would love to help out in your beta.

Off the top of my head I have these at my desk (much more in storage):

Asus Transformer Pad 300, Google Nexus (S, 4,), HTC Evo (3D, 4G, LTE), HTC One (X), LG Optimus (G), Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note II (PRIMARY PHONE), Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy SIV, Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1).

There are a few more I can't actually mention due to NDA, but yea if invited as a beta tester, I guarantee I'll be using it extensively for my most important upcoming draft coming Aug 18th.


I have a Nexus 10 and a Samsung Galaxy S3. I could probably also borrow my girlfriend's Kindle as well, if needed.

I'm a long time subscriber and a gov't employee who is now going to have extra time on his hands to test since Congress didn't stop sequestration and is sending us home on furloughs :(

I would love to be a beta tester. I have a Nexus 4 and Asus tablet running jelly bean. I would be a great Beta Tester as I have a degree in Computer Science and work for a software design company. I am involved in the testing of our software so I have experience in looking for bugs, and verifying features.

Chris Marois

I would like to be a tester for your Android apps. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII, a Google Nexus 7, and a Amazon Kindle Fire 7 HD.

Why pick me?
- Football Guys subscriber since 2003
- Fantasy Football commissioner of a 20 team league since 1998
- Past champion of our league (with help from FBG)
- Member of xdadevelopers
- Experienced with rooting, recovery, and installing custom ROMS on Android devices
(all my test devices will be stock ROM, latest OEM version)
- Hobby is buying broken Kindle Fires on eBay, repairing, reselling
- Retired, have plenty of time for testing
- You definitely need more input from AVID Lions Fans!
Galaxy S3

Why pick me? I like free stuff.

Plus my GB writes Android apps and I often test for him. And I was anti-Kevan Barlow

I have an HTC One S and a Galaxy SIII.

I should be chosen because I love this kinda stuff (currently a computer science major and got my start on Android). Plus my mom says I'm a super awesome person... so you know I would be a great choice.

I have an HTC One and would test the hell out of this app... I am a tester in real life and am currently testing an android app on the phone...

I have an SG3 and would love to be a tester for the product. Doing a minimum of two feedback reports will be fun. I work for a computer training school and would love to challenge our future developer classes with finding bugs. That said I may have many more types of devices this can be tested on. Fingers crossed!

I have a Motorola Razr Maxx HD and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet both of which I would be testing on. I am a heavy user of the DD in all of my leagues and I've beta tested several application and video games before. My main goal would be to see if the app is bug free as possible but also to provide ideas on how to make the app as close to the DD as possible. Thank you!

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