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**Saturday Showdown #3 - Broncos 7-6 at Lions 9-4**(-4.5, 48) 8:15 (1 Viewer)

Good: I have Gibbs (and started him) in all three leagues where I made the playoffs.

Bad: I played against LaPorta in two leagues (and St. Brown in one of those). That last TD was painful.
Gibbs has a 1000/1000 yard season in him if the breaks fall right
Just imagine his numbers if Det ever becomes smart and makes him their starter.
I think if the Lions believed he could handle workhorse RB usage they would give it to him. Gibbs is the modern NFL RB. Big chunk plays. 200 carry season. A few games missed each season also. Those Gibbs and Achane rbs will never sniff 300 carries. Imo
Campbell does not believe in having a workhorse.
Goff is a fraud, he is a choke artist. Wait for the playoffs.
I agree. He's not the type of QB who could ever lead a team to a Super Bowl.
Well, he’d likely going to have to go through SF or DAL to get there, so…

Might be right.
I was mostly hinting at the fact he's already done it


I like it better when everyone is trashing Goff and calling Dan Campbell dumb
So was our at party just got home, what was Peyton screaming at Russel about?
Announcers thought that he wanted more time to look at the replays to decide whether to challenge one of the tds, and Russ snapped the ball too quick

see, that would have been a nice patient explanation in the postgame presser instead of saying "it's none-ya bidness what I say to Russ"

I get it though - MCDC said in his first presser this week Sean Payton wanted to come in and embarrass Detroit, bc that's what competitors do

Payton got outcoached by the guys he mentored - Aaron Glenn and Dan Campbell knew exactly what kind of game would succeed against the guy who shaped them

that stings in a different kind of way
The key to the game IMO will be the Lions' running game.
Of course that starts with the OL. They seem to be as healthy as any time this year. I would expect a solid mix of Montgomery and Gibbs.
100 +85 = a solid mix
Yep. Dominant performance from the O-line completely neutered the Broncos' aggressive defense and had them on their heels all night. Congrats on a big win and hopefully an historically deep playoff run for the men in blue

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