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Android Testers Needed for Draft GM/Magazine Apps (1 Viewer)

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I would like to test this app out! I have been anxiously waiting for your Android version to come out and would love to test it!!!

I have a Galaxy Note II and a Kindle Fire.

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I would love to test for you.

I am using an HTC One stock ROM, Jelly Ban 4.2.1. I have experience with beta testing, and ten years in cellular troubleshooting.

In addition I have been a user of Footballguys since 2001!

Hey David. I've been around since old yellar. You young kids with all your dang toys now adays. Yea, okay. David, I have an SG3 and an SG2 that I can test with. I work with these devices all day long (usually on IOs though) so it wouldn't be a reach for me. I offered to test, and break, anything i can get my hands on. Hammers count, right? Just let me know.

I have a Galaxy SIII. I'm not going to make a case that i'm some type of computer engineer/genius and knows software. Let's be honest, 2 year olds can break any software better than anyone. I am however a football fanatic. I look forward every day to getting my Football Guys email. I would love to be able to take this for a spin as im sure it'll make me not want to use other fantasy options. That's my case, from a football guy, to THE Football Guys.

Look no further. I'm an android owner whose addicted to fantasy football. I spent countless hours this off season trying to get an edge on my league mates. This app gives me a razors edge. No pun intended. I'm a huge fan of FBG and would be honored. This saves me from buying an iPhone which I was prepared to do just for this app. I'm your man.

Please throw my name in the hat.

Devices: Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Nexus 10

I'm a long time Football Guys subscriber, an huge android fan, and I own a web design and development business. I'd love to help make your android products the very best on the market!



Barnes & Noble's Nook HD+ wasn't on your initial list, but if you want it in the test mix, let me know.

They recently pushed an update which gave the nooks full access to the Google Play store.

It also has a micro SD slot which would allow it to be booted into stock android as well.


  • 9-inch 1920x1080 display (256 PPI)
  • 1.5GHz dual-core TI OMAP4470 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Based on Android 4.0

-KJ (18 years fixing broken IT for Fortune 100 company; 15 years playing fantasy football; 5ish years hanging around FBG)

I would love to be a beta tester.

1. Motorola Droid 4 - Android v 4.1.2

2. Google Nexus 7

I am on your site on a daily basis, using the forums, reading articles, and looking at rankings. I also download your podcasts weekly (The Audible and On the Couch). A true addict looking for an edge! I have been a paying member only since 2012.

I'm an avid FF manager that switched from an iphone to Galaxy 4S. I have good knowledge of both platforms. I have also been a subscriber since 2008 and have corresponded with Bruce Henderson on functionality of the Draft Dominator Excel spreadsheet. I would love to help test the android app with or without the free subscription, etc.

Thanks for the opportunity,


I'd be happy to be a beta tester. I have a galaxy s3 and a nexus 10. I also work for a mobile App development company and I have access to many more devices.

I'll test it. I have both a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Samsung Tab 10.1.

I'll volunteer my awesome services because I am a heavy Android user and promoter, I am nitpicky as hell and will really give the app a thorough test drive, and I know football, which can't be a bad thing.

I would like to be included as a tester. My android phone is a Motorola RAZR M and I also run an Android Nextbook Premium8 tablet. Thank you!

I would certainly like to participate in making your draft app the best on the market. I have been a subcriber to the site for the past few years and think the world of your product. I have no doubt that the app could perform as good if not better than other products on the market. I currently us a Samsung Note II. I play in over 5 leagues and the rules are all different. I am in a keeper league, redraft and auction with different rules so i am sure if your app can be broken I will not have a problem doing so:)


I would love to test these apps on my Samsung Galaxy SIII. I need to dominate my father-in-law's league and I have full faith this app could help me achieve my goal of eating Wheaties out of our league's trophy at the end of the season. I'm an android fan and would love to stop creating excel spreadsheets with custom formulas each season; please select me as a beta tester!

I would love to test this app...Patiently waiting for the footballguys.com android app.

As a developer, I am familiar with many platforms and UI's. As a Fantasy Football participant for nearly 24 years, I can't wait to stop buying my magazines in lieu of my new Samsung GS4.

Bring it on! (Please?)



I'd love to be an Android tester. I have played fantasy football for 20 years, and have run our legacy league for the last 15. I am an avid Android user, with a Nexus 7, an HTC Rezound, and (hopefully in a week or so) a Samsung Galaxy IV. I'm a big believer in mobile-based apps for fantasy football, have been a FootballGuys user for years, and would love to be part of the process to help bring FG to Android.

I hope you will consider me as one of your testers.

Devices that I can test on: Amazon Fire 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Toshiba Thrive

Case for testing: I am a programmer used to Unit testing and QA testing and would test on the Galaxy Tab 7.7. my wife is also an actual QA tester where she works and would assist (she owns the Kindle Fire) and my son is a CS major in college and would also assist (he owns the Thrive)

I would love to be a tester for the Android package. I have a Samsung tablet and Galaxy SII smartphone.

