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DE  $11 :rotflmao:
I'm sorry that I didn't do it your way (aka the only correct way). Please, I beseech you, please post your totals by position so I can ssomehow conform to reality and maintain a little chance of success. Or maybe it's just easier to take potshots from the sidelines :rolleyes:
Dude...you want to pay $11 bucks for a DEF? Want to join my league? You obviously are new to the game.
Hey genius, play the game before you talk trash. There are two defenses and the dollar values are very tough to work.Want to join my league is getting old. Some originality would be appreciated. Thanks.
I know that there are 2 DEF. I already have my team in, GENIUS!!And, yes, I would like to join your league so I can have the satisfaction of beating the pants off of any team you field.Anyone, and I mean anyone, who spends spends big money or drafts a defense before the 9th or 10th round is a moron. Every year a defense comes out of no where. The point spread between the DEF is not that great. Ever hear of VBD?Where do I sign up?
Dude, chill out. I think it's freakin' hilarious that people are ridiculing others as to how they set up their team. Your D/ST thing I couldn't agree more on. I'm not new to the game, but calling out others is just pretty funny to me. But if the guy thinks TB is worth it or whatever combo he may have, who cares? And reread my post. I said "want to join my league" is getting old. I wasn't asking. But thanks for offering.
Thanks guys this is the funniest stuff I have read in a while. Man have a drink or take a valium. :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :football:
I aim to please. :D
Almost 2 weeks since the last post on the Subscriber Contest? Serious lineup contemplation going on? :shock:

Scoring quandry:

Listed under Defense Scoring(Def) there is listed- "Defensive/ST TD = 6 points (Kickoff return, punt return, blocked FG return, blocked punt return, interception return, fumble recovery return)"

No where under Player Scoring (QB, RB, WR, TE) does it reflect points for TD's scored by the individual player who might return kickoffs or punts.

Would that be intentional or just an oversight? :confused:

glock, I would say that means that all return TDs will be credited to the D/ST, and not to the individual players.

And guys, I see Kelly Holcombe listed under quarterbacks...is he related to Kelly Holcomb, the Browns' starting QB? :P

QB: 19

RB: 97

WR: 69

TE: 6

PK: 5

Def: 4

I shall emerge victorious. :cool:

I'm looking pretty good even with Faulk's dismal performance, so far I have a total of 126.7

with Pittman & Tampa Bay playing tonight, subtract 12.5 for Faulk if Pittman excels.


25.0 Maddox


12.5 MFaulk

24.7 Hearst



10.9 Booker



21.0 Rogers

10.1 Kennison


13.5 Heap




......Tampa Bay


I haven't taken the time to add up my scores but here's my guess as to who my starters ended up being:QB: Hasselbeck (Ramsey, Holcomb)RB: Portis, Hearst (George, S. Davis)WR: Rogers, A. Johnson, Wayne (Lelie, D. Thompson, J. Reed)TE: Crumpler (Graham)K: Dawson (Mare)D: Bills (Giants)Not sure about the defense or kicker...Should be a decent week for me.

I'm curious if we're over/under 8000 entries to trigger any cut wk1. I would think most LT or MF owners to be feeling the pressure.I came in just over 170 pts with priest/ward/crump/galloway. I knew Crump was great value but never expected him to hit 25+ pts in right out of the gate. WR #2/3 looks to be my biggest risk cuz I don't expect galloway to hit every week. Just need some steady 6-9 pts from hilliard/kev johnson/warrick types unless lelie catches fire later in year.

I like contests where I only have to be better than the sucky teams. Of course in my Pyramid league, that wouldn't have helped me much this week. :(

I like contests where I only have to be better than the sucky teams. Of course in my Pyramid league, that wouldn't have helped me much this week. :(
:thumbup: i'll be hearing that a lot after my victims...excuse me...opponents lose to me.when i move up in the pyramid i'll make sure i write.
Maddox - 27.0THenry - 25.3Hearst - 24.7Burress - 17.9Bradford - 16.5SSmith - 16.4Crumpler - 25.4MAnderson - 9SEA - 11TOTAL 173.2 (assuming Staley doesn't beat out Henry & Hearst :cool: )Yup, looking forward to week 2!

I haven't added up my points, but I think I'll actually do pretty well this week despite a down week from Faulk.



Brady :bag:






O. Smith :yucky:

















I'm actually glad Faulk had a down week this week. Every RB will have a few down weeks and it's good to get this one out of the way now when I can afford it.

I think the Kurt Warner owners are probably shaking right about now. Ferguson and Driver could also hurt some people. I lost Finneran for a while, but at least he should play again this season.

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D.Culpepper ($22) - 26.8

T.Green ($10) - 18.1

K.Stewart ($3) - 7.9


C.Portis ($62) - 32.9

A.Zereoue ($25) - 12.5

S.Mack ($12) - 10.5

M.Anderson ($2) - 1.5


D.Jackson ($17) - 8.3

A.Lelie ($14) - 1.2

J.Morton ($6) - 11.0

Kev.Johnson ($4) - 5.6

P.Warrick ($3) - 8.2

B.Gilmore ($2) - 3.7


B.Miller ($3) - 8.0

D.Clark ($3) - 10.9


P.Dawson ($2) - 6.0

M.Stover ($2) - 1.0


Miami ($6) - 0.0

Jacksonville ($2) - 8.0


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