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I'm have an HTC droid DNA. I would be a good tester because I'm "that guy" in the meetings that always tells you why your idea won't work, always trying to play devil's advocate.

I'm also a teacher and have no summer commitments, so time is on my side.

I would like to participate in testing the Android apps. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII, and a Motorola Xoom. I also have an iPad, and have the Draft GM and Mag draft kit for iPad for comparison.

I am a programmer on midrange systems, and am used to testing and breaking things, and then explaining how I broke it.


I figured it out....I would like to help in anyway I can. If the application is anything like your other products I am sure it will be solid.

Phone: Moto Razor Maxx HD Running 4.1.2

Tablet: Samsung Galxy 10 Running Android 4.2.2

Not on your list of desired devices, but I'd like to volunteer to beta test on my rooted Nook Color (non-HD). Should work as I am running higher than Android 4.

I have a rooted S4 and Galaxy Tab 7.7 so I am well versed in tinkering with the Android OS. Plus I am a commissioner of one league and took the crown in a league last season

Galaxy S4. fantasy football player for over 20 years. Its all about the truth. Not here to break or hack the app. Here to test it for the everyday fantasy footballer and give you honest feedback. 9 Sunday's til it's TIME.

I would love to try to break your new app for you!! I am an Android lover that cheats on my Galaxy S4 with an Ipad 3. I will be purchasing the Ipad version as well and would be willing to compare the two also. Looking forward to winning my league with your help!!!!

I'd love to test out the app on my new HTC One. I am an engineer and heavy user of analysis software tools for ~15 years. I have beta tested many times and worked with the vendors toward bettering the applications. My husband is a novice developer and I have tested many of his tools. Oh, I've been a footballguys subscriber for many years (draft dominator has helped me in every draft) and would love to see what you guys are up to next. Looking forward to the opportunity.

I have rooted Android devices starting with G1. I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S3 and Kindle Fire 7. If a beta tester, I would would get a Galaxy Note 10.1.

I really want this on Android. I drafted 6 drafts in 2011 on an iPad using a competing software (that sucked and wasn't offered last year). I have been on this site and use it exclusively.

On a cursory view, it seems like only the footballguys have chimed in. As one of the footballgals who has been dominating her leagues (yes plural) for the last three years thanks to this site, I'd like to represent. I'm also a huge Jets fan which, as we know, will not bring me nearly as much joy this year.

I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 and I've already downloaded the new apps to my IPad, so I can easily navigate and compare the two and would be happy to give my honest feedback.

Thanks for the consideration.

I bought the iPad app and love it so far. I have an Android phone running 4.0.3 and would be anxious to try the phone version since I have a 4 yr old daughter who loves using my iPad to play her Disney apps and I may not have access to it during draft since it may be hidden in her room and may need my phone version.

Would love to Beta test on my Toshiba Thrive and LG Revolution. I also have access to an HTC Thunderbolt if needed.

I've been a software developer since 1980 and I've learned that you can never test too much. Just as soon as you think you've got your software totally idiot-proof, someone comes a long with a better idiot!

Been fantasy footballer since 1996 (we used to compute our scores out of the sports page on Tuesday morning if MNF didn't run too late!) and have been footballguys subscriber for about five years. Been drafting using four printed pages from Draft Dominator for years while others are using their laptops. I still have the winningest record and the most championships in the 16 year history of our league. Would love to have a quality app and join the 21st century.

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Very dedicated ff player. Would love to help out. Have galaxy s4 and galaxy 10.1 tablet. Been playing for 10 years and fbg subscriber for about 3 years

I have a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and I should have my Galaxy S3 back in time for beta testing as well. As for making a case for why I should be a tester. Well aside from my amazing head of hair, I have been a Footballguys follower and advocate since god know when. I know it was early in your meteoric rise to stardom and I'd love to give back to the guys who have helped me dominate for so many years now!!! Did I mention I have fabulous hair?

I have a droid bionic, Samsung galaxy 3 and a Note 2(Fiancée's but she let's me use it).

I have beta tested for many games so I'm very familiar with feedback process. I also seem to have the uncanny ability to break things... :)

Kindle Fire HD here

5 leagues

Subscriber since 2003

Would love to help. Excited about using it for mocks, stats, projections, drafting, etc...

Long time FBG subscriber and android user since the original droid. Have a Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung tab 2 10.1, and Motorola Droid Bionic. Have a couple of drafts/auctions coming up with unique rosters/scoring that I would like to test on.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone and a Google Nexus 10.

I am a software engineer and worked on software QA for 4 years. So I basically spend most of my time trying to break software.

I'm already a tester for the iOS version of the app.

Would love to test, have an HTC One, HTC One X, and Galaxy S II Skyrocket (all running 4.0+). I'm a big tech fan and an great at inducing crashes in all kinds of apps.

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